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Herbert has a new friend who was taken from a home where the cat would attack him each day. He was never given a name but would like one. What would you suggest he be named and why?

I propose he be named Shirly. Why? because I would like to see those bounderies between the sexes broken down! and plus, it'll just be really really confusing...and then you could always just make him a transvestite sock monkey. - Katoid

Hmm..Fred Ned or Ned Fred although you probably shouldn't name him Fred because everything I name Fred has died. I had two venus flytraps that I named Fred and they both died and I had a snowman (made of FAKE nonmeltable snow) and he died. I plan on having a son and naming him Fred just to see if he'll survive. I know it's mean and all but I just have to know if the name Fred is cursed or not! So probably you should name him Ned. (I have a flytrap named Ned and it has survived for over 3 months.)- Loser with no real name

Claude. Repeat it back: Claude. Like Clawed.-Mzebonga

So Herbert, being the prick that he is, kidnapped some poor little sock monkey and is passing him off as a "new friend". What a bastard! Maybe he liked being attacked by a cat. Some sock monkeys are into that! Nonetheless, he shall be called Pagoda, after the manservant in the Royal Tenenbaums. i think this will suit him because Herbert will probably make this poor little guy his bitch.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Hubert. He is now a memeber of Hubert's family.-lisa

How about "Bob the Butt buddy". They look kind of gay in this photo, don't you think? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, what gay sock monkeys do in the privacy of thier own homes is none of my business is it. So why are you showing this stuff if you don't want my opinion anyway? Oh, you did ask, so it is my business and I can give my opinion. I don't think sock monkeys should be used to promote gay lifestyles so take those rags and stuff them up your ass. -BoynamedBlue

Auberon, because Auberon Herbert was the first thing to my mind.-Iyla (Eye-Luh)


chewbert b/c the cat chewed him up -julia

Leave him nameless. Ahh, to be anonomous. How wonderful!-bluemonkeyfearer

Awww the cat attacked him? I think he should be named Libtertad or is it Libertade? Either way it means "Freedom" in spanish. And I think that would be symbolic in a way considering he is now free from the evil cat. Or if you don't like that you could always name him Edgar, after my namesake.-A Horse Named Poe

Douchebag. I don't like sock monkeys.-tattooed pilot

Wow, I sure am glad my cat doesn't attack Emerald. That would be terrible. Anyway, Herbert and his new friend do seem to be getting along rather well in that picture. They look like they've been buddies for years. As for a name, hmm, the first one that came to mind was Rupert. That has a nice ring to it. Herbert 'n' Rupert. Herb 'n' Rupe. Sam 'n' Eric. Augh, damn 'Lord of the Flies' references..-McDiablo

lobotomy, self-evident-donny fagen

Bobby because I like the name Bobby.-Lynn

I'd name him after Smash, the kind, civilized, Ogre from "Ogre, Ogre".-me

I'd call him Pussy-Whipped Eric. Because Eric is a sissy name... as he is a sissy sockmonkey until proven otherwise...-Raccooncityangel

pussy wipped. kind of selfexplanitory-the sockmonkey rapist

Herbert II, cause he's his friend, why wouldn't he like to be named in his likeness? Bah to you.-Streak9

Pussy whipped-Neos9

Probably Nip because the cat had to have a reason for attacking him, maybe he always had catnip every day?-Bloodbane

Jingu, because its a foreign name-Mayoman

Eric or Brandon, because for some strange reason I just thought of the movie "The Crow" and the guy Brandon Lee Plays name is Eric Draven. Plus Eric and Brandon are HOTT names.-Kitty

i think he should be named bert cause that is my name and its half of herberts name ne ways herbert and i kick ass!-bert

I'd call him The Victim and win him thousands of dollars in a civil suit that will go down in history alongside such cases as: i ain't yo baby dadddy, and i swear it was in park when i stepped out to light my crack pipe.-zombiesockmonkey

Gidgit. I don't know why, but he looks like a gidgit. And everybody who comes over to visit can have that awkward pause after you tell them his name because they can't figure out if there's some hidden innuendo or meaning in the name, or if it's just a fun sounding word. While they're thinking, you can pants them.-drunkennewfiemidget

Ballulah Belle - it just sounds like it might fit-Reaching to the Past

Call him Mouse - it's only natural for a cat to attack a mouse.-Fleoa

my dad had this friend when he was young ...he named it a certen N word thats not nice....well one day some black people moved in next door to him and he couldnt ever call his dog again...... mmmmm food-elbonyo

Tegwin because I googled bad child names and came across it. booyah!-Miss Roger's Sweater

Name:Shit Reason:I hate sock monkeys!!!!!!!- Noname Shit

Well if suvieved the attacks then call him tacter. or you can name is mystery-HUHUHUHUH

Black Fuzz, cuz he's black and fuzzy.-Boo boo

yes because everyone needs name-I'm In La-La Land

franklin because its a good name for a sock monkey, thats what i call mine-iamzbob

Name : Shitty Kitty Reason : I HATE ALL SOCKS MONKEYS!!!!!!!THEY SUCK JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!!-Dixie77

Pussywhipped cause he got scared by a damn cat..........-ROXTOYZ

His name should be DINGO-- because now the DINGO can eat more than babies. Dingo eats cat!-MOONSHIFT

screw it, let the cat have its day!!!-DVS1

Call him Fluffy. - Simman

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