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You're trying to have a conversation online (using IM or something) with someone and it's taking them several minutes to reply each time, and when they do, it's with one word answers, or answers that indicate they're not paying any attention to what you're writing/saying. How do you deal with their rudeness and does it involve sending them computer viruses in any way?

I have something SO much better than computer viruses. I send them horrible pictures of various naked fat people and other hideously terrible sites such as a man and a bunny doing terrible things. Of course these links would be titled things such as "Hey this is a cool game." Or, "Pictures of hot guys/girls" (depending on whichever they were into.) Then of course there eyes would explode out of there skulls while I'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Then when they IM me angrily I'll pretend like I have no idea what they're talking about so they think they've gone utterly mad.- Loser with no real name

I keep pressing the Yahoo Audibles until they get annoyed into responding with a simple "fuck off, jerk".-Mzebonga

If they're not paying attention, then it doesn't really matter what you say. you could write them things like "Fold your hands and shove them into a duck's colon." and it wouldn't matter. i'd just fuck with their heads. That way it's more fun for me.-idontmindthesunsometimes

I just stop responding to them and ignore them.-lisa

I usually retaliate by mimicking their rude behavior until they get bored and give up. If I could trick them into giving me their home adress I would go to their house and burn it to the ground with them in it.-BoynamedBlue

I stop IMing with them. Obviously, they're far more invested in jacking off to internet porn or gambling with stolen credit cards, and who am I to deny them these simple pleasures? And, no, I'm not much into sending viruses.-Iyla (Eye-Luh)

Switch off-Nuada

Of course, there's only one way to deal with this sort of person. As I am never the one to initiate IM conversations, this must mean that they started talking to me in the first place. Therefore, if they no longer want to talk, I will send them a file labelled "Sock Monkeys Gone Wild". If they ever get around to accepting the file, I will make sure it contains a deadly sock monkey virus that will steadily transform all of their files into smelly piles of monkey poo.-bluemonkeyfearer

First I'd ask them where they live in the most casual way possible. Then I'd find out where they live, stalk them, and then when I finally see them I would kidnap them, give them to my friend Ted to annoy/bore/torture in his own unique little way of hyper insanity, and bi-ness depending on if said person was cute or not. To him girl or guy would be sufficient. Then I would get them in a room together with a giant dude dressed as a bear and have them dance around while I took humiliating photos and posted them on my website. And finally, I would cart him/her off to this new reality show called Solitary in which people are solitarily confined and tortured legally. Then I would wash my hands, get extensive plastic surgery so the cops would never find me, then jet off to Hawaii and hula dance. -A Horse Named Poe

I would sent a few messages that would determine if they were really paying attention or not. Such messages would likely involve the suggestion of un-natural acts with their mother, or something along those lines.-tattooed pilot

To avoid head exploSHUNS, I just close the IM window and stop responding altogether. Obviously, they're not interested in what I'm saying or are busy doing something else. Oh, and getting back to the head explosions, I really despise it when the person takes ages to respond and, when they do, they just type "lol". LIAR...YOU LIE YOU LYING LIE-HEAD! My ass you're laughing out loud! All I said was, "Yeah, I know what you mean." How the hell is that funny? It isn't, so you LIE, you dingus!-McDiablo

well thats how i talk as well so i dont know. where can i get chinese food here-donny fagen

I say: 'Good-Bye'-Lynn

I stop talking to them. They're obviously not interested in talking to me.-me

Start talking dirty to them like a phone sex operator... "Oh yeah... rub my pregnant belly... oh.. take off your retainer, stud...-Raccooncityangel

ill go to there house and burn it down then pee kerosean on the grave and light it then finish off the relatives. then im reporting them for suicide and bad messaging on IM -the sockmonkey rapist

Yes, it involves many viruses. MANY.-Streak9

Um thats exactly what I do, I piss them off for fun.....sorry.-Neos9

I'd just use the uber nudge glitch from MSN elol. Nudge the holy crap out of them. and no i dont use viruses.-Bloodbane


I'd call them a pig-fucker and then call thier boyfriend/girlfriend and tell them that I gave them herpes.. No not really, I'd be pissed in silence because I have 20 conversations at once, but wouldn't that be fucking fun?-Kitty

hhhmmmm depends if its kickass people lyk u no computer viruses and i would just stop iming u, but if its some 1 annoying retarded and i dont lyk them then yes bring on the viruses and cuss words! hells yea!-bert

Kttnzomg!! says: sure Zombiesockmonkey says: Would you like to play a game? Kttnzomg!! says: whatever Zombiesockmonkey says: Which orfice am i going to stick my knife in first when i bruttally slaughter you tonight... Kttnzomg!! says: umm, i have a BF Zombiesockmonkey says: Go check your closet, he's already died defending you...-zombiesockmonkey

Seduce their sister.-drunkennewfiemidget

Send a snotty comment, and sign off. Then call them later and harass them with frequent hang up calls.-Reaching to the Past

i done that before - just copy them and see what they do ... -Fleoa

starts talkings deprrressed like.....tell them u r aboot 2 dye then stop talking 2 dem..... if they ever see u again call the cops and start a fight with them and loose ...blame them 4 nearly killing u ....i bet when they rrr serving time 4 agravvited homicide they will wish they they theywould pay attention-elbonyo

tell them you want their body and if they say 'hehe' or 'oh, ok' or 'lol' or 'yup' then shoot them.-Miss Roger's Sweater

I would write:Your not paying attention to what i try to tell you?!YOU SUCK AND GO ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!(and after i send a computer virus)- Noname Shit

I would tell them " Either listen ot me or im leaving" and If they dont say any thing I would hang-up/Delete them and never talk to them ever again casue they dont pay Attention.-HUHUHUHUH

I would -ajram

I send them a message that sez Pay attention you idiot! no it dosnt involve viruses-Boo boo

not at all, just not chatting with them anymore-I'm In La-La Land

i give them real viruses through anal contact, otherwise i don't IM or chat-iamzbob

First,i disconnect,and after i send an email that say:YOU SUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!! And yes,after i send a computer virus.Are you happy with my anser,morons?!-Dixie77

Id send annoying messages about how he was a whinny little bitch about his bitch leaving.... award me the monkey ass!!!-ROXTOYZ

No computer virus but, had that happen on eharmony. Stooge stated he joined to FIND TRUE LOVE, then couldn't concentrate two seconds to respond appropriately. No wonder why he's still out there looking....; I told him to do some self evaluation to find what he really wanted and leave me the hell alone.-MOONSHIFT

who the hell wants to chat to someone that doesnt want to chat to you??? No offence, but that is one dumb question!!!-DVS1

I AM THAT JERK. - Simman

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