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Do you really believe that Peter Parker is a mild mannered reporter?
Do you think he should be reassigned to being a restaurant critic instead to suit his personality?

well i think that spiderman batman and supercow should hav a 3some but robin is too lame to b included! and no i do not think he is a mild mannered reporter and no i think he should b reassigned to b a garbage man cause wat superhero doesnt want to b a garbage man? and hes copying superman and that whole repoter shit! gggrrrrr that makes me pissed i hate superheros cept supercow cause hes fucktastic!- bert

Every body and their brother is a reporter. We need some super heroes who work in customer service, or the shoe department, or in high levels of the govenment... Peter Parker would make a good ostrich wrangler, then we could see him get his ass kicked while not using his powers...- Zombie Sock Monkey

um no..he was a photographer..................and he had weird shit cum from his arms........- Neos9

Don't You mean clark Kent? Get your superhero alter egos straight will you? Peter Parker is just a weasely little student with no direction in life so maybe being a restaurant critic is just what he needs to do.- Phil

I thought the fact that Peter Parker was also Spiderman offset the lack of personality his alter-ego had... Still, I think he should be the astrologist for his newspaper and have predictions like "Libra: A scientist with six mechanical arms will kidnap your girlfriend and threaten your secret identity. Climb up on top of a big building and think about what you've done before you attempt to rescue her from certain death".- Mzebonga

peter parker isn't very believable, and just once, i'd like to see him use his powers to beat the crap out his jerk of a boss.- Loser with no name

No, I think he should be reassigned to the bottom of a sheet metal stamping press.- drunkennewfiemidget

well i hve no idea who peter parker is so i dnt care=P- roni

i dont know who he is.- naduuy

porn star_ think aboot it christina young and spider powers...... ya- elbonyo

Did he pick a peck of pickled peppers?- MOONSHIFT

I don't who Peter Parker is.- nikki47

No I don't believe he is. I mean he's such a dork when he's Peter Parker but when he's spider man he's so not dorky. You can't change THAT much from putting on a Spider Suit I mean come on! Spandex has powers, but not that great. That would be like me putting on a Spandex outfit and suddenly listening to country music on my front porch in a rocking chair knitting. Or Marilyn Manson putting on spandex and suddenly deciding he wanted to become an accountant in Texas. It's just not possible. As for him being reassigned as a restaurent critic I think crime would go up very fast considering how he would get very fat very fast.- PyroPrincezz

I think Peter Parker can go fuck himself.-me


wath's that Lassie?Peter Parker rape Timmy and pushed him in the well to save his reputation?!fuck them both;Timmy died of starvation and Peter Parker has grown up to fuck himself!!!- shitty-dixie

wich Peter are you talking about?!there is Peter Parker,Peter Griffin and Peter Jackson- monkeybuttface

fuck you-

No i believe he should become a rent boy.- fulltimeblazer

No Yeah- Rudd

stop asking such hard questions- Who the hell do u think

I think that Peter Parker and Clark Kent should both start up their own restaurant called SuperDudes' Super Burgers. I mean Clark Kent has super speed so he could make burgers super fast and Peter Parker could swing from table to table serving people! It would be the best. But they also should take a break to try and stop the end of the world. Just why have you not told them about this by the way?- A Horse Named Poe

YES it is just copying super man- shorty

vhjfgyhuvdiuferyghujhkfghuierhuil!!!Understand?!- Nikki

why not- Mad City

I think he should just blow the Green Goblin, 'cuz he's an aggravating pussy.- idontmindthesunsometimes

who the fuck is peter parker? did he pack a pickle ? peter pumpkin packed a pickle ... god, i'm retarded as hell. i don't remember anything.- yuckmouth

uhh...wath- mad_patrol

the restaurant critic awww cmon it will be fun- brain_hunter

I have no idea, I always skimmed over the parts where Paker was trying to be a normal human.- Mels

yes- sven

He's no reporter. Fuck, if he was a "mild mannered reporter" he would get his ass fired. Everyone knows that you need to have a political bias when you're working in journalisim, and since hes all for the whole "journalisim honor code" bull shit, his ass would be out the door faster than you can say "Government Scandal"- SMUS!

both of these careers will make him famous so wath the point he should be a restaurant critic- mad_patrol

I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Bob the slob

Um...- Nonamed Dumbass

doesn't create an interesting response from me- 8jrmax

who?- xanaka

Peter Parker, and you can quote me on this, is a cunt. I asked him twenty seven and eight times if he was spiderman, I saw him in his outfit, swinging in between buildings, fighting Venom and Doc Ock whilst devouring a seriously large fly and he still denied it, it wasn't until I picked out the insect repellant that he came close to admitting it, but the pesky little swine managed to get to that part of the room where you couldn't quite spray him... But actually I think that was just a spider.... so I don't know... sorry...- George

nope and nope- star21

Fuck no....- nic


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