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Madonna decides that she's going to open up a dance school. For some odd reason, she offers you free classes. Would you attend and later agree to be in one of her music videos?
(Yes, you'd have to dress like her too.)

hells no, i wouldnt go to her dance skool cause her old stuff was ok but her new stuff sucks and y the hell would i want to dress lyk madonna? id kill myself b4 id do that!- bert

Only if i were to try to sabotage all efforts to coordinate the dancers, and evenually fire-bomb the whole building... sure.- Zombie Sock Monkey

I would if it were still the 80's. Then I would get to wear all that awesome 80's stuff and get to prance around on a gondola and sing like virgin! Oh! touched for the very first time! like a vir-ir-ir-ir-gin....- Katoid

on one condition..................nvm............. actually no...........madonna is becoming a dying breed of way I would be caught telling my grand kids about being in a madonna vid//////- Neos9

Since I am rather bald and have a neatly trimmed beard I'm afraid being in a Madonna video would make me look gay. She would also try to convert me to that wierd Kabala cult and I would have to try to strangle her and her body-guards would beat me up, so I would decline any participation and I would not even attend with free classes. I would try to sell the free lessons on Ebay. - Phil

Since most of her latest music videos seem to revolve around dry-humping inanimate objects (like Hi-Fi's, Televisions or Britney Spears), I don't think she has anything to teach me that I'm not better than her at already.- Mzebonga

no because i dont know how she dress- hotbabe

no, hell no- Loser with no name

If you've ever seen me dance, you'd take that question back and apologise for the pain you just caused your eyes.- drunkennewfiemidget

well i wuld love to be a better dancer but i dnt really like madonna sure im a fan but like on a list probaly the lst one or sumthin like tht. so i wuld take the classes thn maybe ill agree to be in one of her music videos and modonnas style NOT MY STYLE so i wuld hate to dress like her too- roni

i would go and agree to be in one of her music videos. and i dont mind dressin like her.- naduuy

i love modddona ill dress any way she wants me 2 oooo baby ya u know what i like- elbonyo

Yes, she's cool. She dresses funky and I could fit in her clothes. I'm a material girl!- MOONSHIFT

No beacuse Madonna suck!- nikki47

Oh god, DRESS like her. That might just be more humiliating then the fact that I dance worse than a narcaleptic elephant on drugs. I would however attend just to annoy the crap out of her. I mean not even Madonna would be able to teach me to dance and she would get annoyed quickly. And for some odd reason pissing off Madonna sounds fun. I'd also be in one of her music videos just so I could make faces behind her back, and to keep the crew from editing me out I would pay them handsomely...(in other words I'd beg and beg them to pretend they didn't see me and pay them $5.)- PyroPrincezz

Sunglasses, $20.00 Sexy Outfit, $120.00 Dancing in a Madonna video with a huge obvious erection for the entire country to laugh at, Priceless. -me

Sure,why not?I mean,a lot of girls(my ennemies)will die of jealousy when they will see me with Madonna on TV!!!-

stop her misery by killing her but i prefer to sit back and watch her suffer- shitty-dixie

choke to death muhahaha- monkeybuttface

kill her-

No per the last arrangement.- fulltimeblazer

yeah- Rudd

i was gonna say yes until i saw the last part why the hell whould i want to dress like the madonna. (also cause i would have to sit in a tub of cold water for like 3 hours just to get enough wrinkles to look like her)- Who the hell do u think

I'm a horse. Just how am I supposed to dance? I've literally got two left feet. Or hooves actually. Well I suppose I would agree to attend anyway though just so I could be the first ever dancing horse. And besides, I might look good in one of those stupid leotards she wears.- A Horse Named Poe

NO- shorty

Yes.Why not?- Nikki

Me?No but im sure that my best friend Vanessa would like to!(she is really weird!)- Mad City

As long as I don't have to tounge her like Britney Spears did, I'd do it. They both seem like they're just dripping with STD's. Especially Britney nowadays.- idontmindthesunsometimes

isn't madonna like, a corpse? she's way old. and i am 27 so, i'm no spring chicken. plus, she's hideous. i never liked her. she gives me the heebies. she looks like a horny vampire that wants to hump my leg.- yuckmouth

im i alone with her- mad_patrol

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath- brain_hunter

Not if I have to dress like her, that would just be creepy. Everyone one would be like, "Wow Madonna! You even get the groupies to look like you!"- Mels

HELL YES- sven

Sure, that means that I might get to bone her later. Becuase when you go for more than 6 months without any action, you'll do damn near anything.- SMUS!

yes for dance(beacuse it's free)and no for the music video- mad_patrol

another reatarted question.- Bob the slob

No- Nonamed Dumbass

i'll pass- 8jrmax

Nope, i dont dance dont want to either. - xanaka

I'd tell Mzebonga to do it, imagine him in the coned boob outfit, I got a semi!- George

yeh - like dancing- star21

Never in my life!- nic

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