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The end of the world is upon us. How do you plan on spending your last moments and do they involve TheInsaneDomain in any way?

yea id look at sum sock monkey porn then find som1 to dance w/.......- bert

I intend to spend the last few moments telling the people i hate how horrible their deaths will be, and then say just kidding, but then i get to see the surprise on their face and accusation when they do die in a firey inferno.- Zombie Sock Monkey

I should hope they wouldn't! I plan to spend my last moments alive in sexual bliss.- Katoid

Im gonna get the best sex anyone can offer........- Neos9

I'd be right here describing the mayhem in hopes that I could share my death experiences while the world collapses around me. Too bad nobody would read it since by the time it got posted we'd all be dead.- Phil

I always got the feeling that, if the world was coming to an end, I'd somehow miss it and just keep getting on with my life while the rest of the world was phoning loved ones and crying in the corner. I'd probably be sat at my desk at work wondering where everyone else was.- Mzebonga

i spend my last momoments PIGING OUT on sweets, because i'm diabetic- Loser with no name

Lets just say if there's some sort of mixup, and it turns out it's not the end of the world, there's gonna be a whole lot of drunkenbabynewfiemidgets running around in 9 months.- drunkennewfiemidget

i would want to spend it with the ones i love... and no it wouldnt i just found out about it- roni

i would spend my last moments praying to god- naduuy

run around with a shovel hitting people to see how many people it takes to get sent to hell- elbonyo

End of the world moments would probably be reciting some profound statement at the top of my lungs--- in order to enter the next world with some dignity. TheInsaneDomain would already be there and up and running.- MOONSHIFT

I would play all my games,visit all my favorites web sites and give a call to all my friends.- nikki47

Well I guess I'd do all the things I've always wanted to do. Which basically consists of eating as much chocolate as I can eat before I throw up, somehow getting on TV and telling everyone as calmly as possible that George Bush is an alien being from another planet, hiring the supposedly psychic Criss Angel guy (from Mindfreak, dunno if you've heard of him but he's a magician) to help me win the lottery and then starting my own TV Channel promoting all the underated awesome bands, sites (such as TID), and just generally having insane weirdness going on their 24/7 with the only ads consisting of ones promoting TID and any particular message you guys wanted to advertise (for free of course, you wouldn't have to pay a dime, because I HATE capitalist, stupid GREEDY ads) and I would try to get a band together, considering that's my life's dream and all. Hopefully I would get this all accomplished before I was obliterated with the world, but if not I'd settle with just eating a whole bunch of chocolate.- PyroPrincezz

In my last few moments of life, I'd donate every cent from my bank account to The Insande Domain.

List to do: 1-donate 100$ to TheInsaneDomain 2-thank them for making laugh with the 'Killing the Peeps' section 3-die painfully while thinking about TheInsaneDomain-

fuck the fucking end of the fucking world muhahaha!- shitty-dixie

to have a brain for me- monkeybuttface

uuuhhhhhhh...lemme check my list of things to do: 1-suicide 2-suicide 3-suicide and my favorite, 4-suicide-

Consuming every recreational drug possible at the largest doses affordable. - fulltimeblazer

walking naked down the street- Rudd

i dont understand the question- Who the hell do u think

Since I'm going to die soon I suppose I'll give you all my money and other worldy possessions like the tapes my master likes to make of himself eating hay. I like hay too but I just can't understand why other humans thinks he's so weird? Ah well the tapes are kind of boring though, they're just of him mooing and having an affair with Wendy the cow. She gets around the barnyard though if you know what I mean. I also suppose I would buy a ticket to one of Fuse's shows because Fuse rocks! I would also realize my dream of becoming the first ever horse to step foot on Mars.- A Horse Named Poe

i would plan on how to stay alive or do my boy friend and yes- shorty

Have drug until i die.muhahaha!- Nikki

suicide- Mad City

The last thing I do before the world comes to an apocalyptic end is answer a question on theinsanedomain's monthly questionaire. I can die happy that way.- idontmindthesunsometimes

ha, cute. theinsanedomain is really clingy. kind of irritating. well, first since i only have a few last moments, i'd say i'd need about 2 of those to find a "soulmate" aka piss covered bum in the alley, and make him soothe me by petting my head like a kitten.- yuckmouth

buy a gun and some bullets,kill all my ex-boyfriends and after watch TV oh right,and go on TheInsaneDomain- mad_patrol

find my brain tehehe- brain_hunter

No, they would involve me, my ex, and some hot hate sex.- Mels

no they involve taking every hard drug in the world at once - sven

They might. I'd probably see what rants are up about the end of the world and how shitty its going to be, considering all the religous freaks are going to be praying their self-rightous asses off. The stoners are going to be getting totaly, TOTALY, wasted. The politicans will be blaming each other for the end of the world. And "normal" people will be stocking up on bottled water and canned tuna (becuase everyone knows that those are the two things that will save you from any horrific accident). So, since stupid people make me angry, I'd probably be up hear trying to get a quick laugh in. Either that or having sex or something...maybe...- SMUS!

hhmmmm...i must say i din't think of that!*thinking*i got it!oh wait lost it!got it again!go on a live show and kill somebody!but wath,the end of the world is coming like in a week so don't waste your moments!!! - mad_patrol

ya i would hack this website and and destroy it all!!!!! then come and kick u in the shinnes.- Bob the slob

No they don't. I plan to fuck as many people as I can. AIDS doesnt matter, I'm gonna die anyway.- Nonamed Dumbass

laughing at everyone as death is upon them and say maybe you all should have used some common sense and GOD would not have had to clean his etch-a-sketch and start over.then maybe going out and try to hit 150 on the interstate-i'm sure some cop{tax-collector}will try and still ticket me.that would be the ultimate-I believe that would bring GOD"S hand down and slap him across the head and say"This is why the world must end,there is no common sense left in the human race- 8jrmax

i would shoot myself up with heroine to see what its like, then go shoot a few people that pissed me off just to steal them from there last moments , revenge is the way to go.- xanaka

sure I'll be licking my poster of herbert while the nukes fall in!- George

nope - b havin sex or drinking crazy amounts of alcohol- star21

They would probably involve a elephant, sex, a man, strawberries, whip cream, and a horse whip...and a 1969 Pontiac GTO.- nic


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