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There is a giant building project in Egypt and the pharaoh is looking for recruits. The posting asks that you be able to pull heavy objects and enjoy sleeping in tents. They will pay for your food, lodging and you'll take a fair salary home each month. They can't promise that you won't be whipped, but if you are, it's probably your own fault anyway. Do you sign yourself up or select a few family members to go instead?

i would go cause thats how i roll and neways i dont mind being whipped- bert

I send the notice to Mzebonga. He'll do anything, AND bitch about it...- Zombie Sock Monkey cousins have been pissing me off for quite some time............driving around in their pimped out rides...blasting the god damn music out their windows...they havent had a good ass whipping in years!!!- Neos9

I'd definately send my elderly parents. It would be their just rewards for raising such a selfish bastard of a son. - Phil

I'm going to be honest with you, I'm not a big fan of the manual labour aspect or the sleeping in tents. I'm up for the whipping - my fault or not - will the guards be wearing corsets and high-heels?- Mzebonga

family members.- Loser with no name

No, I'd start a group, and give it a fun lefty name like, PETPEMS: People for the Ethical Treatment of Pyramid Erectors and Mud Slingers. Then, I'd start a rally and say I'm fighting for "people's rights". Then I'd get lots of money from health organisations worldwide. Then I'd take the money and move to Maui.- drunkennewfiemidget

none wht do we have to do with tht and we live in kuwait.. hehe=P- roni

well i dont care;p- naduuy

id just show up and start whipping people ....ya id do it 4 free - elbonyo

I would select my Uncle Ted. He enjoys whip lashings and is a porker. He could lift heavy objects, enjoys making a tent, eats anything, and needs a job.- MOONSHIFT

I will sing up,put a bomb in the place and run away so that nobody will be killed in that place again!Will you go?!- nikki47

Well my Uncle George likes to get whipped so I would probably get him signed up because the first time one of those dorks tryed to whip me I'd pull out my taser and ZAP his stupid macho ass. and then procede to whip him until he's whimpering like a dog. Although it might be midly entertaining to go about my work while singing at the top of my lungs "Walk Like An Egyptian". - PyroPrincezz

Sounds fantastic. I can push heavy things, I love camping out, and an occasional whipping turns me on. All for a "fair salary"? Of course I'd go.-me

Send a family member.C'mon,won't you do it you to?!-

send a baby he will die in no time muhahahaha- shitty-dixie

wath's that Lassie?Timmy fell into the well?!fuck him and go to Egypt you dirty tramp stupid kid- monkeybuttface

do you have a brain that i can have?-

Myself. I could do with the holiday.- fulltimeblazer

select a few members to go instead- Rudd

where the hell is egypt?- Who the hell do u think

Hell I'm used to getting whipped but I don't exactly enjoy it. Sleeping in tents however is pretty much as good as a stall so I'll do it! Anything to get away from the little master. He's always bringing his stupid girlfriend into my stall and trying to teach her how to ride. She couldn't ride a horse if she was GLUED to the saddle. Besides, she never once has the courtesy to bring carrots or sugar with her. - A Horse Named Poe

hell no- shorty

There is an Egypt on Earth?!?!Wow,i just learned something today.Thank you JCP!- Nikki

wath is so special about that building?!- Mad City

Hell, I'd do it! What's a little master-slave work in Egypt anyway. Sometimes it's a turn-on for me...especially when there's whipping involved.- idontmindthesunsometimes

i send the whole tribe and sit home alone, high on the hog, lounging free in my loin cloth.- yuckmouth

well if it pay me i will go.fuck death and welcome paycheck!- mad_patrol

sing up and bring all my family with me so they can die before me- brain_hunter

Can't I just con my neighbor into going? I was kinda attached to that rake.- Mels

sign up- sven

I'd probably go. I'm a power hungry egotistical son of a bitch like that. I'd want to be able to hold the "I make the money, I spend the money" thing over their heads. Not only that, but when I come home, then I don't have to do a damn thing. Becuase they would feel so sorry for me (becuase of the guilt trip) that I could just sit on my ass and enjoy myself.- SMUS!

my fault if i get whipped?!?!sing a family member not randomly i choose my little son of the bitch cousin- mad_patrol

STFU- Bob the slob

Sign myself up- Nonamed Dumbass

don't forget your toothbrushes- 8jrmax

Sing myself in, free food , money and to be pleasured with a good old wipping.- xanaka

Well my friend Tony lost his virginity to a girl that must have been close to 500lbs, he was good at pulling a heavy object... That aside the whipping sounds fun, I'll just go for that, mixed with your magic buzzer.- George

neither - i like to sleep in tents... but im a bit of a weakling.- star21

I'd fucking sign up...I always like a good whipping and that would be fun as fuck.- nic


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