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What sort of stuff is currently on your desktop (Either the actual of your desk, or the background on your computer.)? Is any of it red or black like this website? (And if not, WHY not?)

fuck yes and black and red kicks ass! but i also fuckn love the colur green..... but yeppers my backround pic on my comp. is a red black and white pic of me and my friends at the mall which i think the mall is overrated and overruned by preps!!! and stupid stores like abercrombie and fitch, aeropostal, hollister, and yea that sucks! those peoplr can go to heaven cause wen i go to hell i dont want them to b there.- bert

Bad Religion Live at the palladium DVD, bits of string, an extra mouse, an impatien, a bandana, and a pen. The Bad Religion DVD is indeed red and black!! How neat.- Zombie Sock Monkey

It's more of a desktop/workplace. Half of it holds my computer, the other half, my sewing machine. I also have this nifty model that has my skin suit on it....but that's closer to the's actually really hard to sew skin together you know, normal sewing thread doesn't really work all that well, you have to use the industrial strength kind that's made out of radioactive waste and such.- Katoid

Some hot babe..................morrigan from darkstalkers- Neos9

A wrinkled up pay check stub that was still in my pocket when I did the laundry, a box of matches, nail-clippers, some toenail clippings, a rubberband,several loose discs, an extra moouse two cookbooks("escoffier and the new professional chef"),two small screws, two mechanicla pencils, this computor, an extra monitor and keyboard from my previous computor that I havn't gotten rid of since I bought this computor last June (2005), two sets of computor speakers, another book, ("Webster's New Collegiate Thesaurus"), an old electric bill from june 2005, a cheap inkjet printer. Nothing is red, because I just cleaned the blood off of everything.- Phil

Empty beer cans, an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, my remote controls (TV, cable, DVD, Hi-Fi). All things that help me come up with content for this and other sites. Ah, my burgeoning alcoholism: you see me through the lonely evenings.- Mzebonga

no because i hate the color red &black- hotbabe

no red or black, lots of game icons- Loser with no name

well mine is a picture of a really hot football play... and why not even if they are some of my fav. colors i didnt think of putting them because im more of a positive person and i like baby colors more- roni

on my desktop is now only yellow. i dont like those colors- naduuy

im in here help me get out of here its hot and crampted...wait a min theres porn,,,,,,,,,,leave me alone- elbonyo

No red or black....I don't think anyway...I'm color blind.- MOONSHIFT

Wath a stupid question to ask- nikki47

Well let's see I have 5 bright pink sticky notes, a gameboy advance sp, dark red nailpolish, a mountain dew can, pencils, a dictionary, an book about irish culture, an air freshener, a calculator, erasers and a very freaky looking drawing that I got off this website on my computer background. It's of a camouflage bunny beating the crap out of a human boy who was poking it. Bunnies can snap too. The main reason I don't have more red/black on my computer or desk is because this is my mothers computer desk, but my desktop has red and black. Red blood and the little boys black soul leaving his body as the bunny kills him.- PyroPrincezz

Some pens and other miscalaneous desktop items, My R.E.M. CD collection, a plushie Dinosaur, CD coasters, and enough garbage to feed a homeless man for a month and a half.-me

Let see: a human brain a chicken beak some blood and my favorite thing: some McDonald!!!!!! Yes,there is some red and black. YAHOO!!!!!-

date rip in water.Cheers!- shitty-dixie

you- monkeybuttface

uhh...lemme check there is a red and black pencil hurray-

Messy stuff and all of it is black and red.- fulltimeblazer

nothing red or black cause its not mine- Rudd

Hm, on my desk we've got my algebra homework, which is annoyingly difficult, a dictionary because my stupid friend didn't know what the word heinous meant. A squiggly pencil, a cat rolling around attempting to look cute so I don't kick her ass outside, and my desktop has got a picture of my teacher from last year sleeping in his chair during class. (we call him the Sloth and for good reason) The picture is so hilarious I just couldn't contain myself from putting it on my desktop. Um the only thing that's red is the dictionary, the calculator is black and the pencil is green, and my teacher in the picture is wearing a blue windbraker. - A Horse Named Poe

just stuff and yes- shorty

My brain and my heart.Im just kidding!On my desk there is a glasse of water.OH NO!!!It's date rip!!!Oh shit: here come the rapist...- Nikki

no why- Mad City

My background desktop is a black and white picture of Bjork, PJ Harvey, and Tori Amos together...smiling. It's glorious!- idontmindthesunsometimes

i always have a black or red background. my two fave colors. anyway, enough about you, let's talk about me ... i have a geisha that i designed myself with cs2.- yuckmouth

my TV im watching Family Guy!!!!!!!!- mad_patrol

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my brain- brain_hunter

The background on my computer is a picture for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children...and it's there because well Cloud is badass and fucked in the head.- Mels

my speakers are black- sven

It is black. It's the Monster Energy logo, becuase I love Monster (YES I LOVE IT) and I buy into pop culture surrounding beverages. I also have icons, but I don't feel like saying what they are right now, so just deal with it.- SMUS!

oh yes there is red beacuse it's my blood!muhahaha! - mad_patrol

no because its gay!- Bob the slob

Yes- Nonamed Dumbass

not much on desktop but the background is dale jr's burnout after winning at richmond- 8jrmax

A picture of my kid, and he aint in red or or black because his grandmother chose the outfit.- xanaka

Okay, not a word of this is bullshit: 1. Two Plastic Beakers 2. State of the art sound system. 3. Posh citizen watch. 4. Underarm Deodorant. 5. Hair Mousse 6. Worcester Sauce Bottle. 7. Various Food Wrappers. 8. The "47" off the front of my house. 9. A placemat from the table. 10. Various PC games. 11. My Diary 12. National Geographic 13. Hairband. 14. RED pencil. 15. Downtown Venice. 16. Kebab Skewers. I put the full list there to show just how random and exciting my overcrowded desk is.- George

ashamed to say a pic of westlife .... dunno y - was reminising earlier today - star21

The background of my computer is currently the picture of a blue Ford Shelby Mustang 2006.- nic


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