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You walk into your bathroom and discover two rather large bugs on the floor. Before you go to kill them (for invading the sanctity of your bathroom), they start talking to you, and tell you that actually, they're the leaders of the two most powerful bug colonies on your continent, meeting to arrange a truce between them. Do you still kill them or work out some sort of deal where bugs never bug you again?

id squish thier sorry asses cause they were probable lying and they would capture me drag me to thier secret hideout and bite me till i decide to get up and go home but since i found out where thier secret hideout is i would get my blowtourch and burn all those stupid fucking bugs and they would b dead...dead..dead!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!- bert

If there is to be a truce, then no death will come to them. If they fail to reach an agreement before i become bored, squish! A truce can be a good thing, as long as they agree to stay the hell out of sight in my house...- Zombie Sock Monkey

Pretty sure I'd kill em. Being the sadistic person I am, I'd first trap them under a jar, and being fat diplomats, they wouldn't be able to scuttle away. I'd then rip off their legs one by one, them put them in the microwave. Fools! sending the leaders to do the negotiating! I shall pin their remains in my collection!- Katoid

Actually, since im bigger than both sides..Id capture the leaders and make demands to the colonies That way they can make a truce together and work in harmony and they would not vile my throne again!! It works both ways baby!!- Neos9

I'd just kill one of them then let the other one go so that he has to live the rest of his life being held responsible for the failed truce between the bug colonies and the years of sensless wars to follow since the death of the other bug leader left the other colony with a sense of enraged betrayal.- Phil

I keep them in a jam jar then by them a big glass tank in which they can breed me a new colony of bugs and build an army to not only ensure that the bugs never bother me again but do, in fact, my bidding and the bidding of my decendants for the rest of time. I would be a benevolent and omnipotent leader.- Mzebonga

work out a deal- hotbabe

work out a deal- Loser with no name

Neither. I go about my business as I normally would -- the rancid stench of what I leave behind would inevitably teach them to tell all other bugs on the planet that my house is not a safe place -- even for a bug.- drunkennewfiemidget

i kill them and become the leader of both the colonies and invade all the bug colonies in the world and become the ruler of the bug kingdom!! muahahahahaha- brown_stuff

first of all tht will never happen but hypothitecly i wuld work a deal with thm but if the dnt look trust full ill kill them- roni

i would never kill bugs i dont like to.- naduuy

wow thar happened to u 2??????????????????- elbonyo

I would make peace then make pieces out of them....hell, yeah I'd stomp em. They're BUGS.- MOONSHIFT

I will still kill them beacuse i hate bugs!!!- nikki47

*shivers* talking bugs...just how did you figure out my worst nightmare? I KNEW you could read minds...well after I pinched myself thorougly I think I'd convince both bugs that the other is a horrible evil creature to where they both hate each other and go to war. Then I'd give both sides the bug equivelants of nuclear weapons so they effectively wipe out most or all of the bug population in the world! No more bugs to deal with but I think that might effect the food chain somehow...- PyroPrincezz

Oh hey cool, talking bugs.... *SHOE*.-me

I will prefer to make them leader of the universe and AFTER kill them to take their places.-

i will eat them both and gain wings then fly away to USA to kill the president- shitty-dixie

kill them and eat a twix yummy- monkeybuttface

i will rape one of them and eat the other one then i will sit on the surviver's head and chant 'Oh Canada' did i tell you that it's my favorite pastime?!-

I abuse my position of power and work out a nice deal whereby i can call upon both races for one deed respectively.- fulltimeblazer

work out a deal- Rudd

I tell them to get the hell out of my bathroom because i've been waiting 3 hours just to take a crap and its already stickin out- Who the hell do u think

After discovering where their colonies are located I eat the two bugs. Then I procede to capture the bugs and sell them as slaves to the human race. I mean who doesn't want a bug as a slave? They're pretty simple to control, they don't do as you say, they get some bug spray but not enough to kill them of course. Then when I've made a ton of money I buy that castle I've been eyeing. Then of course, knowing my luck, the bug slaves will escape, find me, and eat me alive. - A Horse Named Poe

kill them- shorty

You must be drunk to say something like that so the flies are liying.Let me kill them now!- Nikki

I would ask them if they have some money.If yes,i would take there money and start a cult were i welcome bugs i hate the most to make a deal so that they stop annoying me and give the names of the people they most annoy;like all of my ex-boyfriends and my friends(i now it sound stupid but they get better grades then me)- Mad City

First, I would check my weed to make sure there's no acid in it (though it may be too late). Then, I'd call my therapist to make sure I'm not psychotic (again, it may be too late). Finally, I'd arrange a truce between the bug colonies. After an incident I had that involved 1000 ants invading my bathroom floor, I think I'd do just about anything to ensuse that that never occurs again. Except fuck the bugs.- idontmindthesunsometimes

i'd tell them to fuck off and have their peace parade under the gnomes ass in the garden.- yuckmouth

start a cult with them- mad_patrol

eat the bugs eat the bugs EAT THE BUGS EAT THE BUGS- brain_hunter

I would tell them how my neighbor who never returned my rake is plotting their demise by way of biochemical warfare.- Mels

is strike a deal with the bugs to make sure i never saw another bug as long as i lived- sven

I'd work it out, and demand that they serve me, considering I could kill them with my feet or a bug bomb or something like that. That's what I'd do.- SMUS!

soooooooooooo,i can do a deal right?!defenetly i do the deal!!!never to have problems with bugs in the summer:it's the paradise *leave the place to go outside*- mad_patrol

ok wtf kind of question is that,like what are the fucking chances of meeting 2 bugs that talk and say there leaders!u retard.- Bob the slob

Make a deal- Nonamed Dumbass

make a deal and bring them all together and kill'em all- 8jrmax

Work out a deal with them, however in the making of this truce you point out that you have done an huge amount of drugs that morning and you would have to ask them to come back the next day to finalise the truce, because you werent in your right mind at that moment.- xanaka

We shall mate with their women and in time our differances shall be forgotton...- George

still kill them- star21

umm...I don't trust politicians or leaders for the most part, so I don't think I would believe that they really wanted to come to a truce: I'd kill 'em dead.- nic


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