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You're walking through a forest and some strange creatures that are somehow able to remove their heads, arms and legs start following you around, yelling things at you and demanding to try on your head. How do you respond?

I would only allow them to try on my head if I could try on theirs as well. Sharing is caring.- The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

I say "sure thing you can try on my head!" Then run, grab a squirrel, pop off it's head and explain that the squirrel is really me, but because my soul is in it's body it cannot talk english so it uses me to talk through to people. - PyroPrincezz

Sure, you can try on my head--it's prosthetic anyway. Say, do you like that Green Day song called 'Prosthetic Head'? No? You should give it a listen, you're sure to love, stop yelling?"- McDiablo

I'd freaked out....completely !!! And run as fast as I could...unfortunately I'm a little heavy and don't run too good eh? So those little stumps would probably catch me....oh Jebus!!! I'm freaking out already !!!- Poptart

I can sue the makers of the movie LABRYNTH! Pah! I knew that the disclaimer at the end would be proven false someday... you know...the one "Blah blah blah All events in this movie...blah blah...purely coincedental..blah blah"...- Katoid

I would tell them, that they could try on my head, if they didn't take too long, and if they returned it quickly, before I ran out of oxygen.- gnosisqueen8

Well my insurance company doesn't protect me from that sort of thing, so I have to write to them explaining that I'd like to take out such a policy, get it signed, triplicated, counter signed, proof read, stamped, turned into mush and turned back into the document, and then I'd be able to discuss with the creatures on the benifit of them trying my head on, and whether or not they are insured and what they would expect to pay me in Cranial rent.- George

How many cookies are in yooooour cookie jar- Hashmier

I give them my spare head. Like you have a spare tyre I have a spare head just incase I breakdown one day and I need a replacement head. Just in case. - lethalbunny

ill say its attached you dorkfreaks- dumdumass

I wake up....and see if I can remove my husband's head...If I can I slap myself and stick the bottom of my foot with a 4 inch darning needle. if that hurts , I try to pull my own head off. If I can't, I wait for the mescaline to wear off...If I can, I try to wake up.......- kitty

Well How Could I Object? Obviously I'm In Their Territory, and as the saying goes, When In a Forest With Some Strange Creatures With Detachable Limbs, Do As The Strange Creatures With Detachable Limbs Do. Also, obviously they have good taste in Heads, and I Admire them for that. *stares in mirror at self*- Zelda

I would wonder who did a knock-off of Labrynth....- b_write

hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa,and start running and praying- nonameloser

let them try it out as long as i can try one of their's and they give mine back after a few hours- whocares

Well, sharing is very important, so obviously I'd pop off my head and see if they can stand the empty mind that I live with.- Zaqim

Fuck off you amputated freaks!!!!!!!!!!- Anna

I would run. And I would run fast.- Callister

I start screaming and swear that I'll never watch Labyrinth again while tripping on acid... but yeah, I'm game for them trying on my head.- Junkie Deluxe

i think im tripping- santa

Haha fuck off my head is happy where it is!- mathews17

i would pull him apart and rearange him with a foot as the head the head as a arm and a leg as an arm and the arms as the feet- Insaneone

i tell them ok but i go first. i would then pull off their head make them kiss their own ass then beat them with their removable extremities.- iamzbob

if you wanted the turkey, you could have asked!!!!!- hoopla on a stick

I must be on the set of The Labyrinth - it's a dream come true! Go back to the worm and follow the road straight to the centre! Piece of cake...- Bambi

Well first of all, I would have to know the color of these creatures, if they are green, I would glady let them try on my head, but if they are red, I would have to decline to the fact that about 50 year's ago it was realised that red had lead in it, and the creatures might leave residue that would eventually kill me in about a year's time, or six months depending on how long I stay in the forest.- Dr. Fr@nkenstein

This sounds like 'The Labyrinth'. Can't you think of your own ideas!- MadmanDadman

Sure! Go ahead!- Dancing Cow

*detaches head* "Now, I know it's not much, but it's pretty nice. eyes are green like your blood!"- idontmindthesunsometimes

ask them where they got the dope- dannigurl

Only if I can try on yours first.- Crashandburn

take pictures and then call the cops- arsenic

A simple now- Kimmie Lynne

ok only for a minute- joe

kill them- louart

I freak out, run from them, and yell profanities at them.- evil_little_wench

laughing- PJ

swear at them and kick the crap out of them- bowler

heelooo!! what type of head....?- Vagenis

Walking through the forest is time for reflection and careful steady ruminating of the past and what lays before you. So sometimes you do it with acid other times you do the acid and the forest comes to you.... or if you are plain trekking the best thing to do with strange creatures is amuse them. You do not want to displease them, I hear they have the attention span of a 3 year old, so its a pretty easy stint... First you must fiddle with the lock on the back of your neck and say "oooo oooo.. it's stuck" then tell them you just got this head so your just working it in. I'd really be laughing though, I mean do I take my hat off and run around after people to try on thiers? I'd use that as an example... if they don't take my "it's new" excuse.... I'd then start laughing... really really confuse the bastards... they'd really wonder.... But then I'd start crying because I'd frankly grow jealous in the fit of laughter that they can remove ligaments and I can't. Soon, once my reflecting is all screwed up and the meaning of life must be detaching your limbs and to accomplish this would be the ultimate goal.... I guess I'd up running around pulling at myself... going "ow" "ow"... Hopefully, they wander off and see I'm one of those retard inept people whom can't remove limbs.... fuck em, I'll get it someday.- K.eep J.acking F.or B.usiness

Kick the little buggers. And when they try to chew off my legs, scream and run around in circles until someone yells that I have rabies and they shoot me.- bluemonkeyfearer

fuck off stumpy and kick it- keith4men

i tell them that if we can comt to some kind of financial agreement, i can take them to a place where they can try on as many heads as they want. look out for number one basically...- colin

i pull out my fire-breathing dragon and fly away to inform the wierd police that ther's some nasty shit going down in Tongueincheek forest. - quckathedyslexicduck

I say, im afraid my head doesnt come off, but if u continue walking through the forest theres a little house about 5 mins in a north easterly direction that contains a special formula that will make branches from trees turn into heads, u can try them on.- Boxie

run screaming away- britt

I got to stop takeing drugs.- the sockmonky rapist

r u on drugs?- brown_stuff

I'd hand my head over, I think. If they want my bad hair, big schnoz and distinguished chin, it's all theirs.- PRchick

Sure! If you really need it, but I need it back before santa comes.- bobby

I steal their legs and run away.- Jo Ro

no- kora kildem

no problem- Kin Slayer Reborn

Scream and cry and run away.- Sandy

Take some more acid- Skud

Huddle in a corner and chant "the voices aren't real, they can't hurt me" and then go psycho crazy killer on their asses and totally destroy their removeable parts.- narcoticsunshine

Fucking crazzy. They can try mine on if i can have theirs.- Dumbfuck

I would go and tell them to get me a shrubbery- Hashmier

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