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You've been working away for weeks in your super secret room and now have a prototype for a jet pack. Do you run outside and try it out or try to trick someone else (like Mzebonga or Herbert) into risking their life?

I would insist that Alex Trebek be the first person to try it out.- The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

oh hell yeah would i test it myself! if someone was going to make it into hollywood in style like that, it's gotta be me. and if i die in the process then at least it would make a pretty funny fact to be put on my gravestone.- bum bandit

Mzebonga of course because if he dies I get to throw a party!!! Plus seeing Mzebongs fly through the air screaming would be fricken hilarious. - PyroPrincezz

I wouldn't want to trick Herbert--that'd just be mean. I don't know why, but I just couldn't do anything mean to Herbert, so he's safe. Mzebonga would be too easy to trick. I mean, all I have to do is say, "Hey, you wanna try this jet pack? You might die and stuff, but if you test it for me I'll let you look in my underwear drawer." Simple as that. Yikes..- McDiablo

Oh know the answer to this! Herbert IS my test dummy. Though he's been complaining lately, saying he'd like to hire a stunt double for himself. I told him how expensive that would be. ...if he saves and doesn't buy so many damned shoes he just might be able to hire one.- Poptart

How did YOU know I had a super secret room? HOW?! Why do they always get discovered? I've already gone through three this it's immoral to clone my dead cat, but no one would really notice, would they? But NooOOoo... If I was tricking someone, I'd probably pack the jet back with nitroglycerin or something and I probably would be tricking someone because I'm extremely acrophobic... It would probably also depend on who was trying out the jet pack... I might fill the *Emergency Parachute* comparment with Jello, Snickers, or maybe a kitten or two just to see the look on the face of the person when falling...- Katoid

I would risk my own life, because it sucks, anyway!- gnosisqueen8

sure, I'll play my favourite game, find stupid people and make them jump off buildings. Only this time *I* can jump first, Charles Kennedy, follow me sir!- George

I would convince it is a new prototype Tiger shark and you must wear it on your back and kiss it because you love it. - Hashmier

I give it to my gerbil. I put him in his wheel and he turns on the jetpack; the wheel is wired up to a mains connection and generates electricity to repower the jetpack. rinse wash and repeat. then gargle. - lethalbunny

trick someone else- dumdumass

duh....- kitty

Why The Hell Would I want someone else to try MY Prototype Jetpack. I'd Just Lie, Say I Thoroughly Tested It, And Paten It!- Zelda

I would probably, A: do it myself, because if I made it, I trust that it would function. b: I wouldn't try to trick Mzebonga or Herbert because they are far too beautiful for me to ever injure with my own stupidity. And C: It would work, cuz I'm badass like that.- b_write

someone else- nonameloser

i try it out- whocares

I'll strap it on and try my best to run into as many people as i can!- Zaqim

My life is too valuable! I'd so totally get my least favorite teacher from primary school to do it. Then the jet-pack explodes over the Pacific Ocean, bye you bitch of a teacher!!!- Anna

I'd make my friends do it first. Or my nephew. Or this one 7 year old named Austin who's really annoying sometimes.- Callister

I aim myself at Mzebonga or Herbert (whoever I happen to see first) and fire up the rocket!- Junkie Deluxe

nah do it meself- santa

i have full faith in my technology building skills i would obviously try it coz i kno its going to work lol- mathews17

i would trick someone else and say there is candy on the roof they would try to go get it [inscert minaciall laughter here]- Insaneone

hell no, i hopin to go down in a blaze of glory. hopefuly itll be a fun ride- iamzbob

well, it depends. if jimmy neutron helped me make it, i would try it. if my best friend helped me make it, she would try it. :)- hoopla on a stick

I WISH I had a secret room! Even MORE than a jetpack, no privacy in this house...- Bambi

It would have to depend on the altitude and fuel levels of the jet pack, the more fuel, the more height, i'd say, BRING IT ON!- Dr. Fr@nkenstein

There's no need to trick someone into doing it. I'd just tie Mzebonga and Herbert to the jet pack and start it going. - MadmanDadman

Run outside and try it on, of course!- Dancing Cow

I would trick Herbert, because he's dumb enough to be lured into being the first one to try my jet engine pack. He'll think of it as a compliment that i asked him, when really i just want to see him get blown up.- idontmindthesunsometimes

have someone else try it- dannigurl

Pshhh I wanna try it myself.- Crashandburn

trick soemone into it- arsenic

I would tell my boss it was a machine that repeats every negative word that anyone has ever said about him. Strap it on him and hope that it malfunctions horribly.- Treeklr

Balls to the wall baby, I'll do it myself- Kimmie Lynne

i said i would give them a cookie- joe

do it myself- louart

I try it out myself. If it works, I have to take the credit for taking it out for the first time.- evil_little_wench

no- PJ

just leave and kill anyone who made his shity site- bowler

were building a secret house. IT'S SECRET!- Vagenis

Seeing as I dont know the two you mentioned, except, hm they answer questions. K, they seem highly knowledgable and righteous of themselves... so why would I want to waste that? Answerers got a place in the world right next to the sex-addicts... So I'd have to scout me a homo... I mean hobo... I mean I'm a homo... well... lobo... hobo, yes I'll find a hobo and say this is my book bag full of food... you are the chosen winner of my annual charity work per year, here ya go stereotypically old man with a beard that smells like hardened piss, melted and refrosted all those brillant and valliant years you spent enduring the streets. Then with my remote... take ooooooofffff.... then he'd explode into a million of pieces because prototypes always ...don't work... cause I wouldnt of planted... a bomb... in it... I was just trying out my jet-pack... I mean full of food... uh... yea i wanted to kill a hoho.. hobo... And damn did it feel good... I mean damn it would.. would feel good.- K.eep J.acking F.or B.usiness

Herbert! Buddy, c'mere! I have a present for you! It's a new shiny jetpack! (Bwah ha ha)- bluemonkeyfearer

I try it out because I would not want anyone to get hurt- keith4men

fuck it, you only live once. get someone else to try it...- colin

it would very much depend on how much beer i had consumed the night before. generally though, i like to do these things myself. i trust no one. i dont have any friends as it happens. i killed my family back when i was a nipper...- quckathedyslexicduck

It would have to be herbert for having such a silly name. Id tell him hhat ive already tried it, id swear on my life but id have my fingers crossed behind my back so it wouldnt count!- Boxie

yes- britt

i made firerworks try it but it bluw up and im sad to say that they didnt make it alive- the sockmonky rapist

If I've been working for weeks, I probably REALLY have to go to the bathroom, so I'd let my husband try it out. Added bonus if he dies a fiery death.- PRchick

I ask them if they need a ride somewhere on my shiny new jetpack.- bobby

I try it myself, getting others involved in your messes is irresponsible.- Jo Ro

try it myself - kora kildem

someone else- Kin Slayer Reborn

Trick someone else.- Sandy

Fuck it, if im gonna die, i wanna die having fun..... I'll do it myself.- Skud

Trick someone else into risking their life. Duh. Like I'd risk mine.- narcoticsunshine

I would trick mainly Herbert because he yells at me and picks on me from across the street. I would tell him it is a large cookie and if he pushes that button the cookie comes out but really it will be the on button and he will fly away and i will laugh until i rememberd he has the blueprints- Hashmier

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