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Have you been given anything insane lately?

Yes, I was given a telephone number of this crazy chick, Julia. She is way insane.- The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

well someone lobbed a bottle of tizerRED at me yesterday, which i thought was a bit out of the ordinary because normal tizer is red anway, but i was completely thrown off when i read on the bottle "but tastes like purple!" because i mean come on, what does purple taste like? i was rather disappointed when i took a swig and it just tasted like fizzy ribena though.- bum bandit

Yes, I've been given lots of insane things lately. You want a list? Here it is! The top ten insanest things I've been given lately. (Since you didn't define lately I'll make it the last 10 years.) 1) A poptart in a baby basket with a note attached saying "please take care of me, I need a stomach". I have weird neighbors, let's just put it that way. 2) A spellbook with the wings of a butterfly glued all over it. 3) Nessie 4) A CD of some stupid rapper which I hate and hope dies. (this is insane because the person KNOWS I hate rap and gave the CD to me anyway) 5)A bottle of black gatorade. I'm afraid to drink it. 6) An insane person's journal which scarily enough I understand. 7)A squirrel 8) Santa Claus's head in a basket 9) A picture of Mzebonga at a strip club, (who sent it to me is still unknown) 10) Fifty five dozen eggs with faces and hair and they talk...also taste good..but scream very loud. - PyroPrincezz

I was given an insane amount of candy! What makes this insane is the insanity I must endure for having so much candy. 'Insanity', in this case, comes in the loving form of Emerald. She knows I have a candy stash, I have to hide said candy stash, she tears around looking for the aforementioned candy stash--it's a vicious cycle. But, in the end, my kindness gets to the best of me and I share...uh, wait, no I don't. If I was one of the 7 sins, I'd be Gluttony....and I'm damn proud of it!- McDiablo

I got an insanely wrapped gift for Xmas, adorned with manila paper, red tissue paper, black electrical tape, masking tape and I think it had a contained one package of toy soldiers, jeeps and tanks, a 'Jason" hockey mask, a plastic knife(the blade is made of clear plastic and when the handle is held up the blade fills with red dye....cooool), two bottles of Hobgoblin and a Hobgoblin beer glass. Oh yes and a wee bottle of rye :) - Poptart

No, actually I haven't, but I'm waiting for something to come my way!- gnosisqueen8

Sure, it was Christmas, I was given much insanity. For instance an Authentic Chinese fighting sword from my parents was much appriciated, but it nearly lasted roughly thirty seconds as the first thing I tried to do was to behead my sister, father disarmed me quickly and explained "The Rules". Bastard.- George

I have been given 37 male Chipmunks so i can sacrifice them to the almighty horse shoes of death.- Hashmier

I was given a pet piano. it makes really good noise depending on who strokes it. some people touch it and it barks like a terrier. then others gracefully drift across it's white, covered belly, and the wooden percussion animal piano seems to enjoy it and lets out a melodic tune sweet to the ears. - lethalbunny

yeah a card shuffler- dumdumass

just my own freedom.....that is scary enough, eh?- kitty

Given Anything Insane Lately...Hmm... *scratches head while pondering* Depend on what you consider insane...If you don't consider a straight jacket insane, and very comfortable living quarters with padded walls insane, then the answer is No. I haven't Recieved anything Insane Lately.- Zelda

In terms of insanity I guess I would have to say the most insane gift I've been given recently is the complete bull shit that my school teacher's dish at me every freakin day...that, my friends, is insane.- b_write

maybe would u like to know- nonameloser

Of course, mostly gifts to myself, because I rule!- Zaqim

Not unless you count NOTHING!!!- Anna

What? Not really I don't think.- Callister

I was given the tanned fur off of some roadkill for a New Years present...- Junkie Deluxe

yes dids amazin laff- santa

no- mathews17

yes a pair of headphones that keep getting thrown at me thast insane right- Insaneone

i always insanity was something you earned not something that could be given to ya.- iamzbob brain. oh, and a poptart with a man and rabbit on the front.- hoopla on a stick

Wrong directions - next time I wont ask that guy in the gremlin that talks to his hand...- Bambi

According to the gravitational pull being and 55 kg, the answer would be no, unless if you would otherwise consider the time of day, if the time was 6:66 p.m. than the answer would then be Yes. But Since that wouldn't be likely until they year 5000 A.F., we would have to wait to conclude the final Answer - Dr. Fr@nkenstein

An insane stupid question- MadmanDadman

A book on Voodoo...- Dancing Cow

you mean aside from the severed head for my good report card grades?- idontmindthesunsometimes

no- dannigurl

A butterfly knife... but that's not so strange.- Crashandburn

no- arsenic

A fucking jack in the box gift card- Kimmie Lynne

yes- joe

no- louart

actually no.- evil_little_wench

no- PJ

no - bowler

i've been invited to a hermaphrodite porn shoot - Vagenis

If you mean in anybody willingly placed something in my palms.. no... doesnt happen as often as I'd like it too... Although, I have stolen something insane... or is the fact I stole it the more insane part? Hm, well, I'll let you judge, I took alot of arthropedic shoes from a lobby in a health clinc, but now I totally regret it cause there were scrubs which i thought were colourful garbage bags right next to them... And I also took the i.v's and wet naps, all the usual things a theif would eye but the arthropedic shoes are really useless... they don't fit the feet well ... and well... I've tried selling them door to door, to you know steal more stuff... but no one seems interested to buy shoes from a door to door salesmen dressed in dr. stevens jacket, this guy got a bad rapor or what? Hm, but the shoes have now been stripped of there soles and taped together for a floor mat... it works alright but the dog just took a shit on it, so I think I should be getting sick pretty soon, hm not so insane afterall, arthropedic shoes do have value even to the 20 under... not obese...disabled... crowd, cheers.- K.eep J.acking F.or B.usiness

Sadly, no one has considered my existance significant enough to bother giving me anything insane lately. I did manage to procure a plush blue monkey for Christmas, though.- bluemonkeyfearer

someone gave me a blowjob- keith4men

a pellet gun- colin

my mind.- quckathedyslexicduck

Som einsane skunk that messed me up pretty good- Boxie

no- britt

The flu.- the sockmonky rapist

i killed myself and then resurected...myself- brown_stuff

This chick on the highway gave me the finger. Crazy bitch.- PRchick

No, I'm perfectly sane.- Jo Ro

yes- kora kildem

yes- Kin Slayer Reborn

Nope.- Sandy

yes, an "Pull my finger " pen- Skud

Yes. Today I was given three pounds of the most delicious chocolate ever. Ever ever. Period. It was majorly insane.- narcoticsunshine

Maybe- Dumbfuck

I was givin a cows head and when i went to go give it a asperin for its intense headache it bit my dog and i had to put it down it was depressing- Hashmier

Full Body Catsuit, Riding crop, Handcuffs, and a really big bottle of vodka.- Katoid

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