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Why didn't you send TheInsaneDomain any gifts for the holidays?

I did. I sent you a check. It's in the mail. I promise.- The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

DAMN MAILMAN! I did to! That's what I get for giving the fat bastard chocolate covered cherry pies to deliver. I am very sorry you didn't get them, he shall be punished! >_<- PyroPrincezz

Because the damn gifts probably would have gotten lost in the mail. I bought myself a T-shirt for X-mas (yes, I bought myself a present, sue me) and I have yet to receive it. The damn thing was supposedly delivered on December 16, but me no have-y. AUGH! No, I'm not bitter about this. - McDiablo

I DID !!!! - Poptart

Sending Uranium and Lithium through the mail would look a little suspicious- Katoid

I didn't know this Domain even existed. I was thinking about how much people suck, and I typed in People Suck, and I found You Guys! Don't feel bad: I didn't get one damn birthday present in November. I didn't get one lousy Christmas Present either. - gnosisqueen8

I was abducted by family. You know how it is. (psst, it's on it's way)- George

Because the dead dog i found on my porch from you guys was enough for me. I should have sent it back.- Hashmier

because I ate all the gifts when I mistook them for my dinner (I leave the presents unwrapped under the christmas tree, and instead, wrap up my dinner, it gets confusing) I nearly ate my left finger as well. Perhaps I can have surgery and remove the gifts and send them to you, after they have been precariously cleaned by my waiter?- lethalbunny

i did- dumdumass

Im a teacher...Im poor....- kitty

WHA? Of Course I Sent Something! I Sent Fruit Cake!- Zelda

i just found this site today.- whocares

Because, i'm a greedy bitch!- Zaqim

My mother was watching me constantly. Yes, I live with my mum, how lame is that?- Anna

Cause I didn't know you then.- Callister

Believe me... I know you're all off of your rocker... but I really doubt you'd enjoy anything my twisted mind could think of sending you.- Junkie Deluxe

coz i wer pilled up- santa

Not rich enough- mathews17

you didnt ask me for anything if you did i would have sent cheese and suge and soda (soda rymes with yoda- Insaneone

i was gay.- iamzbob

becaus ei just found so sorry mr.insanedomain man.- hoopla on a stick

Only just discovered this website (January 15 - too late, I'm back at work)... Although not entirely sure how you send gifts to webside... and probably wouldn't have bothered either way...- Bambi

Well, the molecular activity on my Residence of Planet X wouldn't allow any shipment's of gifts out of planet due to insane gas prices, therefore I had to wait, unless I was asking for a decapition and severing of my limbs, im sure you understand.- Dr. Fr@nkenstein

Why didn't the InsaneDomain send me any gifts? The answer to both questions is 'we hate each other'- MadmanDadman

Because... the WEASELS were EATING my BrAiN!!!- Dancing Cow dog died, my grandma screwed Santa (literally), i was in the hospital with an anal herpes breakout, my dad got schizophrenia and was talking to the walls, my Israeli boss stole all my money, and my mom vomited on the computer. Those aren't excuses, either.- idontmindthesunsometimes

never heard about it before- dannigurl

Only if I can try on yours first.- Crashandburn

because you suck- arsenic

The stamp fell off of my monitor.- Treeklr

I'm a cheap bastard- Kimmie Lynne

i did it got lost in the mail- joe

didn't know where to send them- louart

Why didn't The Insane Domain send me anything for Christmas?- evil_little_wench

didn't know about it- PJ

because this site is shite- bowler

i did smhoking and lebathianism hurtahimit mahhimmit himimit yeah- Vagenis

Cause you guys weren't on my list... The long scroll of random names which I scribble every year only had room to treat 5 websites... and frankly ever since ebay and that forum (you embaressingly log onto) gave me that crappy packet of stickers and cheese flavoured gum, they got scribbled off... So I replaced them with, and some geocites site that has an hilarious dancing gorilla... I hadnt any room for you guys, but you're in my heart time one of these guys screw up and gives me anything cheese flavoured. I specifically asked for mutton... and mutton I got, so, hm, I say, go search and destroy and you'll get my presents.- K.eep J.acking F.or B.usiness

I'm broke. You want presents? Send me money.- bluemonkeyfearer

im cheap- keith4men

didnt know you existed, to be fair.- colin

because you didnt send me anything. you bastards.- quckathedyslexicduck

Coz i didnt know u, and if i did id probably send u a baby giraffe for you to reer yourselves. You got me in this mess.- Boxie

didn't know you existed- britt

or did i? - the sockmonky rapist

cos ure crap- brown_stuff

Well, what did you send me? I ran to the mailbox every day, but nothing. Not even a stinkin' snowman card.- PRchick

Because I have a penis.- bobby

What the hell is TheInsaneDomain?- Jo Ro

why didn't they send me any?- kora kildem

i am poor- Kin Slayer Reborn

I hate you.- Sandy

because im a tight bastard- Skud

Because I hadn't heard of this site at the time. Otherwise I obviously would have.- narcoticsunshine

Because you stupid bastards don't deserve any thing.- Dumbfuck

Because i love you too much- Hashmier

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