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What if there were a ghost in your refrigerator who decided it was going to make weird noises to scare your pets as well as make all your food somehow taste like rotten turnip?

I would be very happy as rotten turnip is my favorite food. - The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

Well then I would get a chance to use my spellbook that some weirdo gave me to try and do things to the ghost. Twould be much fun!!!!! As for the pets...Nessie is more family than a pet..- PyroPrincezz

That damn ghost must DIE!...oh, it already has. Shit, it's already ahead of the game! This is going to be difficult. Everyone knows that anything, living or dead, that scares pets and makes food taste like rotten turnips is bad news. Baaaad news, I tell you. Okay, I'm just stalling because an answer isn't coming out of me. Um...nope, I've still got nothin'. It looks like the ghost wins. DAMMIT.- McDiablo

That would probably be the last straw....I'd snap, you'd all see me on the news. Well not all of you, some, the locals...maybe most Canadians, perhaps some Americans...- Poptart

I suppose I'd have to start enjoying the tastes of rotten turnip...but what kind of ghost would do something as ridiculously stupid as that? If I were a ghost in someone's fridge, and that's what I aspire to be someday, I would pull something like in poltergeist with the fridge...Whose ghost is it anyway? I mean I don't think I would mind if it were someone interesting, like Napoleon for instance. I would love to have Napoleon as a ghost in my fridge making everything taste like rotten turnip and fightening my poor wittle muffywuffin. That brings me back to my dead cat...poor Muffywuffin...choked on a marble...She still follows me around though and the wheels are getting a bit squeeky on her feet. At least she doesn't try and get off the leash...- Katoid

I would have the refrigerator hauled to the dump.- gnosisqueen8

I'd call the Ghost Busters, because Billy Murrey is a fine actor, as well as a real piece of ass- George

I would fall in love with the ghost and have little ghost anal babies with it until it has so many it leaves me for another person. while im stuck with the kids- Hashmier

I would eat the ghost and then warn all the other ghosts that I will bite them if they make me eat rotten turnip again. If they do, I'll bite their noses off with my laser sharp mouse teeth which I borrowed from a mouse next door. He wants them back or he'll eat me alive, with blunt gums. - lethalbunny

i would feed it rotten turnip and throw a wet cat on him when he is visable - dumdumass

there is. His name is arnold. He is a midget ghost. He likes rotten turnip. I have a hard time figuring this one out myself, since I never buy turnips. I prefer eggplant. Have you ever tasted kholrabi? I have new shoes on today. Oh wait Im not wearing any shoes. Damn gremlins!- kitty

WHAT! IT'S BACK! DAMN THAT SON OF A BITCH GHOST! Im Getting A Professional This Time. *hire's amateur Parapsychologist*- Zelda

I would go grocery shopping.- b_write

get a new refrigerator- nonameloser

buy a new fridge.- whocares

Rotten Turnip!! My favorite! Yay me!- Zaqim

I'd take it to a remote location and burn the *&$#%@!* haunted fridge!! Then I'd put in an insurance claim for arson and robbery. If they found I'd fake it, I'd tell them my brother went psycho and burnt it in a haunted graveyard as he thought the fridge was haunted.- Anna

I'd be pissed. And laugh at my pets.- Callister

I think it'd be time for a new refrigerator. However, it would be funny watching my pets get scared by my frige, so I might keep it around as a novelty item.- Junkie Deluxe

eat out- santa

get a new fridge!!!! coz hu likes rotten turnip - mathews17

i would fart in it general direction and mke it taste fart bwahahahahaha- Insaneone

reminds me of grandmas house.- iamzbob

i am that ghost. have a freaking problem?? say it to my face!!! not on the internet!!! loser!! pansy!! whimp!! word to your mother.- hoopla on a stick

The only pet I own is a snake, and they can only hear vibrations. Don't think a ghost can make vibrations, so it's all good. As for the rotten turnip, you can get used to anything if you eat it for long enough...- Bambi

If I like the taste of rotten turnip, i would gladly accept the ghost as a net pet and name him Mr. Froogles. But in the event that I don't (which is the case) than I would have to exterminate him by bringing in his ghostly mother to watch over us both, which would result in ghost-like suicide.- Dr. Fr@nkenstein

I's cash in. With the use of ebay and the item 'Haunted fridge' I'd make thousands of zibilliongillionkillions.- MadmanDadman

How DARE it! I'm calling the GHOSTBUSTERS! *plays theme song*- Dancing Cow

I would get Fran Drescher to exercise it out of my fridge. That bitch's voice would scare anyone away!- idontmindthesunsometimes

i don't think that would happen!- dannigurl

I'd be pissed as hell... making my food smell and shit..- Crashandburn

i would shoot the refrigerator which in the end would do nothing but make me have to buy a refrigerator- arsenic

What if worms had shotguns? Birds wouldn't fuck with them.- Treeklr

I'd sell the refrigerator or call sylvia brown- Kimmie Lynne

i would eat the ghost that is such an obvious question- joe

go out to eat, screw the pets- louart

I would be pissed. I guess I would call Ghostbusters.- evil_little_wench

unplug the fridge- PJ

kill them - bowler

What if I had a fridge full of turnip... and that wouldnt really be all that wierd... ghost are putrid souls, who rot things when they move through them, it's a fact. In fact I saw one yesterday walk through a dog, and he rotted up and tasted rotten too. Now the wierd noises wouldn't be welcomed, I'd have to call the ghost busters, realizing thats just a movie... I'd turn on one of those bad t.v specials and see the physic foretell the presence of unsettled "spirits", call the t.v show to my house and have an entire special about my fridge:) Plus then I get to smile in the camera and wave and mouth things, and they can't kick me off stage... hah, there is gonna be some shout outs when your bored late one night. Indeed.- K.eep J.acking F.or B.usiness

So...what exactly does rotten turnip taste like? Who knows, I might like that curious flavor, and in this case, the evil thing can stay in my fridge.- bluemonkeyfearer

I would buy a new one- keith4men

then it would be an improvement on the shit in there already.- colin

i'd call ghostbusters. naturally.- quckathedyslexicduck

Well then id ....hmmmmmm... good one.... .er...... i reckon Id probably get int the fridge with it and see if it scared me, if it did id move house- Boxie

i'd eat the food- britt

hey i like rotten turnups- the sockmonky rapist

i!!- brown_stuff

The scaring my pets thing could be funny, but that turnip thing not so much. I suppose I'd just lose a lot of weight.- PRchick

I would ask him to make me a sandwich while he was in there. Then I would sacrifice all of my pets to the almighty sun god HOIUDH. fUCW- bobby

I would banish it from the refrigerator.- Jo Ro

i have a fridge ghost, but all it does is make any fridge i am near bang loudly.- kora kildem

I'd be quite angry- Kin Slayer Reborn

I would kick that ghost's ass.- Sandy

I'd put rotten turnip in there, just to piss the ghost off....- Skud

I'd cry. And then cry some more. And tell the damn ghost to get out of my fridge or I'm calling the cops. And then I'd learn to love the taste of rotten turnip.- narcoticsunshine

I would kick it in the shin and tell it to go turn my kitchen into a large Galopogos peguin and saunter away- Hashmier

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