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Do you know anyone who looks like a cartoon character and if so, which one do they look like?

My friend Carlita looks like a combination of Fred Flintstone, Ricochet Rabbit, Pokey and Howdy Doody. How sexy is that?- The infamous Jefferson Rottweiler

yeah my mate stephen looks a lot like that tintin guy with the fuzzy white dog. but that's nothing special because everyone looks like tintin.- bum bandit

Well...I know someone who looks like the monkey from Dora the Explorer....talks like the monkey too. His name is Jeff. - PyroPrincezz

Honestly, no. Even more honestly, I bet I'm the "friend" that looks like a cartoon character. I can warp my face and change my voice at random. Jim Carrey's got nothing on me...beeyatch.- McDiablo

Elvis Stojko !!! His head is quite large and he's not that big. He's completely out of proportion. I met him once and remember thinking how cartoonish he was. But I wasn't sober, so who knows? ...most of my close friends would make great cartoon characters - Poptart

The Lady who was dressed up as Snow White at Disney World...I don't actually know her name, but I've been stalking her for awhile now and I would have to say she looks a lot like snow white- Katoid

No I don't know anyone, like that, but I'll tell you something: I would love to turn some people, I know, into cartoon characters, and let them eat each other!- gnosisqueen8

Well, JCP looks like Ren and Mzebonga like Stimpy, and let's face it, that's not all they have in common with those two...- George

My mother. Micky mouse.- Hashmier

myself. I look like a stick man if I get a chainsaw and chop off most of the parts of my body I don't need. it's painful but I can sew and make stitches. Then I look like a stick man (stick man is the best super hero in the world he's everywhere, he even guards toilets sometime with his sidekick, stickwoman)- lethalbunny

fred flinstone- dumdumass

Yeah....alot of women that work at Windham Wal-mart...look like Shrek.- kitty

Yupperz. I Know This Guy Who Work's At Disney World, and I swear, he looks just like Goofy. Sometimes I can't Tell The Difference.- Zelda

nope no one I can think about- nonameloser

a girl i work with looks like the fat betty boop from drawn together- whocares

I'm not telling you that! You'll try to stalk me! Stalker!!!- Zaqim

No, I don't know anyone who looks boring, flat and with a fucking annoying voice!!!!- Anna

I dunno. I know a 3 year old that looks like Angelica Pickles.- Callister

I think one of my college professors looks like Cartman from Southpark. I think he likes pot pies too.- Junkie Deluxe

yea ma mate nick he reminds me of a talkin walkin bush- santa

well santa claus cartoon character same diff. ye my mate has a nick name of santa an looks like him too- mathews17

yes they look like the monster from bobobo-bo-bo-bobo- Insaneone

i only have real freinds- iamzbob

yes...i look like that one girl from that one comic.- hoopla on a stick

Yes, I have a friend who looks like Zelda off the take-off show Drawn Together on SBS, gay of course...- Bambi

Well, the answer would have to depend on the amount of hashish, meth, and coke flowing through my veins, if I had large amounts, that most likely i'd be passed out, but if i have large amounts, and wasn't passed out, then everyone from my point of view would look like Smokey The Bear, but he isn't exactly a real cartoon SHOW character so all events would lead to no.- Dr. Fr@nkenstein

I look like a ladybird cartoon- MadmanDadman

I met some dude at our county fair that looked kinda like Fred Flintstone...- Dancing Cow

my cat looks like Nosferatu...if he were a cartoon character, that is.- idontmindthesunsometimes

my brother----- peanuts- dannigurl

James Soldo, he looks like Mickey Mouse... fucking mouse...- Crashandburn

mrs wolansky- she looks like goofy- arsenic

Not a cartoon character but I have a female friend who looks just like tony sinclair- Kimmie Lynne

my friend looks like charzard from pokemon because he has crazy wings and shoots fire but he has laser eyes- joe

yes, elmer fudd- louart

yes, i know a girl who looks exactly like Droopy the Dog.- evil_little_wench

yes, snuffy smith- PJ

me i look like go fuck your self- bowler

miss piggy, he looks just like miss piggy with a mullet- Vagenis

Everone has a little anime, a little walt disney, a speak of acme... dash of ren and stimpy.... whoever animates that like thier pencils taking an shit. People are freaks, you ever look at them? Genuine deformities for everyone, exagerated characteristics, phony smirks, one dimensional expression... downright... malformation of what is worldly believed to be a human face, there are these supposedly beautiful actors and actresses... those that arent attractive are called "character" actors. People are ugly, you just have to look a little harder at the "actors" and boy aren't we trying.... Oh and no one specifically but there is a few cats that are a dead ringer for an rabbit, and I could say roger rabbit, but now that would be cheating, wouldn't it.- K.eep J.acking F.or B.usiness

No. If you see someone who looks like a cartoon character, tell me.- bluemonkeyfearer

kenny from southpark- keith4men

no, by my sisters boyfriend looks like a pakistani version of snoop dog...- colin

loads, though it usually depends how many 'beans' i've had...- quckathedyslexicduck

Yeah Piers Line looks like POBB - Boxie

betty boop- britt

my cat looks like tom from tom and jerry.- the sockmonky rapist

No, but my son looks like the Quizno's baby. He can't talk, though. How did they find a talking baby?!- PRchick

My friend Travis looks like Johnny Quest.- bobby

No.- Jo Ro

yes, beaker from the muppets.- kora kildem

the michalean tire man- Kin Slayer Reborn

No.- Sandy

yes, Andy Squires looks like Mr Burns- Skud

If you squint really, really hard my cat almost kinda sorta looks like Dexter from Dexter's Lab. If you really squint hard. Almost kinda sorta.- narcoticsunshine

Your mom- Dumbfuck

My friend Rufus, He looks like The invisible women hes quite feminine- Hashmier

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