Could i have 10% of the gross profit fronm your site ? - Dogkufi


NO- Dumbasswithnoname

I do have ten dollars, but I would have to send it in a money order. No Credit Cards.- cemetarybaby

no - add

Nope, But I do have an excellent vintage looking 1999 penny, my favorite!- Zelda

Well my money will cost you, you first need to send me an invite to your anniversary and I dont just mean the party. I want the night of the anniversary too, so I can watch you guys get it on (or not). Either way I get an insight into your sex lifes and thats when you will get my 10... as you do the dirty (or not) one of you will get a delightful surprise in an orifice when u wake up the next morning.- Tired and Numb.

My Granny gave me $40 and I'm planning on saving it for who the hell knows what. I'm still trying to figure out why she gave me the money in the first place. I guess it's something only the grandmothers of the world can understand. Maybe I could send you guys a Slurpee--oh, or better yet, a Slurpee machine. -McDiablo

Ahh if I did I might... other wise I would just spend it on some dark coco for my Gf... to make her forget about something I secured up on- Ishkabilly

i have $10? i didnt know that????????? HAVE YOU BEEN SPYING ON ME! - BillyBobJoe

The answer is no to both questions.- Annanutter

no- fish

I have much more than ten dollars and No f****ng way would I give any of it to you!- The blue man

maybe if jcp would sleep with me- dickhurtzfromholden

I have -110.00$ in my bank account...sorry...- Your Mom!

Yes I do...and sure I will :)- Poptart

of course, my loves. hell, i'll make it $10.50 so that it's a little more special. Happy 10th guys!- idontmindthesunsometimes

I don't have ten dollars. If I did, I would most definately send it in to celebrate ten years of insanity. Who doesn't want to celebrate insanity?- narcoticsunshine

Yes i do, but forget you guys i dont even know you guys, i'd buy myslef a issue of shonen jump and give you the change- Lanc


No I have no money at all. I might have like..10 cents that I'd send you. But here's the thing I'm 15 and obviously have no money. No bitching at me either for not getting a job because my parents have me locked in a closet and chained up and only let me out to go on the insane domain and to use the bathroom. Surprisingly I have to go out to see the insane domain more often than use the bathroom..go figure.- PyroPrincezz

u are greedy basterds/bitches Im pissed off about you telling me to be normal- the sockmonkey rapist

only if i can borrow 20 - iamzbob

I have $0.11 in my bank account. I just decided to balace my checkbook today. It was gay. and then I ate my fish.- freakshow

Yes and no.- bobington

no cos u guys dnt understand english humor- brown_stuff

Yes. Ok.- My nickname

No- Vicky

yes and no- marty

Yeah, and I won't cum in your mouth, either! hahahaha- logan

Oh, I have ten dollars, but this is a very special ten dollars. This perticular ten dollars is the only ten dollars I've seen in a while. If my lazy ass had a job and some sort of income, I'd probably donate some ten dollars, but seeing as this is the only ten dollars I will have for another week (or until I start whoring myself out on the street corners again) I will have to say no and sorry.-Me

have $10? are you kidding?- noisha

If that is all you expect for your 10th anniversary, no wonder you guys sound so unlucky in love.- Zinimin

Sure. My kids don't need to go to college anyway.- PRchick

I have about $1000 right now, but I DID spend five minutes on Ebay this morning, so I am likely to be overdrawn.... I could send you some of the usless crap I bought.... I guess.....- George

Yeah I do have $10 but...I won't send it to you there's tons of stuff I can do with those $10 - NotHa-Des

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