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Everyone seems to have random and most often, multiple keychains. In fact, a lot of people seem to have more keychains than keys. Do you have any keychains and if so, what are they and why do you have them?

Hey bru i live in africa what is a fucking key ?- Dogkufi


I have a keychain that I got from Hawaii and one with WWJD(What Would Jesus Do)and one with a mini-light- Dumbasswithnoname

I have one that says sick my duck, and I still don't know why.- cemetarybaby

i do not- add

I have a keychain, with my favorite ass, EEYORE! I use it to hold my house key.- Zelda

Well theres one master key, and then there are the specific keys. My dungeons left over from great britain by my ancestors, and the medival time cages I had sent over which total 3 in my basement but one guy got free so I'm only using two of them.. aaaand then there are the boxes, hidden and non-hidden doorways to my homes. Oh and the ones I found on the ground always thinking when I need a key for a lock I'm not equipped with they'll come in handy... Oh shit you said keychains, well I only have 3 and there all made from pieces of string and vasiline... I have them because they keep the keys in one place and the vasiline keeps them moist for when the keyholes are rusty...My lack of novelty items or plastic thingamajigs is because I have money to support my very basic needs, and thingamajigs only come in form of old cut-outs of farside magazines which I buy from a street vendor, whom strangly enough I have a key for.- Tired and Numb.

I have keychains, but they're separated from the keys. They don't get along. The ugliest one has to be the black plastic horse head. I have no idea where that thing came from or how it ended up on my ring of keychains. My favourite one has to be the personalized one I got from Disneyland. By describing that one further, I'd have to reveal my name to people and they might not be ready for that yet, sooo *zips lips*- McDiablo

Ahh... I have 1..2..3..4..5 keys on it and... A loop key chain thingy... a purple ball key chain my Gf gave me... and a prank shocker key chain thingy- Ishkabilly

*pokes people who asked such question with the 1 inch blade on my key chain*- BillyBobJoe

I have keychains as souvineirs and to change my keychain when I get bored with my old one.- Annanutter

i have one, a bit of leather with the dealership logo on it that came with my car keys. I see no need to replace it with anything else, although it now features teeth marks (from biting it to free up hmy ands for doing other stuff)- fish

Most of them are just rings. Ive got one which is a weird plastic smiley face with keys to my mothers house in case of an emergency. Another is a metal keyclip with my college emblem on it that I was given by the university of massachusetts in recognition of being inducted into Alpha Sygma lambda national honor society.- The blue man

my collection of dead animal skulls- dickhurtzfromholden

I have only one key chain and it is a bottle opener.- Your Mom!

I don't have a keychain, partly because I don't believe in keys...they are only figments of our imagination. However if I did have a couple of keychains, I would probably have one made out of a shrunken bore holes through an eye socket and stick a metal loop in through that. Or maybe have a keychain made out of a live Pirhana. Give it some sedatives, surgically put in the metal loop thingy, and stick the keys on it. I think the only drawback to that one would be that you'd have to carry around a fishtank with you where ever you went. You'd be in a bar taking home your drunken friend and have to stick your hand in the tank and hope that you don't lose your fingers. ha ha ha...I lined up three f's vertically without tring....see ^- Katoid

It did get out of control for awhile...I had too many key chains. Then realized I didn't know what 1/3 of the keys were for!! So I took some time weeding out the mystery keys. Now it's all under control with just the one Drumstick keychain and about 7 keys :)- Poptart

I have millions of keychains and no keys. I could talk about them forever, but I don't feel like it. I'll just tell you about my three favorite. One says "Who cares? I'm young and beautiful and that's all that counts" and I think that's self explainatory. Another says "I only look sweet and innocent" and hey, that's self explainatory too! The last one is my favorite and it says "I live in my own little world, but it's okay, they know me there". This is the most self explainatory of them all.- narcoticsunshine

No i don't, i aint that queer to carry a really huge amount of keychains to weight my ass down.- Lanc


No keychains...I honestly don't see the point considering I have no keys. Not even for the house because my parents are always home except for my dad who works but my mom doesn't and i don't go to school anyway so no point. Obviously I don't go to school because that was a HUGE run on sentence altho I suppose I wouldn't kno that if I didn't go to school..- PyroPrincezz

if i tell the truth ill get a monkey butt so al just lie. i collect keychains and i have an exploding one.- the sockmonkey rapist

none, those are for fat lazy fags also- iamzbob

I had a few more keychains than keys so my boyfriend said I can only keep 4(the same number of keys I have). They say: reality is the leading cause of stress, space girl, (it's my school mascot), NA (I don't even know why I have this one, I went like twice).- freakshow

Yes. I don't know why. They look good on my school ID.- bobington

i have a key chain that says "i hate u" to remind me that i hate u- brown_stuff

1) A red plastic motel key tag rm 237 to a motel I've never been in. 2) A cool tricky expensive one that was an award from a company I worked for. 3) A detachable loop with all the little store discount cards - grocery, video, and pet supply stores. - My nickname

I delete them because they are BLOODY ANNOYING.- Vicky

all my keychains are strictly functional, I.E. they hold keys. I have a big hook for my work set of keys, which is large. My car keys and house keys are on a ring. I have a few other sets of duplicate keys and such that have whatever cheap-o tags that you get for free. Keychains are so you don't lose your keys, period. - marty

I have a keychain with the "ultimate wife" doll. You squeeze her belly and she says things like, "I don't mind if you leave the toilet seat makes it easier to clean", and, "sure I'll take the trash out honey, I could use the exercise", and of course, "Don't worry dear, I forgot it was our anniversary too".- logan


i have 4 keychains on one keychain. ok... first is for the house stuff.. second is for my van and stuff, third is for the car with another set of house keys etc and forth is for the keys for work. - noisha

A miniature London-style red double decker bus: Because it functions as my left lung, so I need it. A silver stylized high heel: Because it functions as my right lung, so I need it. A silver disc with "CANNES" on it: Because it's my heart.- Zinimin

Of course I have a keychain. Did you think I just carried them around loose? I'm giving you a Monkey Butt for this question. (Do I sound angry? I'm sorry. Keychains are just a taboo topic for me. Long story.)- PRchick

I have a fantastic Keyring. While working in Cineworld I was a projectionist, this gave me the chance to splice bits of movie out, so when kill Bill 2 came in I hacked various bits out and stuck Uma Thurman's face in a keyring, so everytime I go home, I go home with Uma Thurman! Woo! Yeah! I'm sad and lonely!!! Don't tell my girlfriend... right? DAMNIT.- George

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