Results for February 2006

What is the most insane thing you've ever bought online and why did you buy it?

Internet is tough on a clepto- Dogkufi

nothing I don't shop online!!- Dumbasswithnoname

I bought an eminem poster so I could burn it. Ha Ha Ha- cemetarybaby

poo because i can- add

Umm...I guess some dude's soul, think god for ebay! I bought it for my Soul-Selling Buisiness- Zelda

Blue muffins... weren't even edible... actually plastic and the center was rubber. I bought it cause I was rather hungry.- Tired and Numb.

A white T-shirt with the handicapped parking symbol on it and it says "I'm Just In It For The Parking." This simple shirt encapsulated the hell I had to go through just to get a disabled parking permit. Apparently, you have to be really old, unable to walk, really, really old, or blind to automatically get one (even in the end I ended up with a Temporary pass which I'll have to renew/pay for every damn year until I'm 70 years old). I just want a WIDE parking spot, darn it, so I have the option to park there and NOT smash into other people's cars! I don't think the words, "Gimped arm due to major surgery" will appease the owner of the smashed up car. - McDiablo

A pack of plastic was for a joke on a friend- Ishkabilly

YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!!!.... or i just forgot...- BillyBobJoe

No idea. Does a computer game count?- Annanutter

i only buy boring stuff online really, all f which serves a (more or less) practical purpose- fish

A tape recorder to listen to myself sleeping. I'm hoping to hear nothing but if I talk in my sleep I'll know what I'm saying now. I'm serious.- The blue man

The book "A Voyage for Madmen" a story about sailing in an around the world race through the roaring forties. I bought it to read in the bathroom.- dickhurtzfromholden

I think that would have to be...A bottle water that Jerry Garcia took a "drink", or so they said.- Your Mom!

Nothing insane :( A camera, RAM, concert tickets...that's about it. I've been tempted to purchase some pre worn panties from one of them dirty sites, I think I was jsut caught up in the moment....but then I thought about it and figiured why on earth would I want some strangers panties?- Poptart

madonna's pap smear, because i thought it would make a great centerpiece on my kitchen table. Who doesn't wanna look at a pap smear when their eating? especially when it comes from madonna's vagina.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Johnny Depp's soul. It should be obivous why I bought it, but if you don't get it I shall explain: it's Johnny Depp's soul. Still don't get it? You obivously have never seen Pirate of the Caribbean or Edward Scissor Hands.- narcoticsunshine

Nothing, I dont buy crap on the internet- Lanc

Luna's I pod nano , because she wanted it for x-mass n I am the best!- EL BRADO

Well if you want the answer to be based in reality i'd have to say coke bottle coke can earrings...but if you don't then i'd probably lie and say a schitzofrenic (i dunno if that's how you actually spell it) liger which is a combination of a tiger and lion..I blame Napoleon Dynamite for giving some sick person the idea to combine the two of those creatures..- PyroPrincezz

I bought a latex hand puppit of eyes and a mouth(not a lie) the thing freaks me the fuck out.- the sockmonkey rapist

online shopping s for fat lazy fags- iamzbob

um I don't have money.- freakshow

I shop at the dollar store.- bobington

somebodies face...cos i thought i woudl be funny 2 have 2 faces- brown_stuff

A hello kitty watch and because it was pretty- Vicky

Skating dresses. I wanted to see what I looked like wearing them.- marty

A book on Rules and Regulations for Aviation put out by the FAA. Because I like to short-circuit my brain with reams of gobblety-gook that is comparable to telling someone how to build a clock when they ask you what time it is.- logan

I once bought poptarts from EBay. They were blueberry flavored. I'm still unsure as to why exactly I bought them, but it was probably had something to do with the fact that I am a complete fucking moron.-Me

bakery trolleys for my mobile home filing system. one day for every shelf :)- noisha

Considering I have only ever bought one thing online I suppose that means that though it severly lacks an insanity element it must automatically be the most insane thing I've ever bought online. It was a dress.- Zinimin

Well, since I don't know you people, I can admit I bought a lot of maternity clothes online because they were cheap. I may have looked like Aunt Thelma's curtains most of the time, but at least I saved some cash.- PRchick

Ah, I have bought many many things online, swords, consoles, DVDs, merchandise, football shirts, milk. Loads of things, however I Think the one that takes the biscuit is the time I bought two star wars films cells for 5 on ebay, then on close examination of cells discovered they were in fact ORIGINAL star wars films cells from the first showing of the first film. They're worth more than a good deal of cars. I still have them on my wall. I'm a geek, not a capitalist.- George

I've never bought anything online but if I could it would be probably a baby monkey or a flametrower.- NotHa-Des

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