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If you were given your own tv show, what would it be about and who would you have star in it with you?

Few could surpass the cleverness of MXC, but i'll try my best: well, nevermind, mythbusters has already been done.- Zombie Sock Monkey

Monkey ButtMy tv show would be called Cannibalistic Cats. Cats would be held hostage at the studio and forced to shit in children's shoe boxes on Christmas Eve. Then the shoe boxes would be wrapped up and put under children's christmas trees. The children would get angry because they recieved cat poop for Christmas instead of the latest Elmo doll and then Jerry Springer would send the kids to the studio so they can cut off the cat's wiskers. The cats would realize how ugly they look and eat each other out of discust in front of a live audience.- Erinfuck

It would be about Insane clown Posse.- Freaky J

Good Answer AwardIt would definitely be about me and Herbert. We would live in a hockey arena, as maintenance people. The show would follow us in our henanigans as we had snowball fights with the snow in the back of the rink, and we'd take bets and Zamboni races!- Hufflebunny

I'd host a show about bituminous concrete. I'd invite the crazy homeless guy who is running for president to guest host and maybe he will get elected. It might be an improvement.- Burnt-out Bill

Good Answer Awardit would be about me and my friend jon going around and kicking random guys in the nuts, wed call it " ball busters" and if were lucky maybe we could get mzbonga to join in on the fun or at the very least kick him in the nuts- Meenky

my show would be about how the free masons are trying to take over the whole wide worl and how theres nothing we can do to try to stop them.- scared and nameless

Monkey Butthunting and shooting, me missus- wocknhell

It would be called :'Shut up'.Nobody would talk,laugh,cry,clap their hands or make a noise.- Ginger_girl

If i was given my own tv show i would name name that flavor(of love)it would have people trying differnt liQuids i made. Ranging From my cum to flaver flavs pussy juice to toxic waste. then when that gets cancelled id get the mutants from the toxic waste to conquer the world either way i win(have mercy im only 14)- pornstar of the ant coloney at 14

i cant tell any that beacuse then my script secret will be out- creepymike

It would be about my pancreas and would have Tonto as my Co-Star- Angus Purebread

My tv show would be about weird things I do in public with my best friends such as dance with people in the music section of Wal-mart.- Rawrquel

Good Answer AwardIt would be a documentary. I would need no stars...just me, talking in a monologue about rubber ducks, the species of monkey that lives in the bottom of the ocean, and God's conspiracy to send a meteor crashing into the Earth.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer AwardIt would be me and theinsanedomain. Just me sitting here for hours, staring and laughing and occasionaly snorting while pointing at things. - monkeeskittles

I would have a partially nude male model from Germany co-host with me. What would the show be about..? welll....he he he....- Katoid

Good Answer AwardI'd have a morning news show called Morning Wood. Most of the news would be fabricated and I sure as hell won't pay a real meteorologist, so I'd probably get the guy in the back alley to predict the weather through all the satellites he claims are probing his head. A lackey with that kind of connections could come in handy.- Junkie Deluxe

it would be about me, my three best friends, and the annoying tag-along. It would star chuck norris as me.- BIG POPPA

Good Answer AwardMy T.V Show would be a game show, taking the piss, highlighting and abusing the elements of all things wrong with our society, from seeing how many radioactive fied chickens a fat social leech bitch with ten kids who was given a house ten times the size of mine could eat before she develops cancer, to a game of russian rulllete, with a gun with 6 rounds loaded in to its six chambers, played by 6 scumbag bent parliment officals. With the crowd participating, made entirely of all those who did me wrong in my life, i would give one "lucky" caller the chance to make an estimate of how many i can inhumanely maim in 60 seconds. i would also punch charlottle church several times in the face throughout my airtime. and the show would be live.- South-West-Suicide

I'm not sure about the plot, but my TV show would involve some of my favourite things: ninjas, Slurpees, Volkswagon Bugs, and George Stoumbaloupoulous. I think my show will end up being cancelled because I know I'd like it to be some kind of realistic drama/comedy/action/adventure/romance/porno. It would feature not-so-subliminal messages about the importance of eating (and not throwing up soon afterwards), the art of saving one's money, and, of course, keeping your legs shut, fxxxers! Actually, this whole thing is just an excuse for me to hang/make out with 'ol George. Booyah!- McDiablo

If I had a T.V show, it would be all about the wonders of vegetables. I would find vegetables that look like people's heads, and bring them to the show to compare them. Cameron Diaz's head would probably be a pumpkin. Victor says her head is reeaaal big, but Victor's pyscho and tries to make his mints dance. DANCE FOOLS, DANCE!!! ... Where was I?- Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardIt would consist of both a satirical twist on controvercial issues experienced by society today and miscellaneous clips of completely ridiculous shocking videos based from the outter reaches of my imagination and sanity. For example, an apricot on a tricycle bobbing apples from a bucket of aborted babies saturated in a pool of aids infected blood and semen. (post script: It was solely my intention to offend and disgust anyone willing to read this and I take full credit for my viewpoint.) - Epic Epidemic

Good Answer Awardthe show would be called how fucking stupid are you? my guest jerk would be the retard of the week such as Bush.i would ask the the tard what he or she was thinking when they did what they did, and give them 10 minutes to explain , then i would tell them how they really fucked up and others are paying for their mistakes. for example i would point out to bush that while his kids are safe and drunk other peoples kids are dying in irag because of his fuck up.- grump

It would be about GOOD music (in my case metal and rock) and I would have ozzy stare in it with me! (or if that wasn't possible I'd settle for the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails or maybe Rob Zombie) We'd go around talking to awesome bands and using our show for an excuse to get into concerts for free. (At least I would, I'm sure ozzy can get into whatever concert he wants without any problems.) We would also bash MTV on a regular basis. - PyroPrincezz

Monkey Buttit would be talk show about talking a fake elvis presly- sceneboy

Good Answer AwardSurvivor/big brother, 12 celebrities locked in a house and unexpectedly set upon by predators I release intermittently. For example panthers, meerkats, owls, bees, and to add a touch of class, beavers. The winner is whoever survives the longest, their prize is freedom. I'm hoping britney spears will agree to be a contestant, it could prove to be an effective way of lifting the average IQ of the human race by at least a couple of points.- Anna Phylaxis

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