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What if we make Mzebonga do this the whole time? Could you stand the ego?

* Awards given out by Mzebonga! *

Monkey Butt*termination of thought sequence will begin in 5....4.....3...* - sally

Yah,i could stand it!Until i get so irrited and pissed off then i could not stand it.Sorry Mzebonga...- mad_patrol

You are assuming all the questions would be about Mzebongas twisted personality. So what The Answers would still reflect My sick view of the world and I couldn't care less what Mzebonga thinks.- BillyBlueBalls

Ego is fantastic. I wallow gladly in it. - tattoo

Good Answer Award OK,as long that he don't ask questions about sex.Perverts do that ,you know... - mad_patrol

Monkey Butty is he going to keep doing this...... SHIT...FUCK......THATS IT IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF SHIT!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! - elbonyo

Fuck yeah! - mad_patrol

I didn't really detect much ego in these questions, this time. As long as he didn't start asking things like "Because of my greatness a group of deranged individuals decided to form a Mzebonga worshipping cult, after you join would you help spread the word to the other Mzebonga-less citizens?" than I wouldn't complain. - PyroPrincezz

Good Answer Award fuck you Mzebonga - kickyou!


Only cuz mine is so small, equilibrium, see? - South-West-Suicide

Monkey ButtHe'd break under the pressure and become a sniveling mess on the floor, demanding to be released from this task and proclaiming his complete submission to me and my obvious superior question asking abilities. That's right, without me you're only you. That goes for all of you and don't you forget it! As for Mzebonga's ego, I just ignore all that nonsense. He's a much easier guy to get along with that way. If it really began to bother me, I'D FIRE HIS SORRY ASS! - JCP

Good Answer AwardI cannot answer this question honestly, so I won't give a proper answer at all. - missidiot

Probably not....Most likely end up sitting right where I am with a large hole in my chest where I ripped out my heart and other internal organs with my bare hands. - Katoid

Monkey Buttwhat or who is Mzebonga - Captain Daryl Teach

Good Answer AwardI prefer the skirt. - Beechcraft

I think I would, yes. Although his (her?) questions aren't random enough for me. - Insaneslasher

Good Answer AwardUh.... My lawyer says I'm not required to say anything I don't want to.. - Streak9

Monkey Buttlike no -

no...not at all. I'd try to reach through my computer and sock him in the jaw. however, physically it's not possible and I'd end up hurting myself. Then I'd have to sue theinsanedomain for putting Mzebonga in charge and making me do it. You guys don't want that, and neither do I. Please, save yourself the time and money. - idontmindthesunsometimes

Who are we talking about? - ROXTOYZ

Good Answer AwardI really could care less about the personal situations that go on in the internet. - Neos9

I didn't really sense any ego in this. Maybe a little Eggo, but not ego. Just don't use my answers against me in the future and we'll be grand and good. - McDiablo

of course not - ayokthisisgreat

Monkey ButtI'd stop visiting the site if it had truly gone that low. - me

No..It's too much ego for one space - CrazyCat

Only if we some day see him crack up a bit more... - zombie sock monkey

Monkey Buttprobably, i don't honestly care. - NO_NAME

Good Answer AwardWho is Mzebonga? Is she hot? Does she put out?- lil red riding hoodlem

You're Ego is Showing. "Just remember, sometimes a good online accent is sexy. like frogs. they are sexy." *ribbits* no *wusabi* I am self-centered ... *walks away* - God of Yew

Monkey Butt... i wouldn't do anything - who stole my name: yosoydame

Good Answer AwardNot if I get to wear my Helmet of Doom™. - Robojesus

Good Answer Awardno cuz he suck - Jenny


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