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If you could give any message to ONE member of TheInsaneDomain,
who would it be and what would it say?

* Awards given out by Mzebonga! *

lists suck - sally

To: JCP and Mzebonga Message: You guys rock!!!Keep it up!!! - mad_patrol

JCP, Would you like to take part in a eugenics experiment? - BillyBlueBalls

Good Answer AwardThat one lady. The cute one. I'd tell her to hang up-side-down on the monkey bars, just like we did in first grade. - tattoo

To:JCP Message:I like the front picture! - mad_patrol

dont do drugs,,,, last nite i peeled some of my skin off with some glass now i look funny..... ya it hurts - elbonyo

FUCK YOU!!! - kickyou!

Good AnswerMonkey ButtTo:Mzebonga Message:Shit,i forgot it! - mad_patrol

Ummmmm I guess I'd give a message to JCP asking her if I could send her a cat in the mail. She's black and extremely friendly and kind of annoying. She has a cool meow though, sounds more like a bird than a cat. - PyroPrincezz

Good Answer Award you suck Mzebonga - kickyou!

Good Answer AwardMzebonga, Fancy a pizza? - South-West-Suicide

Good AnswerMonkey ButtTo all : LONG LIVE PHARAOH JCP! - JCP

WTF??? - Captain Daryl Teach

Mzebonga: Would you please post a picture with your mouth politely closed? - Beechcraft

Herbert, and it would be: "How do i make a sock monkeeeeeeeeey!" - Streak9

I found this page using Stumble! I don't know who any of you are. - ChillySnotPockets

Good Answer AwardHerbert: DIE in a horrible act of auto erotic asphyxiation. - idontmindthesunsometimes

This is a trick question, considering I dont know who the hell the members are besides jcp and the sock monkey.- ROXTOYZ

This is the most fun I ever had? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!? - Neos9

Good AnswerMonkey Buttrape me and feed me frut loops. - NO_NAME

Mzebonga: These questions SUCK. Haha, just kidding...maybe. *Ninjas in the night* - McDiablo

Good AnswerMonkey Buttwho ever-fuck me - ayokthisisgreat

Good AnswerMonkey ButtDC, COME BACK! - me

What, you think you guys are all omnipotent and we can't just email you or something??? The great and powerful mzebonga!!! Why the hell do you bother writing down some of this crap...? Jcp, you rock... - zombie sock monkey

drunkennewfiemidget One of the few people who thinks like me - NO_NAME

To Jason Grom: I still love ya, even though I kinda hate you. Sorry it didn't work out. You lie too much. Keep yer stories straight. - lil red riding hoodlem

I say Noble Peach Prize goes to the Person who come UP with this site. I mean. who would have even thought that you could say anything under a seme-guise as General Sock Penguin or God of Yew. I mean, JUST BECAUSE I actually AM God doesn't mean I anticipate EVERYTHING. SHEESH. *looks at you and dissapears. leaving only his smile, cheshire style* - God of Yew

Good AnswerMonkey ButtYOSOYDAME: my name is yosoydame online on every site i go onto and i feel you stole my name... i came up with it 9 years ago and now it is being used here. Please either make me famous or try to find another name with your own creative mind. - who stole my name: yosoydame

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