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Bruce Wayne is rich and lives in a big manor house: why should he care about fighting crime?

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becuase fat rich people never get on the front of magazines - sally

No beacuse he have the money to hire body gards.Then he will be safe until his body gards will want to kill the crap out of him.Now he should care about fighting crime. - mad_patrol

The rich always need to keep the little people down and protect their disproportionate wealth. All property is theft, therefore to stay rich you have to stop theft or lose what you have stolen. - BillyBlueBalls

It occupies their time, this fight fight of crime. - tattoo

Why he should? If he see a pervert who try to rape a women in the street,all he have to do is to call the police(im sure he have a cellular,greedy ex-actor)and just go away before the street gang try to kill him. - mad_patrol

Good Answer Awardhave u ever had a bunch of time to your self u get bord ..depressed...lonely... hell id dress in tights and try to get myself killed 2 ...ha ha ha it makes me feel pretty soooooo pretty la la la la la la olalalal a - elbonyo

Because he's bored out of his mind probably or doesn't want crime to get so bad that they burglarize his house. Because eventually they'd burglarize everything else and than burglarize his house. You know if he's that rich he could always pay a scientist to discover a way to travel to an alternate reality and than go there. - PyroPrincezz

kill you - kickyou!

no he should kill himself - mad_patrol

At least one of us is trying. Besides, being rich is probably less painfull than being bit by a radioactive spider. - South-West-Suicide

Good Answer AwardRich people are fucked up. He does it so he can prance about in his outfit and wave his cape around. Without an audience and his outfit, the man is nothing. He'd be sitting at home getting fat, or maybe becoming the insane mayor of Quahog. - JCP

HE HAS THE MOTIVE! HIS PARENTS ARE DEAD!!! Wait, which Batman are you talking about? The new movie or any of the old movies and series? - missidiot

Monkey Buttwho the hell is bruce wayne? - Captain Daryl Teach

Good Answer AwardMaybe he is thankful for his privileged lifestyle and chooses not to merely sit back on his laurels, but take action; being of excellent physical stature and advanced intelligence, in corperation with his obvious moral fortitudes, he finds it fulfilling to contribute to society thusly. - Beechcraft

He is obsesed. And he has a weird weird-costumes fetish. And he is a lovable woobie. And the batcave is a freudian something-or-other (Not a freudian slip, mind you). Also, his relationship with Dick Grayson is less suspicius that way. Yeah, right. - Insaneslasher

He's secretly in love with the Commisioner and thinks the meetings at the Bat Signal are romantic. - Streak9

Good Answer Awardmmm...clowns - NO_NAME

He probably has lots of criminals attacking the place who are jealous of his wealth and would like to appropriate some of it for their own - NO_NAME

Good Answer AwardHe shouldn't. He's living the high life while all of us bottom-dwellers are scraping the bottom of the barrel to survive. He doesn't care about US. He's only fighting crime to satisfy his own ego. Personally, I'd rather die than be saved by a narcissistic prick such as he. - idontmindthesunsometimes

The bitch could get robbed himself. Someone needs to protect his debt, knowing the police hate rich people, I mean how many times has michael jackson been arested? That fool is rich! You think the popo gives a damn about his investment? HELL NO!! - ROXTOYZ

I dont know, maybe the cops hate rich guys? Another factor could be that he got robbed big time and devotes his life to kicking ass as payback for making him go bankrupt. Another could be that adam west is getting old and is losing money, gotta earn a dime some how. - Neos9

Good Answer AwardWhat, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think he is? He's the GODDAMN BATMAN! Enough said. - McDiablo

Monkey Butti dunno who is bruce wayne - ayokthisisgreat

mmm...little boy's in spande..uhh i mean , COME ROBIN TO THE batcave*winks* - NO_NAME

With power comes resposiblility.- me

Cause his parents were shot and he's seeking REVEEEEENGE! - CrazyCat

Because it takes money to fill the tanks on the batmobile, and everyone knows that the batmobile gets the ladies... Anyway, all rich people have an inflated ego, Wayne just chooses this persuit for his dillusions of granduer.... - zombie sock monkey

Because he's trying to pick up young girls - NO_NAME

To defend his ass. ets.- lil red riding hoodlem

Bruce Wayne? ((to quote Robin williams)) FnCK that, We need Jet Li and om bak or whos it whatsit and jacky chan and Martha stuart! THEY'LL KICK ALL YALL AzSES! EVEN THE CROOKS! USING OXY CLEAN! and an ego. *laughs*- God of Yew

Because his parents were killed and he needs vengence, don't you read the comics, he wants to make sure that doesn't happen to no one else. - who stole my name: yosoydame

The thugs are cutting into his business. - Robojesus



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