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For the purposes of this experiment, we are giving you 4 members of the human race to breed: two male and two female. The goal of the task is to create a being of exceptional talent in any field you deem worthy of your time and attention. Who do you choose to breed? Why? To what ends?

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a geek, a jock, a cheerleader, a homebody all 4 talents would lead to a superhuman worthy of a comic book - sally

I will never have sex in my life;even for man's sake.Breeding is for fucked up perverts who don't have a life. - mad_patrol

I'd kill the two males and breed the two females myself. The reason is obvious, but if you want me to spell it out for you... I don't give a crap about breeding an Improved species of incredible talent. I'm only interested in my own pleasure so whichever of the two bitches performs in bed to please me most will go on to beget the future of the species. No other tests are required. simple isn't it? And this will result with a being of incredible talent in sexual skills to my liking. - BillyBlueBalls

No humans. No more humans! Eat all their possessions. Dispose of them! This universe has enough idiots. - tattoo

Good Answer Awardme ,a goat, allson mack and some jap chick.... payper view event of the week - elbonyo

Sorry,i was too busy,i was killing all my Sims!What did you said? - mad_patrol

I think, I would breed Angelina Jolie and Steven Tyler for the first child and then breed Conan O' Brien and Star Jones for the second. I choose those four because my goal is to create a very talented actor/singer and/or an extremely weird individual. Can you just imagine the lips of the kid of Angelina Jolie and Steven Tyler? And how odd the kid of Conan and Star would be? If you don't know who Conan O' Brien is, he's a very odd, very irish, talk show host. He has red hair and is VERY pale. And Star Jones is a fat, annoying black woman who used to host the view but not anymore. I would end up with two very odd children who I might or might not breed together again to create an even weirder child. - PyroPrincezz

Monkey Buttkill you- kickyou!

The problem right there is the word "Human". There is no way to breed a person of exceptional talent. I'd do the world a favour, and mercy clip all four of them.- South-West-Suicide

Monkey ButtDavid Bowie, Mike Patton, Johnny Depp and myself. Of course, before this happens I get myself fixed so that I couldn't possibly produce a child. (Gee toooooo bad.) We'd have a happy lifetime together before the earth would finally be free of pesky humans. That's right, fuck the rest of you, we don't need you and the earth doesn't need you either. - JCP

Good Answer Awardsupposing that these are people aquired through time travel, I'd start with breeding the Marquis de Sade with Mother Theresa, obviously before she was a nun, so I'm not exactly how old that would make her. The second "couple" would be George Lucas and Adriana Lima. The first "couple" would produce a child incredibly intent on helping others and being close to god, yet also wanting to hurt them for various sexual acts, leaving the child in continuously confused mental state. The second "couple" would produce a beautiful yet extremely nerdy child. Then after breeding their offspring, the child would be a Beautiful sadistic nun/priest (hey I don't know what gender it'd be) obsessed with Star Wars and space exploration, in the Peace Corps. But Why? because I'm easy amused by people who have mental problems and believe me, this person would have them. - Katoid

i breed the females togther first to get entertainment. then i breed the males and females to make money and have a steady porn econamy - Captain Daryl Teach

Black man: For his physique Brazilian woman: For her beauty (and fantastic ass!) Japanese woman: For her brains and violin playing ability. White man: Hey, we don't need TOTAL perfection, now do we? - Beechcraft

Good Answer AwardI'm *not* breeding with the men. No way I'm getting pregnant. But the two women can have my redheaded babies if they want. (In case you are wondering, I'm a brunette female) For ludic ends, of course.- Insaneslasher

I choose an the butt-ugly male, and thje super hot female that I can stare at her, and breed them. And I could laugh at the ugly guy. And eventually they will create the super-hot lifeform that I can take home and have my way with.- Streak9

I'm having trouble getting the two women to breed with each other. I chose to breed them because it is much more entertaining to watch women have intercourse.- ChillySnotPockets

deem worthy of my time AND attention!? *thinks dirty thoughts*- ROXTOYZ

I guess female #1 cause she is hot, sexy, and intellegent. plus the knockers she has are small. To what ends hmm. Exceptional talent, introduce her to the head honcho of playboy magazine, visit some prostetic scientist to give her some real melons, and show her off on next top model. Just kidding, science is evil for making 4 lifeless retards do their bidding.- Neos9

I'd choose the four stupidest people on the planet and use their offspring for practice. Practice doing what, you may ask? Target practice. A good ninja is always brushing up on his or her shuriken skills. It's all about accuracy...and moving targets.- McDiablo

a male and female cause well if they grow up alround gay people they are more likely to succeed look at lance bass- ayokthisisgreat

Monkey ButtBlueberries. Sorry, just not answering this one.- me

I'm convinced that if you bred megan mullalhy with pee wee herman you could create a being of such horror that it would need to be destroyed, and obviously the governments would pay me, since i know their weaknesses... Also... the hulk bred with paris hilton... because that would just suck, and be funny. - zombie sock monkey

natile portman, halle barrey, snoop dog, ozzy ozborne, in order to create the Perfect celeb-reality show - NO_NAME

I would choose the two chicks to breed. So I can watch them. - lil red riding hoodlem

*pulls out drawing book of doom* Well. lets see if we first did this and this *makes some scribbles and then some circles and arrows and drawas four naked davinci characters on parts of the paper, and dots his Eyes. mumbling every once and a while. then puts pencil into the crook of his ear and smielS, raising the lightbulb above his head* I'VE GOT IT! JIMMINY CRICKET I'VE GOT IT. if we breed the two most athletic with the two others, we can just keep breeding out the unathletic! I WANT SUPRE HUMANS so this plan works. ... *scrunches eyes* but now we have to wrry about genetic disorders and deprications... *goes back to drawing book*- God of Yew

it would be more than one child obviously, they would be in science, math, and muscle activity. reading isn't there cause it is always proven to be incorrect. i choose these to get the human race as extent as it can be- who stole my name: yosoydame

Good Answer AwardI would breed for the ability to juggle flaming chainsaws. If you can do that, there isn't much you can't do.- Robojesus


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