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What if you were a character in the Wizard of Oz, which one would you be and why?
(Yes, Return to Oz counts too.)

I wanna be Toto's turd! Yay for me!!- Chicken Butt

a flying monkey, hell who wouldnt want to drop a huge ass turd on those damn muchkins for doing all that stupid singing- hoopi

I would be the fairy, because she is beautiful and fun. i'd also like to be a flying monkey, because that'd be fun to fly around. who wouldn't think that?- b_write

Dorothy. I think I would look good in Ruby slippers and white cotton panties.- George

The Lion...I have a big heart but I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed- Poptart

I would be Toto, because Toto makes Dorothy his bitch, not the other way around,- idontmindthesunsometimes

I would be the lice in Dorothy's hair. That way I don't have to worry about being taken away from flying monkeys because then I can just jump on the monkeys and WOOHOO! you got yourself a plane of some sorts. and Dorothy had lice. why else do you think that the flying monkeys were sent to get her. everyone hates lice. even lice hate lice. *proceeds to argue with oneself*- lethalbunny

I,didm't,zee,amy,returm,to,oz,zhowz,zo,I'rr,repry,to,The,wizard,of,Oz. I,wourd, be,ome,of,thoze,freaky,friimg,momkeyz. I,wourd,fry,dowm,amd,grab,dorothy,but,I, wourdemt,brimg,her,to,the,wikked,witkh,. I,wourd,fry,Dorothy,off,to,a, dezerted,Izramd,amd,make,her, my,zex-zrawe. I,hope,you,get,the,Idea. weird,momkey, humpimg,with,dorothy,for,yearz. Maybe,I,wourd,grab,a,few,of, thoze,rittre, mumkhkimz,(midgetz),for,zome,kimky,ztuff. Yeah,I'd,get,imto,that,rorry,pop,guird, with,zome,furry,hamdkuffz,amd,a,whip!- Bruezz-kruerezz

I'd be Glinda the Good Witch just to spite myself. See, there's no way in hell I am anything like her, but I like to torture myself. Yes, I will wear the big poofy PINK dress, the weird crown--everything. I will talk in that weird sing-song voice and wave around that big ass wand. All the Munchkins will love me and I'll put up with their creepyness. I'll indulge in the evil pleasure of saying to Dorothy, "You were able to go home all along." I'm sorry, but if I were Dorothy and I heard Glinda say that crap to me after going on that long ass journey, I'd be pissed. But, deep down, I would know that Dorothy would do nothing about it since the movie is rated G. Take THAT, beeyatch! I shake my poofy pink ass at you. - McDiablo

Id be the scarecrow, so my mum would get turned on!!- dirty-harry

I would be the Tin Man because he carried a axe! But sadly he didn't use it on those flying monkeys!!! I would though...- Hoppy Heads

The Wizard of know that reminds me of something I heard. Did you know that apparently if you play the Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's the Wall at the same time the music kind of goes together? I don't know if it's TRUE because I don't own Wizard of Oz but ya'll should try it just to see if it's a hoax or not. Uh anyway, my answer is The Wizard of Oz for $100 Alex! I pick him for obvious reasons, he engineered a HUGE hoax and plus he gets to live in the world of Oz and plus I would rule in less than three years because I would have plotted against Dorothy the whole time with the evil witch of the west to take over Oz. With my genius and her insaneness we would TOTALLY rule the WORLD! (of OZ)- A Horse Named Poe

I would be the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East (it was east wasn't it? I haven't watched the movie in forever.) Just to know how it feels to actually crush somebody! I mean..GOD what a power trip that would be no? Plus if I was the house then I would get to sky dive, without a parachute, and survive! - Pyro Princezz

I remember watching a musical version of this movie with all black people...and Michael Jackson was the scarecrow that had nothing but garbage in his head! It frightened me above all other movies, so I think I will avoid all thoughts relating to the Wizard of Oz for all eternity.- bluemonkeyfearer

The scarecrow, because I could annoy people with the excuse that I don't have a brain.- missidiot

Definatly the Wicked Witch of the West. My reasons? #1 you get to command a legion of flying monkeys! There is no possible way that could suck and plus, they'll never notice the fact that you can't shower. #2 You're skin is green! Sure matching clothes to your skin tone and finding the correct shade of foundation would be difficult and somewhat limited, but hey, it's GREEN! You could so use it as part of a pick-up line or something. #3 you can totally fly on a broom. As long as you don't have really bad balance, you shouldn't fall to your death.- Katoid

I would be the tin man... because i secretly like the aroma of rusty metal.- Hunter

dorothy coz i like her shoes- chez

I would be the tin man. I like procrastinating things. I never do today what I can put off doing until the day after tomorrow or even next summer.- zerep55

I'd be the Tin-Man! And then i'd Electric Boogaloo up to the Emerald City! Smooth Criminal!- South-West-Suicide

....ok hears the deal... i am from AND LIVE in kansas... so drop the Wizard of Oz crap and no i havent been that close to a tornado... sone of a midgitmonkey eater- Ishkabilly

I'd be the scarecrow, cause like sockmonkeys, he's got stuffing- idiot without a clue or name

the tin man because hes almost a techno robot and techno robots are kingshit- c-tron

dorethy, she gets to wear red glitter shoes ^^- CuteMinusE

I would be a flying monkey cuz they r cool.- monkey moron

wicked witch cuz shes awesome- katie

The lion;to have courage(im a fucking chiken!)- Nikki

i'd be the wicked witch of the west.. i just love stripy tights!- filman

Toto, because I serve no purpose what-so-ever.- me

Toto, because he's just a furry little fucker who always gets Dorothy into trouble, just like me!- narcoticsunshine

I would be the wicked witch of the west or the east. I always dream of the day when a shed will crush me to the floor, a little girl steal my ruby slippers and make my feet curl up and die.- Fredward

I would be the wicked witch as her skin colour is of the matt variety.- ammeg the great

Well, I'm a cowardly, heartless, brainless asshole. I could be Toto.- Mzebonga

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