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This water tastes sour. Did you put something in it?'ll never know! Unless you decide to get it tested or something..Is it yellow? Or blue? If it was, then it twas me. If not I have no earthly idea! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?!?!? *runs away*- Chicken Butt

yeah but if i told you youd get the antidote and i wouldnt get my zombie army :D- hoopi

i guess i could go with every other jackass and say i peed in it, but that would be idiotic and simple-minded. the water probably actually has drainage from your local cemetary from all the decayed bodies formaldehyde from the embalming process, i bet that it leaked into the groundwater....gross. you're drinking a dead person.......ewwwww...- b_write

Most water companies add potasium hydroxide to the water. - George

no, not exactly....I lined the glass with a hefty dose of arsenic- Poptart

cat urine. i'm sorry, do you mind? - idontmindthesunsometimes

of all the things to say before you die, you choose to question the sourness of your 'water' well yes I did put something in it, in fact it's a peculiar brew made of the eyelids of an elephant named margaret. Coincidentally elephant eyelids are toxicly poisonous. I'll see you on the other side of the moon >:]- lethalbunny

Mo,it'z,from,Mirwirre,water,departmemt.Two,kidz,krimed,the,watertower,amd,pee'd,im, it,razt,week.- Bruezz-kruerezz

No, nothing. Nothing at all. I did hear that a truckload of lemons tipped and spilled its load in the local resevoir. Lassie told me. What's that, girl? Timmy's fallen into the well?! Fuck Timmy, he needs to learn to stop doing that. Stupid kid.- McDiablo

yes my juices- dirty-harry

I peed in it. Hee Hee. - Hoppy Heads

Yes actually 1234 bottles of twang exactly. And believe me you are very lucky you are not dead. I ate a whole bottle of twang at once and *shivers* it was just imagine what 1234 bottles at once would be like? Oh yeah and I think that a few ants are using it for their swimming pool as well. And HEEEYYYYY I was looking for that toilet brush! - A Horse Named Poe

Sour? Sour how? How do you know that you are actually drinking water? You know you could be drinking lemon juice or apple juice with lemon juice or lemonade or something. You don't even really know what you are drinking do you? You're so damn drunk that you have NO earthly idea? You could be drinking cat piss for all you know! Actually if you really wanna know what you're drinking I'll tell you. It's lemon smirnoff. Doesn't it taste amazing?- Pyro Princezz

No, but I think my perverted friend Heath just pulled his pants back up. You may not want to drink any more. I won't even bother to wonder what he put in your water.- bluemonkeyfearer

HOW DARE YOU!? Me?- missidiot

I don't know...I've never tasted I wouldn't know if it's sour...he he he..- Katoid

Yes.- Hunter

yeah some apple sours!!- chez

Stop drinking that is not water. Water has no taste or odor. You are either drinking water on which baking soda was added, or it is the glass were I keep my dentures or worst you just drank my piss sample for my probation officer.- zerep55

Funny that, any water ive tasted since that bright white light incedence in that corn field has tasted sour too.- South-West-Suicide

maby... thats for me to know and for you to findout.... just beshure you dont find your self on a bed soon... the bathroom isint vancant!

it wasnt me- idiot without a clue or name


>_> Did I put something in the water? Heavens no. I don't believe in water. Water is for fish. I am not a fish. Therefore, I did not put anything in the water. >_>- misaryeepo

uh...yeah! how did you know that?- CuteMinusE

es possible- monkey moron

duh yeah- katie

No.- Nikki

i wee'd in the kettle- filman

Why yes, what you're tasting now is much more than just H2O and the other miscalaneous minerals found in tap water, you've just taken a semi-lethal dose of extacy,lysergic acid diethylamide, and formaldehyde. Pretty soon you'll start getting really warm, and you will attempt to engage in conversation with a penguin. Sorry, but this is what you get for asking me to get you water you lazy fat fucker. I hope you forget what time is and freak out. Actually, I just spilled a little of my High C in there while I was bringing it down the stairs. Get over it, pussy.- me

*shifty eyes* NO. Why would I do that? Here just take my water, you must have gotten my "special" water. There's nothing in it, I swear. *coughs* It's just, um, special... Yeah...- narcoticsunshine

I never said it was water. And since when does water look and smell like piss with a hint of lemon.- Fredward

Yep,lots and lots of postmans hairs.- ammeg the great

Is it date rip?!?!- Nikki

It's not water, battery acid! I have killed you! NOW I AM KING!!! I'll drink to that! *chokes and dies*- Mzebonga


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