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You're working under-cover for the sock monkey military when all of a sudden you realize, you're not a sock monkey at all! They knew it the whole time but never told you; so do you carry on with your suicide mission or decide on another course of action?

Umm...I go get a costume and carry on with my suicide mission. *crazed smile* Wait a did they know? *paranoid look* - Chicken Butt

id suicide bomb but id take them with me, of course before i do that id eat at chuckie cheeses and kick the guy in the mouse costume in the nuts then whistle the theme song to threes company. - hoopi

no, because i would be feeling rather used and mentally retarded if i never realized i wasn't a sock monkey. due to that, i would turn the hypnosis around on the military to make them think that they were immobile talk shows hosted by Conan O'Brian... it would be hillarious.- b_write

I would leave immediately and join the Peace Corps, hopefully in the country of Lesotho, the Magic Mountain Kingdom. "Lumela Ntate!" - George

Oh I'd definitely have a problem with that !! Obviously they'd rather get a stupid human killed for their cause rather than one of their own. Not that a human dying for their cause is that bad, I just don't want it to be me. There are many humans that deserve to die. Lets pick one of them instead of me, OK?- Poptart

they had me convinced i was a sock monkey! i should've known i wasn't though, seeing as my genitals aren't made of cotton. despite my utter disappointment, i would continue with the suicide mission. i'd come so far, it would be wrong to back out now over a silly thing like the question of my genetic makeup.- idontmindthesunsometimes

WHAT?! I'm not a sock monkey? :O then what does that make me? well I can't think of anything that I can be so I suppose I'll just have to have cotton surgery. maybe I can ask frankensteins mittens where they went. Well if I can't get the surgery (to be a sock monkey) then I'll just have to resort to being a loaf of bread. maybe even half a loaf if I'm lucky- lethalbunny

mykeypaditworkigbeaueipiedwieoitbutheregoe. Of,kourze,I,wood,komprete,the, mizziom.-- I,wood,firzt,try,to,kirr,az,mamy, zokk,mumkeyz,az,I,kourd,get,my,grubby,hamdz,om. I,hate,thoze,zmug,rittre,zokk,mumkey,fukkerz. -- rike,I,zaid.My,keypad,iz,fukked,up,bekauze,I, zpirred,juize,om,it .- Bruezz-kruerezz

I hate being lied to, so I'll probably team up with Emerald and head out to take the bastards down. That's right--two against the entire military. Impossible odds of achieving success, slim chances of survival...these are the things movies are made of, folks.- McDiablo

I forget it all. And decide to go have a shag with my mother.- dirty-harry

I would decide on another course of action, by joining up with the enemy and seek my revenge on the sock money military.- Hoppy Heads

Well obviously I would choose another course of action. I mean...suicide isn't any fun unless it's voluntary, if it isn't then it's just...well murder actually. But how did they keep the secret from me? Keep me from looking in any mirrors? Or did they glue me into a really convincing costume after hitting me in the head with a baseball bat to erase my memory? Okay sorry supposed to be ANSWERING questions... Well I would decide to go up to the head person of the sock monkey military and DEMAND answers...which then I would be promptly tranquilized and thrown off the nearest bride with concrete blocks on my either way I'm screwed.- A Horse Named Poe

I love Greenday so I'd probably leave the military and go and spy on them or something. I mean I don't like the military and for them to LIE to me is just so underhanded that it is HORRIBLE! I mean sockmonkeys are so cute and cuddly I didn't know they were capable of lies like that. Does this mean Herbert is capable of lies?!?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!! NOT HERBERT!!!!!!!- Pyro Princezz

They put me on a suicide mission? Those bastards. And since when am I not a sock monkey?!? Dammit...I don't think I'm ready to go boom, so I think I'll have to go bomb the ASSMOD building... (Association of Secret Sock Monkeys On Drugs) I wonder if they'll mind?- bluemonkeyfearer

I decide to barge into the colonel's office and demand an explanation. When that doesn't happen, I go on a killing spree and kill all the little sock monkeys.- missidiot

Boy am I gullible...I didn't realize I wasn't a sock monkey at the beginning? You'd think the skin would give it all away, but oh well. I think I would torn at first...I mean I must have been raised as a sock monkey or brainwashed because didn't realize earlier so I would like a sock monkey even if I wasn't a sock monkey. However I think after thinking it over I would eventually abandon the mission. I don't want to go on a suicide mission for anything. Nope nothing.- Katoid

You continue to act like a sock monkey even though you know you aren't. Eventually you will trick yourself into thinking that you really are a sock monkey.- Hunter

carry on- chez

Decode pm another course of action. I hate socks anyway.- zerep55

Well, if i suddenly realised i wasnt a sock monkey and im now in this much of a situation, it would be for one of two reasons... 1) i was stupid enough to forget, which means my own stupidity got me into this matter.... 2) i had been lied to, and being unintelligent enough to realise. The only course of action would be Suicide, simply as a punishment to myself. So i would carry on with my mission.- South-West-Suicide

finde the nearest I.C.B.M. Cylo and killem all.... who is emall... idk.... every one....- Ishkabilly

I'd probably make sure i'm drained of all my blood and then get some proper stuffing. Then i'd carry on my mission and make sure i wasnt set afire, cause stuffing really stinks when its alit.- idiot without a clue or name I, being a mislead individual, would forget this stupid mission, and pursue truth as to what the fuck I really am...- c-tron

decide on another course of action i guess.- CuteMinusE

I don't carry on with my mission and instead go to the head sockmonkey and demand a long and tiring monolouge from him about what i am and why i was not told i wasn't a sock monkey then i would kill him and make the sock monkey base explode and get out just in time to save the girl.- monkey moron

another mission- katie

I would leave right now this fucking place!!!- Nikki

when they realize how bad my feet smell, and that i torture 2 of their kind down there each day, suicide would be the easy way out...- filman

I'd probably go on a mission to find my real parents. Kind of like that movie Elf.- me

OMG I'M NOT A SOCK MONKEY???!!!!!111one1!eleven!!11 HOW EVER WILL I MANAGE TO GO ON?? Of course I'd have to go on with my suicide mission, because then I'm killing myself along with the other unworthy people like myself.- narcoticsunshine

I'd go with the act that I was a sock monkey with a humans foot stuck up my but. Then I would go and plant the bomb leaving my sock next to it. The sock monkeys would see the sock explode and think that I really was a true sock monkey warrior. Then when they held a celebration to my socks death I would sneak up and kill them. Death to the sock monkeys.- Fredward

i will leave....those lying bastards,i never liked being a sock monkey anyway,i will become an armchair philosipher and live on a diet of whisky and pickled eggs.- ammeg the great

I will stop the mission,kill all the fucking sock monkeys and just fucking GO!!- Nikki

I decide that I will die gloriously for the cause in the understanding that everyone else will did BECAUSE of the cause and Herbert will not be in charge.- Mzebonga


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