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Do you secretly keep shiny objects because really, you can't stand to toss them away?
Have you even gone so far as to remove shiny objects from garbage cans?

No!!!! I'm allergic to shiny objects!!- Chicken Butt

yes, but i dont have a problem i can quite any time i want, i just choose not to but im close, i mean god i go through 25 dumpsters looking for shiny bits of tin foil and suddenly i have an obsession and a mental instability, screw that guy im not the one who sits in an office all day convincing people that their crazy because they think their getting seceret transmissions from the queen of england whos hiding in a bunker on the moon.- hoopi

things i've stolen from trash cans: Nada things i've seen my neighbor steal from the garbage dumpster: too much to not be completly creeped out.- b_write

I have a big thing for shiny objects. It is no secret. I like "high functioning" shiny objects, not just baubles. Watches and pocket knives are among my favorites.- George

Shiny things hurt my eyes, so I actually try not to keep too many shiny things around. I just love matte finishes ;)- Poptart

of course! i am severely addicted to shiny objects. i even kept a package of those juvenile shiny stud stick-ons....just because they were shiny. - idontmindthesunsometimes

I keep shiny objects under my left armpit. that way they reek so much that the smell they had accumulated from the garbage can is negligible and noone will ever think of finding junk under my armpit. apart from me. and considering I have a dual personality, the other who is a hygeine freak, I'm afraid my plan may go awry. perhaps I can use duck tape to secure the objects in place. trouble is most shiny objects are sharp and it just so happens that the arm pit is not a good place to put shiny objects.. too lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefsdzz *silence*- lethalbunny

Zorry,,I,aimt,mo,dumbazz,bromd, broad,that,getz,arr,wet,ewery,time,I,zee,zomethimg, zhimey.,I,zekretry,keep,zhimey,objektz ,bekauze,I,wirr,uze,them,im,my,prot,to,deztroy,the,earth.muahahahaha- Bruezz-kruerezz

Shiny things are for losers. It's all about...STICKY THINGS. That's right, long before Emerald came around here, I've been a fan of all things sticky, especially duct tape. I have a BLUE duct tape wallet. My friend had a duct tape Canadian flag patch on her backpack and a medium sized duct tape Canadian flag on her bedroom door (she made both). She even had a duct tape monkey, but, well, he's falling apart. Duct tape is just too cool. Red Green uses duct tape for everything. He's cool, too. Shiny things? Not so cool. The end.- McDiablo

Yes along with my auntie's shiny rubbish bin!!- dirty-harry

I do keep shiny things! But Shhhh It's a secret! Don't tell anybody!!!- Hoppy Heads

That question doesn't really count for me because I HAVE to have shiny objects. Not only do I have a disorder that makes me frightened of things UNshiny but my room is so dirty that I coat everything I own in shiny paint so that I can find everything easier. - A Horse Named Poe

Well I don't SECRETLY do anything. For two reasons. A) I'm a horrible horrible terrible pathetic liar. B) That was a false sentence. *grins* Okay maybe it was only a little false. *holds back laughter* No really it IS false I swear!! *bursts out laughing* Okay okay okay! You caught me! But I don't remove things from garbage cans I just steal the whole damn can because in my neighborhood those are the shiniest things for MILES.- Pyro Princezz

I like shiny objects, and yes...I keep them all...sometimes I even stash tinfoil because I cannot make myself throw it's just so shiny. On another note, I don't think I've ever taken shiny things out of the garbage, but once I found two stuffed monkeys in there...and I stole them and took them home and gave them a bath and now they are among my collection of plush monkeys!- bluemonkeyfearer

If I were that sentimental, my nickname would be different.- missidiot

Yes, I keep shiny objects but... No, I do not remove them from trashcans... the homeless need shiny objects, too.- Hunter

no- chez

Yes, I love shinny objects. I keep them for so long, I forget when I got them in the first place. As far as digging them from the garbage, I am generally prohibited from approching the garbage can in the house. One man's garbage is another man's treasure and I would probably remove the entire contents of the garbage can and save it because some day it will be useful for something.- zerep55

i have a few shiny objects. but i dont keep them becouse there shiny, i simply HAVE to keep them. its my O.C.D. Then i arange them in alphebetical order in my window seal.- South-West-Suicide

shiny things...kinda....maby....sometimes....OK! OK! OK! I DO!!!!... but i dont take em out of the trash can.................................all the time- Ishkabilly

Actually i dont, i like to toss out shiny objects.- idiot without a clue or name

shiny objects piss me the fuck off- c-tron

ofcourse i secretly keep shiny objects! i love shiny things! but ssssssssh don't tell anyone my mom doesn't want me to keep stuff- CuteMinusE

no- monkey moron

no,no- katie

No.Why?- Nikki

in a word, no.... well, except my dad... i keep meaning to off him, but ever since he went bald... hmmmm- filman

Is pizza considered shiny?- me

YES. Shinny objects are teh sex. I have a hidden shrine devoted to them in a secret room under my closet. I pull shinny things out of the garbage on a daily basis. I can't let the garbage men have them, now can I?- narcoticsunshine

Yes I love shiny objects. I like to glue them to parts of my body and walk around the streets to see if anyone notices. I have never removed anything shiny from a garbage can but I have stolen a garbage can because it was shiny. I glued it to my toe and walked around on my hands.- Fredward

how dare you accuse me of such filth!i only keep objects of a matt variety!- ammeg the great

No.Why?Do you have a fucking reason or what?!- Nikki

I removed cans from the garbage before, it's true. Because they should be recycled.- Mzebonga

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