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What if we paid you $10,000 (in your currency) right NOW to suck on your own left big toe,
could you and would you? Are your feet even clean?

No my feet are in sneakers and I'm feetaphobic so BLEH!!! - Chicken Butt

fuck no, i got them big ass fungal infected ass toe nails the kind that would make a vulture retch.- hoopi

my feet are recently pedicured, and primped and primed for toe sucking. enjoy!- b_write

I can and do. Yes they are, thank you.- George

damn straight !! I HATE feet but that's a lot of money to stick my own toe in my might take hours of stretching, maybe even some pulled muscles or torn ligaments. But yea, I'd do it.- Poptart

i would wash my feet first, let you suck my toes, and then i'd have you suck (or lick rather) something else....i mean, your paying alot, so i might as well get full use out of you. - idontmindthesunsometimes

If I was in a hospital close to a "big toe" surgeon i'd even go so far as to cut it off shove it in my mouth gargle it around with a glass of milk and then have it attached again for half that amount. - jinxe

I don't have a left toe. I sold it to pay for my increasing debt caused by my passion for purchasing antique nail clippers. how ironic it is that I used my favourite nail clipper to actually perform the dastardly deed, to remove my left toe. I sold my left toe to Dr.Spocks mice who subsequently stole me another one of his antique nail clippers. The mice also get a bit hungry, which explains my shining feet. sometimes I blind people on beaches when they see my feet too bad that I can't look at them. they must be good- lethalbunny

wourd,you,rearry,pay,for,what,I'm,awready,doimg! Yez,my,feet,are,kream., how,do,you,thimk,I,keep,them,that,way! By,zukkimg, om,my,toez,to,get, the,krud,off,of,kourze!- Bruezz-kruerezz

My feet are clean enough. They really don't get dirty unless I don't wear socks, but I have to wear socks or else my feet will freeze the floor. No one likes to slip on an icy patch. NO ONE. And, yes, I can suck on my left toe. I'll do it for $10,000. I could use the money. Hell, I'm sucking on my toe right now. That's right, I can do that and type at the same time. Fo' serious.- McDiablo

yes and no theyre not clean!- dirty-harry

I can and would suck my left big toes clean for $10,000 dollars just name the time and place. Oh and bring the money!!! My feet are generally clean. - Hoppy Heads

The THINGS I could buy with that kind of cash....but I'm not even sure I could REACH my own left big toe with my mouth, much less actually WANT to. Do you know how many CDs I could buy?!?! God...or how many GUITARS! OOOOO I COULD GO TO A Nine Inch Nails concert and kidnap Trent Reznor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *evil smile* FINALLY my dream has come closer within my reach. Okay sure I'll do it. - A Horse Named Poe

The word no comes to mind...but then again I could use the money to buy all of the shrimp at long john silvers. I've been saving up because I'm not that close to my family, but I just can't stand by while they are fryed in hot oil and eaten! So yes...and I think my feet are clean but then again how clean are anybodies feet? We WALK on them on the FLOOR where OTHER people walk and it's a vicious cycle.- Pyro Princezz

Wow....I use the phrase "Suck my left toe" all the time... You're actually gonna pay me that much money to do it? Wow. I'd suck my own left toe. Of course, I use the phrase "suck my left toe" in replacement of the phrase that I used to use and still use- "go to hell..." so it would be like telling myself to go to hell...but actually doing it! YAY- bluemonkeyfearer

My feet are clean enough and yes, I would and could (if I tried REALLY hard).- missidiot

Of course I would and could do that for $10,000! but the only problem is...I don't have a left big toe...or a right one; it's a birth defect. I even go to group therapy for it. Who knew there were so many people missing their big toes?- Katoid

Yes, I would. Yes, I could. No, my feet are not clean.- Hunter

yeah of course my feet are very clean- chez

That is a silly question, of course I would suck on any of my toes. In fact, for $10,000 American dollars I will suck all of my toes after walking barefotted in a dirty beach.- zerep55

i would, but then be violently ill. i hate feet. i hate my own feet, and those of the ones i love. i could get married, have kids and love my wife, and STILL settle for a divorce becouse i wouldnt massage her feet. Feet are for walking, not showing off in the summer, or to be played with. they make me SICK! Put them away, no-one wants to see your damn corn, bunnion ridden slabs of travel meet! Flip-Flops in the winter!?!? GOD HELP ME!!!!- South-West-Suicide

0.o .... my left big toe has been infected for the last Half year and the toenail is ingrown....why the left toe... why not the right ......$10,000...$10,000...$10,000...$10,000...OK! OK! OK! it sounds just to good.... il do it >_<- Ishkabilly

I prolly would, considering my toe is packed in my shoe all day and therefor probably cleaner then sucking on my left indexfinger, cause that finger goes places.- idiot without a clue or name

clean enough for 10 grand that's for fucking sure- c-tron

I do that anywise. See, that is a very comfortable positin to sit, plus I never sucked on my thumb as a child. I sucked my toes.- misaryeepo

YES!!! and yeas my feet are cleen i just took a shower and otherwise i'll brush my teeth 10 times- CuteMinusE

yes yes and yes. Why wouldn't someone do that?- monkey moron

doesnt matter i would- katie

Yes,beacuse im fucked up in my head!!!- Nikki

well no i cant normally, but thinks of the benefits... saw it off, not only am i in the money, i get numerous weeks off work... - filman

How long do I have to suck? I mean, 10,000 dollars is a bit much for such a simple task. How could anyone onbject? I'd suck on my left big toe even if you knocked four of those zeros off.- me

I'M ALREADY DOING IT!! but for cash would be so much better. muh feet are very clean, I cleaned them a little bit ago with my tongue. YEAH, FEET!!- narcoticsunshine

I am sucking on my left big toe. And 10,000 in my currency is worthless. I found more than that wedged in between my toes when I started sucking it.- Fredward

yea,suckin our toes,especially our big left ones is an old family tradition.- ammeg the great

yes,yes and yes.- Nikki

I used to be able to do this. Not sure if I still can. I would try. It'd be worth it. Do you want to film it too? Right now, my feet are as clean as JCP's floor. Why? Because I've been walking barefoot around her appartment all morning.- Mzebonga

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