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Star Trek vs Star Wars.
Which do you hate more and why?

I hate them both, there both shit, star wars is shitter. I managed to get star treck in my GCSE Religious Education exam. It asked what racial harmony was, i sed that its shen a bunch of ppl in different religions all get on as a community. Like startreck Sadly i got an E grade- IOAF

JCP?!?! This was so not the question we agreed on. How could you even broach the subject of Star Wars sucking more than Star Trek? NO WAY! I mean, let's look at a comparison: Han Solo and Chewie rock, Worf and Riker suck. Luke is a whingy little kid who comes good, Wesley is a whingy little kid who remains a whingy little kid into adulthood. Princess Leia is hot; Deanna Troi is not. Georgi and Data have some pseudo-homosexual thing going on, R2-D2 and C-3PO... Well, Star Wars is just better. Why am I not drawing comparisons of the prequels? WE DON'T TALK OF THEM. THEY ARE NOT STAR WARS...- Mzebonga

If anyone puts down star wars, something is seriously wrong with them. I don't know star trek, nothing more than that it attracts a much more geeky type of crowd. Star wars for life fool.-me

ummm star trek - star wars came first.. i hate how damn freakin polite picard is..and why is he suppsed to french and have an english accent? or is it the other way? whatever kill the balding ole freak..- ver

star wars god sake dudes its aload of shit whos with me guys? oh n girlz lol why wud you spend your time wotching some tWATS WITH LIGHTSAVERS OR WOT ERVER THERE BLOODY CALLED LOL- jadey

*GASP* How could you hate Star Wars? I worship the arrogance that it took from George Lucas to make that incredable movie! Why..without George Lucas's arrogance Star Wars would never have come to exist and a whole new breed of Trekkies would cease to exist!- PyroPrincezz

I have nothing against either series, really. It's the people who watch them who annoy the hell out of me. Then again, that's true of people in general. But I digress.- PRchick

I hate the war more than the treks, but that's just because I'm a lover not a fighter. I like Star Jamborees the best.- Pixie

I hate Stars. Booo they cause wars and treks. OMG that's so fucking lame I can't believe I said that. OMG! OMG!- charmedIMsure <3

I hate Star Trek. It's like someone doesn't have the sense to know that a star is a sun. If you take a trek on the sun, it would ruin your shoes. I don't care for that at all. You see people like me take great care in choosing a good pair of walking shoes, and the thought of going to some unnecessary trek on a flaming gaseous orb of death just makes me shudder. A star war on the other hand would be fun watch because you could place bets on the outcome.- j0eg0d

StarTrek i hate the old school & dispize, Capt. kerk Star Wars it was cool then next generationcame out on tv 4 u channel hoppers it is histry yup died to- charliebrown

the new star trek,its gay- kicked in the face

Star trek just SUCKED. It was gay. I don't like it.- IKP

i hate both because they are both boring and my mum likes them- meg

I would have to say Star Wars. I've watched Star Trek, sporadically, and I didn't hate it, entirely. What is worst about both of these things is the phemenon where people become developmentally retarded, in a state of perpetual, pubescent fantasy over them. Things like, role playing games, soap operas and reality shows project similar, retardation causing rays at people who expose themselves to them for any regular or prolonged amount of time.- Maloka

Star Treck, it's supposed to be Science fucking fiction, not just "Let's recombobulate the ass-o-matronic diggy-do-doppydoppy drive and slink on useing our *professor frink noises* tazers". That's not science fiction. That's bollocks.- George

Star Wars, because I'm a filthy anarchist and anything that is the bastard-child of Hitler and Rumsfeld must be stopped.- Punk Cunt

Neather the penguins shall rule! - Spegial

I can tolerate Star Wars more (except for Luke and Anakin's whining--sweet merciful lima beans). The characters in Star Trek just assume that everyone knows what they're talking about with their babble when, in truth, the troubled and bored channel surfer is thinking, 'Damn, those uniforms are so boring....and where's that Spock guy?' Honestly, I haven't watched Star Trek enough to point out what I hate about it. I can point out what I hate about Star Wars--practically everything about the newer movies (except for the lightsabre battles. I mean, I can't be hatin' on those...). George Lucas couldn't write a decent bit of dialogue if a pencil attacked him and injected lethal lead into his veins. Well, of course not...'cuz then he'd die. Hmm....- McDiablo

Star just won't die!- bobcows

Eh? What? There's a differance?....- Mother George

to be honest i have seen neither its hard to go and watch films and stuff when im trapped in a cupboard under a rock that is hidden by a bush in yongo land.- hl

I have never seen Star Trek. I saw the original Star Wars when I was like five. I have no interest in such things. I prefer Lord of the Rings.- bluemonkeyfearer

Both... don't know why.- SINEKT

Star Trek, because I hate you because you're stupid because I'm Zim because you obey me because...- I_Know_Where_You_Live

Depends, Are trekkies more hopeless and obnoixous or are... (whatdoyacallem?...warries?)... um, star war fans more obsessive and pathetic? They both match in having all the sad characteristics that contributes to being a full-feldged geek/loser, however you wish to term it, but really which one would incite hatred more? I'm going to have to come to the conclusion, that yes, I hate STAR TREK way more, goddamnit. Making love to alien women, bad acting, bad costumes, bad premises, what the fuck is the premises? there on a ship... in space... fuck all bull. Plus there fans that go to those junkets, erk, and I have to say the costumes take alot more humility to dress in rather then just holding a livesavor and wearing a robe. Plus, Star wars it is just a movie, overworked a bit but a simple unneccesarily sequeled movie... and it has way better trademarks in comparison..."Beam me up scotty?, spock!?" thats it...they should all just move to ireland and get the shit beat outta them... and theres a more, well at least, better story.. enough to see the first once.. and go 'hey...that was much better then "you got mail"...'and it showed people with debilitating lung sickness can still be badass. Star trek does nothing but be a disapointing preceeding t.v show to a far better one, and sits there like a fungi that these dumb pests who could occupy there time doing something productive just sit and study... that moldy fungi, until one finally snaps and eats it... And I'm still waiting for that day to come.- Ambigious GifGar

star trek...suks like hell wats up wiv da annoyin voices that are all posh and everythin goin horribly wrong EVRY episode like the ship broke down nd stuff.- Pingu

Star Wars George Lucas has made too much money and turned too many people geek just by one stupid half-baked idea.- scallywag

neither- Lord Adrian

Star Wars. There's only six of them. Star Trek seems to go on forever with marathons and other ridiculous things like that. It's easier to avoid Star Wars too, just don't go to the movies.- Turtle

I try to pretend they don't exist, so thanks alot for shattering that illusion. You know, I was totally fine just stewing in my own dissilusionment. In the future, NO. - scallywag

who gives a flying fuck there both boring - stefany*

Simply stated.. Star wars is a fucking peice of shit.. I hate it more then the Flaming turd Star trek... Why? The indivivual shits both have there negative aspects but star trek is much more oozy and green... not even shit.. a watery composite of human and perhaps mix of animal waste, from both incestial and ugly specimens... plus it doesnt even lite well.. just gives off a rancid smell and smudges the carpet. - K/Galang

i hate them both beacause they are bad- koo_koo_kLOCk

Star Wars...why? because im jealose....if i had a lightstick that could slice people in half like a meat cleaver through butter i'd think i was god.- NecroOptic

my mind inplodes with the all out ravaging Hatred for both star wars and star trek.Why do i hate them? because i'm not an all out nerd.- pixiepunkgurl

i love star wars so i guess that leaves me to say i hate star trek. it just annoys me to see that all they do is sit in a little old ship's cockpit all day and shoot people or "aliens" in the other ships. ive never really seen a point to the show at all. -frizz09-

they both suck ass cuz they do- the junkman

i hate star trek more because the way their fucking heads look - nigrgirl

Whichever has that guy with the wrinkly forehead is the most liked. I would love to rub my meat curtains over his wrinkles.- Piss Flaps

not a fair comparison...Star Trek has more movies and hundreds of TV episodes so it wins by default. There's so much more to hate ! Especially Will Riker and Deanna Troy!! Who's worse, Jar Jar or Deanna Troy? ...I'm sensing extreme anger and hatred Captain ...Me'sa things you'sa head not working so right.......urblurbablurba- Poptart

The uniforms on star trek are lame and I hate that.- Benny

Both I wish Captain Kirk would get buttfucked by Luke Skywalkers lightsaber while Darth Vader shit photon torpedos at the Enterprise.- King Jimmer Jammer

I like them both.- trt


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