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What if you came home and found Mzebonga in your bathtub reading a book? (That's right, a NUDE Mzebonga in your bath tub!)

smak im wit fuckin grill - IOAF

That'd be pretty fucking weird. I'd probably have to shag him to be able to tell the women what a good lay I am. That has got to be the very text book definition of narcicism.- Mzebonga

i would say umm dude take your bare ass and crumpets out of my bathtub..actually we no that won't work he's going to have to clean himself when he visits .. but he's a tall english boke so i think a shower would work better anyways? jsut don't let me see u naked or i will have to piss in your lager. ok mzeaboing??- ver

omg i dont know what i would do ermmmmm maybe see if any my m8s want to get in the bath to??? i do not ave a clue lol- jadey

Hmm...take pictures for my phychotic friends in the mental institution, I'm sure them and all their voices and personalities would enjoy it.- PyroPrincezz

I'd ask him what book he's reading. He seems pretty intelligent, so I bet it's a good one.- PRchick

If thee were no bubbles coming from the crotchal area, I would climb in.- Pixie

OMG I'd stare! Then mybe tell him to hurry up because I have to go pee! How did he get into my home? OMG has he always been there? OMG I'M BLUSHING! OMG! OMG! SLIPPERY!- charmedIMsure <3

Well, actually I live in the Welsh mountains amongst many cats, goats, and geese; so this really isn't that far fetched. I guess I'd have to throw the baby out with the bath water.- j0eg0d

id ask to start & star with you- charliebrown

id probably throw up at the sight of him- kicked in the face

O.o... word up.- IKP

what's one of them? - meg

I would gleefully assume I won the InsaneDomain lottery and wait at my door for my lifetime supply of traffic pylons to arrive.- Maloka

I'd A - wonder why the fuck I have a bathtub installed already in my wee hovel, and B call you and ask what you did.- George

I would say throw the hairdryer in, but considering the toaster was already in there.......- Punk Cunt

Offer it food- Spegial

I'd wonder how he found my house and get kind of paranoid. My paranoia would be so strong that I'd look over the fact that he isn't wearing any clothes. I'd also be worried that he came across my brother or sister during his nude travels and scared the pants off them--literally. Okay, some may take that last bit the wrong way, but that isn't what I meant! Mrp.- McDiablo

As long as it wasn't by John Grisham, what the hell.- bobcows

I would deal with it in the same way I deal with spiders; pour boiling water over him till he squidgeys up and melts, and wash him down the plug hole.- Mother George

i would kindly go in and hand him a mug and say "here have a cup of tea it has milk but no sugar because sugar rots your teeth" then runaway and wait for him to realise its not really tea but.... coffee!- hl

Umm...okay. First I would make sure that I wasn't actually in HIS house, and then that I wasn't dreaming and/or hallucinating. After all of this I would rescue my St.Bernard from outside and hide in my basement until Mzebonga was gone.- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd spank that ass of his until he begged for mercy. Then I'd spank him some more. That's right, cry for me Mzebonga. I want to see TEARS. Beg me to stop Mzebonga, BEG. -Spankytime

I would kill it an then kill myself.- SINEKT

Who are you?- I_Know_Where_You_Live

After taking a few pictures, and then studying the uh, photos, based on not knowing the specimen I'm dealing with, I'd make I guess some pocket change out of it... possibly to this website... Then, I not being alarmed by the nude, but by the risk taking books into a tub with you... which I stilll dont believe managable... to take a bath and not get the book wet... I've given up trying frankly... Well, I'd ask him if he manages not to and what book he's reading. After the casual exchange it get awkward... and he'd probably ask me to leave, unless he likes having his nude body stred at.. well actually who doesnt?... so, I guess I'd stand and gawk for the duration of his bath... Then once hes done asssit him in drying.. passing a towel and then kindly ask if he'd be interested in any tea or tea biscuits before he left.. then after that I'd kindly guide him out... and then taking the bath water for selling purposes as well.. along with the dna on the cup... Maybe I'll make a shrine or a clone, or donate it to this site?.. you probably have enough of his dna... well, I'm sure with a name like Mzebonga the bodily excretments have to have some benefit... Or perhaps a financial gain... sigghh..? Goddamn what benefit is a nude man in your tub enjoying a bit of reading... I guess I'd just shreik and throw utensils a him until he left.- Ambigious GifGar

hey i dunt no i will tell u wen it happens.....readin a book in a bath....who duz dat.- Pingu

What if you died today?- scallywag

Laugh- Lord Adrian

Hobson Street, Northland, Wellington, New Zealand. I'll leave the door unlocked...- Turtle

Ask him what book it was.- scallywag

fuck him senseless...WHO WOULDNT- stefany*

Not knowing Mzebonga, in the matter of looks but being aware of the long held relationship he has had with this website... I'd just see a naked fellow in my Tub- tub... and he'd be a stranger... So, Lots of wondering would happen.. why is he here? why is he... so id sit outside the bathroom bugged eyed racking my brain why my tub atracted a strange nude literate man... who isnt masculine enough to reject bath and the luxery of that... I'd then make the connection between him and mzebonga and realize its him. Then go inside introduce myself, have a chat if he's willing if not I'd run downstairs find condiments, run up stairs and throw it all over him.. then after Say "guess that makes me insane, eh?"... and laugh at the joke since I doubt I'd get a response with that type of quip... Once he's good and clean, I spose I'd give the bastard a kick in the nuts and do the same "joke" again... then watch the man woble away with his book and balls up his belly... You can come over anytime mzebonga... if S/m isnt a big "deal" or anything...- K/Galang

i would throw a chair at him- koo_koo_kLOCk


jump right in a turn uop the jets- pixiepunkgurl

I'd so laugh, because little did he know that the plumbing's fucked and everyone uses the bathtub as a toilet. That's right it was white when we bought it.- Desi Monster

if i came home to find Mzebonga in my bathtub reading a book i would probably laugh my ass off then run around my house screaming "THERES A NAKED THING IN MY BATHTUB READING A BOOK!!! AND I BET ITS A DICTIONARY!!" - frizz09-

call the cops- the junkman

i would kick his ass all the way home to his mommy - nigrgirl

Despite this question being the most obviously sexual, I'm going to give an answer that doesn't even acknowledge how erotic this scene is. Lets just say I'll take the death of King Minos to heart here and boil him. And then eat him of course.... eat his boiled member- Piss Flaps

I ask him if he drowned Herbert?- Poptart

I'd pull him out by his toes and slam the book shut on his balls.- Benny

I'd go buy him a fat hooker and a couple of cucumbers.- King Jimmer Jammer


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