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What movie have you seen the most times and why?

Disasterpices by slipknot, its fuckin SIC- IOAF

Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. I once watched it once a week over a period of 6 weeks. I knew the script back to front and the back stories of every character that was on screen. Those were days when Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie were my only friends. I still write to them occasionally.- Mzebonga

umm its a hard one to say,, 50 first dates just cause jcp hates it and drew is freakin hot i tell ya.. ummm.. i have seen other movies alot but right now i can't remember.- ver

anger manage ment it so totally rules dude the best fing is the gr8 song im so pretty all so pretty im so pretty and witty and Gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- jadey

Johnny Depp and the Caribbean. Oh wait I mean The Pirates of the Caribean. Obviousl because Johnny Depp is drop dead sexy gorgous!- PyroPrincezz

Groundhog Day, but not by choice. My boyfriend's frat brothers watched it several times a day for something like six weeks. It was my own private Groundhog Day - everytime I woke up, that same stupid Sonny and Cher song was playing. But I never learned to play the piano.- PRchick

Alien. Because I like aliens. (Repressed memories about anal probing I think.)- Pixie

WILLOW. OMG I LOVE WILLOW! I WATCH WILLOW EVERY DAY! OMG! I swear I can't even sleep at nite without watchin it! WILLLOOOOOOOW! He's so CUTE! <3 <3 <3- charmedIMsure <3

I've seen a driver safety video called "Bloody Highway" about 100 times because a judge keeps ordering me watch it.- j0eg0d

Saving Private Ryan probally 100 times or more next. Ilike the movie s.p.r. ilike war moviesthat haveromance or need to find family would be all the rocky's1-5 thethyme eye of the tiger rocky puts the fighter's spritin me red dawn the patriotisom in it - charliebrown

showgirls,i love watching that guy get the shit stomped out of him- kicked in the face

The lion king. It was nice.- IKP

little otik. it's funny, weird and creepy, tree stumps eat people and paedophiles have "attacks"- meg

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Leaving it on perpetually is cheaper and eaiser than maintaining a fish tank and more prophetic than organized religion.- Maloka

Sadly, not star wars, probably Pulp Fiction, because it's the coolest movie ever, and it's been about for yonks. Also you get to see Samuel L Jackson eat a burger. And There's something odd about the way he does it. It's amazing. The best movie is Fight Club though, I love getting all angsty and project mayhem-tastic on people.- George

The Neverending story... cos it wasn't supposed to end.. So I just kept on playing it- Punk Cunt

HAPPY TREE FRIENDS...because- Spegial

I've seen a few movies multiple times because I just obsess over them for a little while. Some films include 'The Breakfast Club' (no one, and I mean NO ONE, can light a cigarette quite as creatively as John Bender), 'Kill Bill: Vol.1' (I'm a sucker for swords, sword fights, and even sword polishing), 'Return of the Jedi' (yes, I like the Ewoks and everything!), and 'Romeo and Juliet' (I was in love with Mr. di Caprio as a 14-year old...I admit it).- McDiablo

(a)Tombstone in the theater and (b)Just One Of The Guys on television. A: at the time or at those twelve times, it was the best movie playing. B: There's just something about Joyce Hyser and Clayton Rohner that's irresistible.- bobcows

I can never remember the names of the films I watch, umm, DUMBO! Because my children used to like it lots when they were little, so I watched it ALLLLLL the time. Then I killed them.- Mother George

the movie that i have seen the most is called a dream and it is inside my head when im asleep. it usually is about an alien that has taken over the world and i wanted to eat an apple from his garden but he caught me and then ate my insides.- hl

Lord of the Rings of course. I had to watch the original version about four times to memorize it, then got the extended DVDs and had to memorize those too. Then I have to watch it again any time someone I know hasn't seen it.- bluemonkeyfearer

I think I am cold.- SINEKT

The movie in which you die, because I enjoy that.- I_Know_Where_You_Live

I'm going to be truthful... The good, the bad and the ugly, the spaghetti western masterpiece, with the sauce and meatballs and every thing you could desire. I've seen it to the point you dont bother to count... and i dont bother to turn on the sound or even look at the screen when its on.. cus I know whats happening... so i just press 1232 in my mind and on comes the show... Why? have i done this to myself... well, I simply have to say I have the hots for clint eastwood, Eh, I aint gonna deny it, and this movie is simply one of his best and it is increadbly artistic and memerizing. The other movie, I was really hesitant to admit to seeing numerous times, due to not remembering its name... is that one about the purple thing in animation... I'll call it "Purple people eater"... you know what I'm talking about... Since, My childhood was apart of my lifetime, I saw that thing quite a bit and thanks to a fasination with well... basically everything... and exspecially catchy songs.. " oh a one eyed, one horned, giant purple people eater..." ....dah dah..dah.daaa.- Ambigious GifGar

I,robot luv it 2 pieces it rox and will smith is my fav actor.- Pingu

Psycho, cause it's about me.- scallywag

none i'm blind- Lord Adrian

Requiem For A Dream because it makes me feel superior and happy when I see how fucked up other peoples lives are.- Turtle

HE THOUGHT THE BELT WAS STRANGLING HIM....are you deaf?- scallywag

old school.. that shit rocks- stefany*

Reservoir Dogs, simply due to its music and my admiration for tim roths eye balls and quentins shit behind the eyeballs... And the scene of the ear carving, nothing else gets me into dancing as much as that scene does, very good mood enhancer for stuck in the middle with you...erm.. wow i was just serious...- K/Galang

i have seen harry potter 2 because i get bored- koo_koo_kLOCk

A Goofie me it was the best cartoon love story of all time.- NecroOptic

none movies are the devil.. Hail Jesus- pixiepunkgurl

jay and silent bob strike bak only bcuz its the best movie ever - the junkman

Deep Throat. I'm sad, sad and desperate.- Piss Flaps

A Bridge Too Far - Loved it when I was a kid, never got over that- Poptart

The Matrix because it has unholy powers over me and my body parts.- Benny

Evil Dead 2, because I like seeing all the evil dead people.- King Jimmer Jammer

Star Wars -best movie ever!!!11!!- trt

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