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Would you rather be the good twin or the evil twin? NO you can't be both!

Neather- IOAF

That's a tricky one. I mean, are were talking evil as in "stealing a twix from the newsagent" or "raining hellfire on your enemies"? Or is it good as in "making the crippled walk again" or "putting 2 pence in the Salvation Army collection tin"? I mean, I don't want to be one or the other if the powers are shitty. I can be both of those things if I want without your permission. I think I'd probably try to be the good one but inadvertantly smite the whole world. Maybe that would be a good thing - you tell me.- Mzebonga

i don't want to be a twin. I would forget which one i am?- ver

id b the evil twin you could b evil in the bed room if you get what i mean heheheheheh- jadey

Awwww spoilsport these questions are supposed to let us unleash our creativity! And your setting limits on said creativity!!! How can you live with yourself?!?! HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!?!?!? But on a different note... I'm juts going to defy you. I'll SAY im the good twin..but relaly be the evil twin and go around doin evil stuff the whole time denying it. So what do you say about that huh?- PyroPrincezz

Could I be a Minnesota Twin instead? I throw a really mean slider.- PRchick

Good. mmmm Yeah, good.- Pixie

I'm soooo the good twin! And the cute one! OMG I'm blushing!- charmedIMsure <3

I'd want to be the evil twin because I wouldn't have any problem killing the good twin and taking his place. It's the best of both worlds.- j0eg0d

i geuss i'm both i'm an only 1in the litter but my mom pu up with 53girl's2boy's the other 4 older then mei'm a white Male 32 from L.I. N.Y.- charliebrown

the one in the middle- kicked in the face

Evil dude.... fuck yeah- IKP

the good twin.- meg

The good one. The evil one only has more fun until the good looks fade and then it all comes back to paying your bills, mowing lawns and having enough people left that like you enough to drive you to the dialysis machine when you're too blind to drive anymore.- Maloka

Good twin, I think goodies rock because they get the corniest catchphrases. When the evil twin's plans get foiled to steal my biscuits I can say "Haha, that plan was crumby" and make half the world die in shock at my terrible pun MWAHAHAHAHAHA...- George

Fuck that... Im the satanic quintuplet- Punk Cunt

The evil twin of course, i get to have much more fun, what with the manipulating, murder, blackmailing, taking over the world and blaming it all on the good twin, bwaahahahahahah.... now all i do is to find a twin.... - lalala

Why not??? An evil twin who has a good twin ! ha- Spegial

It'd be great being the evil twin 'cuz you could get away with so much. If someone is being an asshole towards your 'good' twin, you can kick the shit out of them. The excuse for that behaviour would always be, "Don't mind her--she's my evil twin." At last! My strange obsession with knives would be seen as being, maybe.- McDiablo

Good twin .........or am I?- bobcows

The Evil twin. Cause it would be more fun, and if you're good you can't have lots of fun, cause you're too busy being good. heh.- Mother George

i would be the evil twin and be called kinkoniaraaa- hl

I'd rather be the good twin. Evil twins are truly and wholly evil and everyone knows it. The "good twin", however, can be sneaky and evil and then apologize profusely when they are caught being evil. They can lie, cheat, and steal, but everyone will forgive them because they are the good twin.- bluemonkeyfearer

YES I can be both... who are you anyway to tell me what to say??? Fuck off...- SINEKT

I'll be the purple twin, thanks.- I_Know_Where_You_Live

The evil one, definitly the evil one, because I was always fascinated with where the hell they came from... you always see the good twin then all of a sudden an evil twin moves into town. WEll what about there life? are they always just 2 dimensional characters feeding off the exsistence of the good? And the good are never really that exaggeratingly good, there just a neutral human, with some moustache twirling nut, bent on snickering and having dark circles around there eyes as "evil twin"... its just not fair. I would want to play a neutral evil person, just to break that obnoixous pattern... or take on the role of the good person and be over the top good.. to the point were you hate the good twin and want to hang out with the bad one.. cus he at least seems fun. I would have a bunch of furry rabbits and do nothing but volunteer work and be an huge loud mouth advocate for animal rights and human rights... and all rights, and the rocks rights... I would always fix cracks in roads and smile constantly... say hello to every single person... twice... just to make sure they heard me... and i'd save peoples life now and then. Yup, until the evil one and his gang comes around and slaughters everyone and recruits whores for slave trade... now thats true evil.. I'd like to insert some of that as well. - Ambigious GifGar

good twin so on a one off occasion of bein evil u so get away wiv it.- Pingu

The evil one. Duh.- scallywag

Neither- Lord Adrian

The good twin always falls prey to the evil twin but the good twin prevails and the evil one is shown up for what they really are. Plus, the evil twin is usually brunette and ugly and blondes have more fun I am told. So I'd rather be the good twin.- Turtle

I'd rather not be a twin at all.- scallywag

evil twin.. more fun more fucks and hay.. no regrets- stefany*

I'd rather have the evil twin abilities those can give you lots of chicks and drugs... and a wicked twirlly moustache, but I'm female, so instead I'd just have to dress skanky and chew bubble gum really loud... thats to dull... I'd rather be the varsity volunteer working good twin... although no... I wouldnt unless I had the evil twin around to tempt me to the evil side so I could slip in into the sark realm and possibly get away with not chewing bubble gum and having my tits inside a shirt... or not either way... I'm a twin, I can get away with not showing up at work everyday and putting my twin in place of me, (sticks out tounge) and gets twin to finish writing this....thhhiisss.- K/Galang

i want to be both because im gay- koo_koo_kLOCk

Evil..he could do everything im too chiken shit to do myself.- NecroOptic

the good twin then i could switch placs with the evil twin and still be able to get a kitten nobody give the evil twin a kitten- pixiepunkgurl

i would totally rather be the evil twin cuz i love stirring up mistchief. its like my thing. u could practically get away with nething but then again i would regret it if i got caught and in scratch that!!! i would never regret nething that i would do. i would probably go around trashing houses with my best friend jessie and have so much fun that it would just be...... AWESOME! -frizz09-

evil cuz i already am evil- the junkman

a evil twin - nigrgirl

Evil. That way I'd get to kill people and have orgies.- Piss Flaps

The Evil Twin !!!! Sounds like a lot more fun !!- Poptart

I would be the good twin that turns into the evil twin.- Benny

I would be the evil twin so I could kill the good twin, wear his skin, and then YES I could be both!- King Jimmer Jammer


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