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Some guy just yanked off his belt and tossed it out the window.
He cried for a bit after that, but seriously,
why would he throw away a good belt?

i dont wer belts, i cant phicicaly wer them, ever since i was a small child i when i was dressed by my mother, she ust to get me pants that was to high on my body, and because i eat food with cloaths on, i grew, my belly is shaped like a big fuckoff 'M' Bastards- IOAF

Maybe it was a Lard advert. He was demostrating for the camera how fat he had gotten by eating lard so he threw his belt away with joy.- Mzebonga

it would not stop whispering things to his penis. saying hey baby why don't u let my buckle touch u... then it proceed to use the little steel bit u put in the wholes of the belt to try and jab his penis. he freaked and chucked it oput the window.- ver

because hes a twat n obviously must be gay i got nowt against gays there great but this twat seriously needs to think bout wot hes doin!- jadey

Obviously the guy is a secret government spy. Spies trying to track him down put a tracking device on the belt, he cried because it hurt so bad when he took it off. It had superglue on it to discourage yanking of the belt.- PyroPrincezz

He threw it away because he couldn't fit it around his fat waist anymore. That would make me cry too.- PRchick

Some belts just have to go.- Pixie

No that is dum of him. He should give it away to those who have no belts. I'd take it.- charmedIMsure <3

Oh sure, I do this all the time. I've actually gone as far as to write "window not closet" on the shade, but I still get them confused. - j0eg0d

the same reason any women would toss out a guy they don't like or trust that peice of thier life, it happens to me all the time can't get any dates like the belt.- charliebrown

so his pants would fall down.............DUH- kicked in the face

Belts are gay. Manly men don't wear belts. I guess he was gay and trying not to be.- IKP

he must be insane. i could use a good belt- meg

Because it frustrated him that it would not function sufficiently as a noose.- Maloka

The Belt was green, and it meant they expand london that little bit more, so it would soon take over the world... mwahahahaha....- George

Because it was oppressing his gut- Punk Cunt

Dont know dont care keepin the belt- Spegial

He knew that I am a lover of belts and he threw the belt at me as a gift. Then, he realized how much he loved that belt and got upset. Hmm, or maybe he was just annoyed by my busting a move and singing along to Gwen Stefani's overplayed song "Hollaback Girl". Then he cried harder when he realized that, like most people, the song grew on him.- McDiablo

Every now and then belts just need to be set free.- bobcows

It had itching powder all over it? Would YOU wear a belt with itching powder on it? Eh?- Mother George

coz he had a big willy and wanted his trousers to fall down when he was walking along to get lots of attention.- hl

Maybe he just ate a chicken and some potato salad and green beans and cheese and became far too large for his belt, threw it out of the window, and then cried because of how fat he had become.- bluemonkeyfearer

to loose some weight by running outside to recover it before someone else takes it- SINEKT

Because it touched you.- I_Know_Where_You_Live

Because the belt was to tight, I do that alot... forgetting that belts are adjustable and ripping it off in a mad fury for it not fitting correctly... usually i just retrieve it and release a nervous giggle for my mistake... but its obvious for him that he is highly emotionally unbalenced. He prabably got that from an abusive chilhood of being hit alot by a belt, another reason he could of got rid of a nice good belt... I bet his diciplinary always used good belts. * slowly shaking head * It's a sad story, sad story... I bet its a type of thearpy... we are a bunch of sick bastards to critisize his struggle to recovery.. pff good belt... can't you see this man is in pain... that man and his inner boy are not at peace.. not at... * breaks down in tears *.. um, No but seriously... he probably just forgot that belts were adjustable and it was a window really high up and he was to lazy to walk down and get it so he cried. - Ambigious GifGar

Coz he is retarded and if he hated it that much...sell it on e-bay.- Pingu

Cause it was eating his heart out. Duh.- scallywag

Because he can- Lord Adrian

He is obviously spoilt and thinks that if he throws away his belt then people will buy him three replacement belts just to shut his moaning face up. Or, alternatively, he is carrying out his own suicide checklist. The shoelaces will be the next out the window.- Turtle

Cause he thinks his stomach/hips are his neck and he thought that the belt was srangling him. Then he cried cause he couldn't believe so many people in the world were going around cheating death like that.- scallywag

cause the fucking wanka was imagining he was gettin sum ass and in the "passion" of fucking his blow up doll, wanked off his belt- stefany*

Good belts are hard to come by... I hate it when it sticks in your gut or jiggles around the pants. He must of got rid of it becuase it was cursed.. good belts are hard to come by... so he made a deal with satan for the belt... and satan was like "Erm okaay only if you give up your emotions, especially your ability to cry"... then he went into his seamstress room and came out with the belt and gave it a spat and a shine, then placed it in his palms... ah, miraculous moment. So he wanted his emotions back... so he got rid of it... and satan isnt such a bad guy ... although is name is ironically the antithesis of bad...*shrug* (who knew?) he wouldnt of made any technicalitys in the deal... just plainly you got the belt, no emotions, no belt, emotions... I mean whats life without compassion or bawling on the occasion? An homicidal one... so... what belt did he throw it out? I gotta find that ground... get me a sweet belt.- K/Galang

because he has issues- koo_koo_kLOCk

He's desperate...REAL desperate,it's been 6 months since the nextdoor neighbors dog laid him and he's suffering withdrawals.- NecroOptic

because it was really a snake- pixiepunkgurl

He was giving the belt to me. My pants were falling down because they were too loose, and nobody wants to see that.- Hubert

i bet the belt probably ment something really sad or it was from someone that he couldnt think of ne more. sometimes people just have to let go and relize that u have to let go of the bad things and bring up good things in ur life and make it new again. -frizz09-

cuz hes stupid- the junkman

It's all for show. He's going to go straight down and get it again. You fell for it didn't you?- Piss Flaps

Due to an over comsumption of carrot cake and chicken wings the belt no long a fit of self hate and rage the belt gets tossed out the window.- Poptart

FIRST that was my belt and damn I'm pissed. SECOND I hate that guy. THIRD I punch that guy nito the wall.- Benny

It was a leather belt made from his pet cow that had mad cow disease.- King Jimmer Jammer


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