: January 2005

You've been drinking heavily for a week and suddenly realize that what you thought was vodka was in fact just strange tasting water. In fact, now that you think about it, you're not drunk at all. How the hell do you explain that?

Simply: I'm insane. Everything is like that normally for me... - Mort

I've said it once and I'll say it agian- I cannot be held accountable for my behavior when I am sober.- aliciaecm

Power of suggestion. Because I thought I was drunk, I acted drunk. They've actually proven that if you hypnotize somebody and tell them that they are drunk, they will act drunk until you wake them up. If you give somebody water, tell them it's vodka, and they drink lots of it, they will act drunk. Just like if you gave somebody a rolled cigarette, tell them it was pot, they would act high even though it was only really a normal cigarette. - InsaneEvilBarbieMelter

Aliens. If i am drunk, i am drunk. If no one else knows, i carry on as usual. - evapsychotic

You very much explained it in the question. I wasn't drinking alcohol. This question is a sham.- Mzebonga

how the fuck can u explain that?- Dark-Angel

I'd blame it on the horrible job those water testers do and convince others that I have Ecoli and that i'm going to die soon so I could boss them around - hufflebunny

Was I PLANNING on being drunk? Funny water???? Drat,not alcohol. Oh, well, how sad. Guess I'll just have to try again. To the liquor store! wait. oh. no... wait, too young. Ah. Well, um, okay... where did I get this water from....I thoght it wus vodddddddddkaaaaaa. Y up thattttt woood be poiiisonnnnnnn........painn in th e head.. bah hummmmbug. Guess I'll haf to go find me sum antiidote,... Sahara Desesesert?...Wut're you talkin bout I am right heeere at home...wait no I am in the desert, welllllll don't that just suckkkkkkkk I... gues I just get to sit heere andddddd ... die.- bluemonkeyfearer

i smoke too much weed.- b_write

you could be one of those weird people like me that believes stuff because your the one telling yourself its true- QM666

Being drunk is mostly a state of mind. Like when you go to a sporting event and drink their crappy watered down beer. Halfway through the game you are more drunk than you usually get but have only consumed half of what you'd usually have.....it's all a mind fuck - Poptart

Well it is a matter of the wonders of physcology, for instance for the last few months I have been rubbing my ass against a cornered wall due to harsh itching/irritation and only today have I learned that I have hemerroids and this was the cause... So, lets say you are blindsided as me and someone told you, you had hemerroids, you would paste your ass in whatever cream told necessary and constantly scratch creating a rash making an real itch... So this tells overall, strange tasting water is vodka and my name is really fran who once had intercourse with a hermaphotite and I was female at the time... convinced this was my first lesbian expirence only until I realized I was in fact a carnivous mountain fly... like the fly size matter of truth that your brain embraces... you bunch of generic thumb humpers... Now wheres My real vodka!?- *Puff* And The question Disappeared.

Aargh! I think it's urine!- Blah

I don't usually drink so whatever it was that caused me to drink must have been pretty serious. That taken into consideration I would figure that the stress caused by the thing that caused me to drink, caused me to hallucinate that I was drinking vodka and also made me hallucinate that I was drunk.- SmartestDumbBlondeYou'llEverMeet

that just sucks- lynchacop

ok, so ur telling me i've been stumbling around for a week like an idiot...and it was just water?!??!??! well screw this i'm gonna get drunk...for real- Sugar High Bunni123

Maybe it is the fact that I have started thinking rather than just pouring foul liquids down my throat that triggered that response.- voggit

A magic duck told me he could make the river taste like anything.- j0eg0d

hmm.. Interesting... well I'd get off of the street corner and go find some shiny reflective glass and poke it.. and if nothing odd happens I explain that the water since it tasted strange, had a bad side effect and mad me act drunkly- SG*

It must have been water from Mexico- weirdDAR

Explain what?- Horse

well, you got me. how in the hell would i explain that?- SupraPhantom

well you see eventually after sobering up, yes i actually was drunk, completly hammered, so hammered in fact that i convinced myself i wasn't drunk at all and that i was drinking water....which of course because of my dehydration i decided to finish of chugging it back.- shwee

because i put water in a vodka bottle and it tasted the same- neveryoumind

it was probably piss from someone that flunked a drug test- mrTaCo

your a stupid hick whole bought some really cheap vodka- silly bastard

Ah, you're always drunk one way or the other. If it wasn't the alchohol that got to you it was the pyschedelics... or the oxygen. It's always the oxygen.- Crackmonkey

I sever my ties with everyone I know, get on a plane and start a new life else where. Start drinking REAL vodka for a week, gallons a day, see if I find my way back home.- Uncle Phil

Oh but I don't explain it. Being a Zen master, who never uses excuses when I fuck up, I simply move on... I get my ass right straight down to the Liquor store (stopping quickly at the pet shop to buy myself a friendly scuttle bug) and purchase a bottle of tasty, tasty bourbon. - blackdove

I knew it!! they tricked me! those bootleggers! and I thought the whole time it was vodka not strange water!. I must have been psychologically drunk, too bad i puked on that girl while i was giving her cunnilingus, oh well i just explain that I was sick from this wierd water. wait!!!! i would go to the store and get some evian and taste it! It's the same!!!! those Bastards!! feeding me expensive water and telling me it was even more expensive vodka, never trust wierd russians who show up suddenly with a submarine and say they will help you rule the world if you can drink vodka for a week straight Damn!!!!!!- thathinguywhois

That'll teach me to drink from the hose.- Oopa

the power of the mind- monkeybuttocks

I can't really explain that.... Oh, oh! Yes I can! It's called hyper-activeness... :| - Acidic Pandah

aliens n lesbians- klumperous

It's all a big freakn' joke ! Everyone kept telling you that alchohol would some how "impare" you, but we were just lying to see you trying to impress your friends saying how drunk you were. It was put in movies, T.V., hell even your dad did it just to try and make you believe it, but it was all just a big joke.The whole world was in on it, and now they're all laughing.-me

Actually, that wouldn't surprise me seeing that I never get drunk. Yeah, I'm 'one of those'. I guess I could blame my 'drunken state' on the fact that Slurpees and oddly flavoured water don't mix. Also, random bit of advice, brownies and Slurpees (or any kind of pop, for that matter) don't mix either. If you don't believe me, just ask Miss Roger's Sweater.- McDiablo

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:...i was stoned and i missed it,i was stoned and i missed it,i was stoned,,oh me oh my,,,i was stoned and i missed it, i was stoned and i missed it,i was stoned,and it passed me by!- rayyo77

I dont know, thats just so weird. I can't explain it....- Mathie

Some people act drunk because they think it's 'cool', but in this case i wasn't trying to do that, i was just confused by the ringing in my ear caused by the strange tasting water, which, in fact, was a strange shade of yellow...- SiNiSTaR

Scientific studies have shown that when in a social environment, with drunk people while drinking a placebo you will feel drunk. It was either that or the LSD.- Superman Dave

this frightens me. a life without vodka? a WEEK? perhaps this is all part of the DT's. i will check my tape measure. i have to make sure that my hands are the same size as they were yesterday. my head is expanding, and i don't want the rest of my body to expand in proportion. just my head because it'll mean i have a bigger brain.- Jenoah

Dammit, this is the same shit that guy gave me to try and claimed it was LSD. Oh well at least it was free...Depe- Harbingerofhell

o fuck damn feces infected tap water!- monkey butt

Holy shit. You mean that I did all that shit while SOBER? No way. I refuse to believe these lies. Explain the girl guide outfit. Explain the traffic cones. There is NO way that Iíd do that sober. You just check all those tests or whatever that said I was sober and you eat them. EAT THEM. Then, I get to paddle your ass for lying. Thatís right, thatís what liars like you deserve. You like that? Well thatís just nasty. Iíll hit you harder. Heh heh I said harder. Oh fine, Iíll let you enjoy it a bit you filthy whore. Thatís right, beg me not to make you bleed. Whatís that? You didnít call me maíam. Louder! LOUDER!- Ava Noir

You don't, you just put your grandmother's colostomy bag back and hide behind your pet sheriff of nottingham gingerbread man- Cineworld Jesus

Easy, nitrogen gets you drunk. (it makes up over 3/4 of the air)- Fleoa

well im a moron anyway so i would say that my mother poisended me with bad water- danni

The pervert that threw pink cake icing at my face has filled all my beer bottles with hypnotic dirty toilet water after drinking the actual stuff. I want my money back!!- GalaxyDancer

I'm insane, remember?- psychoticdragon

i was too buzy raping the corpse of the crazy man to realize..- roger

go to the doctor- Kala

I dunno.- Kev-Man (GalaxyDancer's dorky brother)

Thinking is believing- Youdon'tseeme

i thought it was funny tasting water too- chunky monkey

.. you've lost it - entirely.- dewi

I drank before! Did so! nah uh... Nooo... Theres was this one time at my cousins wedding... It does So count! .. No I don't want your beer it makes my nose tickle... No im not AFRIAD... I just dont like that brand..hmph... and i never tasted vodka before I just had rums... No its Rums! not rum... So what if Im 22? Its an age!... I was to a bar... yeeess I was... Jungle jims has a very nice bar... And nuh uh... I..I... was in mmm..mmm...Shut UP!- Steammy

Ask my roommate if he has been drinking the water and how does it taste to him, I then call my doctor makeing an appointment to make sure I'm ok and healthy.- Mavis

im so drunk, ive gone past the drunkeness stange and am back to soberness,which must mean in oreder to be drunk again, i muts reverse the process....therefore i must drink water...or sumthin like that.right?- keli_weli(back again!)

Alien-Bartender mind control. That would be the only explaination.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes


I got so worried that you're convinced it's vodka so you just think your drunk.-Khaki

The mind is a powerful thing. I refuse to explain it. I'll just Jedi Mindtrick my friends into doubting my very pressence at such a water/vodka-possessing party. -Eva Dominatrix

Obviously my 'vodka' had been replaced with watered down urine by the crazy guys' ghost who came back from the dead to haunt me and play insane mind games-December

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