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What do you want to do with that thing you vaguely describe as a life?

I want be a writer, I think there's a lot of money to be made by telling people the obvious; by which I mean how fucking stupid they all are. People need to realise that they are pretty insignificant, and aside from Drunkenewfiemidget (A god amongst men) I think I'm the perfect person for this job.-George

Make myself as weird as humanly possible. -PyroPrincezz

flushing, flushing, it's flushing down the toilet. Spiralling, spiraling, out of controle until it hits the little black hole.....-SirensMaker

I'd like to work with people. And be with someone who loves me for who I am.-Amy

I dont have much to do with it really, *points out the fact I'm where I am right now*... I want to accomplish some societal status... with perhaps a job that pays more then min.wage, and have great lovers and a great high... to expirement with whatever crosses my path and to not deny my urges or wishes.. and kinda fill this empty tank until its full of hot gas, So I can finally light a match to it. I'm always on a constant drive to gain more knowledge, devour more enlightenment... and to embrace all that seems purposful... or not... just the motive to take the world into me and love the fuck out of it... once I can find the energy to do that and get my ass out the computer room and stop listening to french songs that make me giggle.. *tee hee*-SsTrip

i wanna eat cheesecake on a boat.-Morshada

Write books, naturally. Then I can spread insanity throughout the world, and there will actually be a purpose to teaching brats how to read.-bluemonkeyfearer

Eh... snort various substances to see how they make me feel... If that doesn't end my life prematurely then I'm sure I'll find something that can.-Junkie Deluxe

I wanna have funs, that's about it.-Daz666

everything i can before it's over.-dumpster

.... what was the question?-Ishkabilly

Oh crap, this question reminds me of my aunt. I hate being asked this question because the answer is I...don't...know. Career-wise, no idea. I like a lot of things (writing, drawing, taking pictures, traveling, drinking Slurpees), but unfortunately none provide any sort of income. Maybe Emerald and I can star in a travel show for sock monkey (and human) friendly travel destinations. I'm sure Herbert could help, too, and maybe DC..wherever he is.-McDiablo

he ain't heavy ,he's my brother.........-roger

I want to do more of the things I love and less of the things I hate. More: gigs recording sex travel Less: work, taxes, eating of crappy food-Poptart

build a giant sling shot and fire peeps at the old people where I live-Mutant

end it.-misaryeepo

Everybody Limbo!-propernoun


I don't vaguely describe anything as life actually. I mean...this could be death. We could be dying. I vaguely describe this thing as death actually, that is assuming you had asked that but that's beside the point. What do I want to do? I would like to go to a music college (Julliard hopefully) and get a decent life that way. Then I'd like to fall in love with a amazing guy who has the same views as me and is intelligent and interesting. Of course, I am only the things I want to do are a bit limited don't you think? And of course that scenario is assuming we all lived in the perfect world, which we do not. -PyroPrincezz

RUIN IT!-Mickey D.

Make fun of people and hoard water. I'm ready.-rolotarian

I'd like to open up a human chop shop and see how that goes.-alice

I want to walk in the rain with purpose. I want to be left alone with my family and not feel bad about being anti social. I want to retire young and fish every day on a nice quiet lake from my boat.-WoodlandOne

pass-big tony

Get married and have kids.-Sea,

Become a patatoe photographer.-Runner

to achieve backwards sexual ejaculation into an implanted cow bladder-aleta kajika


I would like to dance with it. -Lollibottom

poke it-meeeeeeeelalalalala

well my so called life i would like to be a psychologist and smoke weed all day -pinky

this is no life, what humans percieve as life are just pitstops between death. life is nothing; death is truth.-freak ninja

Lawn mower racer. period.-Cookie

I'd like to take everybody else's and save it all for me.-j0eg0d

Kill it.-Imma Idiot Loser

throw it at people-Insaneone

well if i can't destroy it, I might as well get someone to massage the body with which the life inhabits. -idontmindthesunsometimes

Have fun, eat, sleep a little, do naughty things and maybe become a communist dictator.-George's Female Housemate

Write more quotes: Sarah (giggles): "None of us had any alcohol?" Simon: "Ive got natural alcohol glands" Sarah: "I need some more blood with my alcohol" Simon: "I think I've still got chocolate cake in my ear " (this ladies and gentlemen is WITHOUT any kind of chemical stimulants!!! (said Sarah) George: "I've got a meek penis" :P Sarah: "One easy step to turn George on - just feel him up with a... anything!"-Simon (Caffeine Cruise!)

I want live amongst the elephants. I would sing and dance, dance and sing. I would teach the elephants to speak French and bake bread. I would be their king and they would all love me. No, fuck that. There is no Taco Bell where elephants live. -Captain Halitosis

Move out of this puke and find myself a nice place to live.-anyhoo

live a little longer then jesus-spartan 117

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