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What are your feelings towards pizza?

tell her I love her, but if she calls I'm not in.-George

Pizza...mmmm mmmm good. (Oh wait that's Campbell's slogan.) Oh is better than Campbell's soup. -PyroPrincezz

That it's the best damn thing to happen to the world. I mean, it has has succesfully combined three of some of the food groups, four if you add a form of meat! Not to mention THE HUMAN RACE LIKES IT!!!! ^_______^ And it's great food for the ladys during the p.m.s. week. That and cookie dough.-SirensMaker

It's all right I guess. Not a great lover of pizza though..-Amy

It is deep and heart-felt... the dimensions of pizza is unstoppable... comes in so many forms, like the absract ideal of the flat yet warm bread with layers of sauce and cheese to unhold any topping you please... much like life, yes? Yes...but italians suck... and they can blow there lasanga.-SsTrip

pizza pretty greasy. can be really good sometimes though. i think it came from aliens or some shit cuz who the hell would think to like sit on bread and cover it in squashed up fruit and excretion from a cows udder? god would. yes, god would. cuz hes a twisted fucker and he'd think of something like that.-Morshada

I think we're just friends, but, hey, who knows? There could be something more there.-bluemonkeyfearer

Pizza is great! Especially when it's topped with ME!-Junkie Deluxe

I love Pizza, it's amazing. I'd eat pizza all day every day if I could. My fave Pizza is Cheese and Tomato with Jallapinos on. Yeah it burns my poor little ring the next day when I shit it out, it hurts soooo bad but the pizza tastes sooo good when I eat it. It's a vicious circle.-Daz666

pizza is one of my favourite inventions and anyone who says they're sick of it should get a slap in the face because it is just sooooooo gooood.-dumpster

Yummmmmmm....Cheese.... Yummmm-Ishkabilly

I had some tonight. I like pizza, but not when it burns the roof of my mouth. It's the cheese! It keeps in the heat so when I take a bite....burnination! My poor hard palate. Either than that, pizza and I are friends.-McDiablo

it ain't god but it's one of his best ideas.-roger

Pizza Pizza is the worst pizza EVER !!! Pizza only needs cheese, sauce and pepperoni as toppings. the best pizza in the world is made at St. Bruno Pizzaria in St. Bruno Quebec, south of Montreal.-Poptart

depends, if Im hungry its like water to a man lost in the desert, if not, I couldnt give a rats ass about it-Mutant


Nausea, horniness, nausea again. It's a tragic story.-propernoun


I think... pizza should not be round. I think when a pizza comes to your door it should be in a pyramid shape. Why? Because it's a helluva lot more interesting than a damn plain circle. EVERYTHING is circular. The Earth, ashtrays, soda cans, heads, fans, icons on computers, and it gets a bit boring. I think SOMETHING in this world should be UNCIRCULAR and also things being 3-D wouldn't be bad either. Who wants to eat something that's flat anyway? -PyroPrincezz

Ummm, welll pizza's kinda hot because it just came out of the fridge.-Mickey D.

A suitable, intellectual upgrade to hold the office of U.S. President. -rolotarian

If I had a dick i would fuck it and be happy that it wasn't really hot but just the right amount of warm.-alice

YUM! I could eat pizza everyday.-WoodlandOne

could eat it all day-big tony

Its nice.-Sea,

We have a love and hate relashionship.-Runner

a full colonoscopy bag-aleta kajika

Pizza was created in the early 13th century by a group of Satan worshiping nomads on their way to New York City for some ritualistic sacrificing.-King Jimothy

Im actually engaged to a quite wonderful pizza. It goes by the name of Douglas. He recently cheated on me with a sock monkey but who can blame him? I could never match up to a sock-monkey.-Lollibottom

ok for munchies but not really the best-meeeeeeeelalalalala

itlians what a delicious entree-pinky

OMYGOD! OMYGOD! OMYGOD! I LOVE JLDNLKVDV O;IIPFJVPAe..SHIYT ANURISM ........................................sorry, i'm back. what were we talking about? -freak ninja

It's nice most of the time, but it can be moody if Jan hasn't being going out with him.-Cookie

Pizza makes me angry, especially when it's cut into those tiny squares. I like to torture pizza by popping one in the oven and listening to it scream.-j0eg0d

I hate it.-Imma Idiot Loser

its eatable by my standards-Insaneone

I find pizza greasily alluring, with it's orangey yellow grease color glistening like the sun on a hot day. I do get quite perturbed when the pizza is too hot and burns my tongue, and also when the pizza is frozen. I do find that pizza likes to be eaten by me, but just doesn't enjoy coming out.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Quattro Formaggio-George's Female Housemate

I liukes pizza, but thin n crispy is better because when you bite into a deeeeep pan, it takes your top jaw about 5 minutes to reach your bottom jaw Oh and when they say "Pineapple and *reformed* ham...." on the front of the pizza..."REFORMED"? Uhhh are they TRYING to ming you out before you even buy the thing?-Simon (Caffeine Cruise!)

I have never encountered this "pizza" of which you speak. -Captain Halitosis

It's good to rub on my ass and then have the frog lick it off,-anyhoo

considering it gives me the shits, contempt, anger and a slight feeling of interdimensional shifting come to mind-spartan 117

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