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Has anything interesting happened to you lately that you want to tell us about?

Well. Aside from death defying leaps over mutant killer potatos with an inferiority complex, battles to the Death with George Bernard Shaw's ghost, (I still havn't forgiven him for "Man and Superman") and the occaisional encounter with nyphomaniac goat herders from Malta, I have moved house. Yes, I know, it's a pretty hardcore thing for me to do, however like Mzebonga before me I find that my hometown is kinda like dustbin liner - it's full of rubbish and you'd suffocate if you sealed yourself in it.-George

Oh yes yes yes! I've been practicing psionics (pychic abilties and such) and I made my first psi ball yesterday!!! (I don't really expect ya'll to know what I'm talking about but if you don't look it up you lazoids).-PyroPrincezz

....No.....Nothing at all......Why would I tell you about my top secret plan to take over the- DUST BUNNIES!!!!! ATTACK!!!!!!-SirensMaker

I keep having weird dreams about me dying around the people I love..If that's 'interesting' enough.-Amy

I've developed about... Let me count... 5 pimples over night to add to my hideous compilation of face,neck,chest,back acne... Not that interesting, but it just happened to come across to me and now, what else... Well now I'm writing answers to a questionaire on TheInsaneDomain, which isnt going all that well, and a spell-check would be a great addition... So I am noticing about all the grammatical flaws and spelling mistakes I'm making but am to lazy to go back and edit for myself... and I recently burnt my arm... heh, look at that, Yeah,... that pizza was tasty.-SsTrip

it all started on a red-eye flight to cambodia. as i comtemplated life, the great barrier reef, and such other things, i scratched my wirey head of hair and vaguely wondered why the fuck i was on my way to cambodia. i couldn't really remember, but alas, this did not matter at all. for my mind was fixed on something else. i had a notion that i'd need to find a toothpick in cambodia. i didn't know why, but i knew it had something to do with the regions elephants. and the thought that i was going to meet an elephant, i must admit, was pretty sweet.-Morshada

My little brother tried to kill me...first with a crochet mallet, and then with my fork, and then he settled on stealing my ham and throwing it at, really. I think I might still have pineapple in my hair.-bluemonkeyfearer

The other day I was humping a strangers leg and they bit me! Can you believe it? I was just trying to cheer him up because he was homeless and all... but damn, I guess you can't please everyone.-Junkie Deluxe

Hmmmm... I started playing 'The Game' I wish I never started. I hate it. Go there and learn how to play if you dare.-Daz666

yesterday i found two matching socks. TWO!-dumpster

im so pitiful... nothing has...-Ishkabilly

I watched a stoned comedian make fun of jazz music during the Labour Day long weekend. It was amusing. He was also saying that country and rap music are pretty much the same, but rappers just brag more: "I wake up....You can't wake up like me!"-McDiablo

well.........ya.........i quit smoking that backfired i quit drinking and that backfired my girlfriend left with my girl friend that backfired they both came back so now i got double trouble again.dam the bad luck.what abought me when am i going to get a break just a normal day ..-roger

One of the bands I play with is going to Italy in February to play for the Canadian Olympic coaches and athletes. Last year we went to Athens to play for them, it was awesome ! We're even more pumped about this gig, it should be a blast. I'll have to use my Italian alias when I'm there: Giovani Poptartini-Poptart

i live in water , if u cut my head i am at ur door , if u cut my tail i am fruit , if u cut both i am with u ? tell me the answer -raj

a few days ago i peed on a snail-Mutant

i saw a dragon in the hall at school-misaryeepo

Fine motor skills.-propernoun

my hasband has one testie. he had testicular cancer in the past. can he still have babies? if so how long would it take ?-jessi

Wow you think I'm interesting! I feel super special now. Too bad I'm not really that interesting... But something interesting did happen. I was walking in the parking lot of Walmart and all the sudden *dun dun dun* I GOT JUMPED BY A PURPLE PEOPLE EATER! I've never seen one before...but it didn't want to eat me surprisingly. That's a misconception. He wanted to know where the nearest restaurant was. I told him and he went on his way...of course with a path of people running for their lives because they, like me, assumed he would eat them. That's color discrimination if you ask me. -PyroPrincezz

The scariest thing that could ever happen to you at work would be to see the fattest persons ass!-Mickey D.

I found a clean toilet. Goddamn, has the rest of the human race sprouted three extra assholes? Why can't people just shit in the fairly large hole that's provided?-rolotarian

Well yesterday I itched my head and some carrots dropped out of my scalp. i was scared but then I rememred I liked carrots so I ate them.-alice


no-big tony


I am a girl who eats mash potatoes but my potatoe got up and did the can-can so i yelled at it but it kicked me in the face then jumped out the window and into my mom's car and drove away. He went to my lawyer and sued me for sexually harrassing a carrot and i got caught by the dog catcher yesterday but i escaped and now i have no idea where i am or what i'm doing. -Runner

well first off an unknown assailant threw grandma in a place called the "hell shack" and then wheelbarrowed her after hours of laminating roadkill to my house, but she was taking MDMA so she went nuts and ran after me with a small HIV+ monkey threatening to fuck it saying it was consensual...i didn't believe her but then she took off her housedress and threw a knife at me and i got out of there as quickly as possible. the police said it wasn't my baby but the monkey delivered something with what looks eerily like DNA close to home...maybe grandma wasn't bluffing-aleta kajika

My penis turned blue when I put a rubber band around it for too long.-King Jimothy

Shasoosa. Shasoosa would be a fantastic name for a planet. Not only does it sound strange i would love to hear people with a lisp say it.-Lollibottom

i poked a cow-meeeeeeeelalalalala

well there was this one time when i could sworn these little green people were chasing me with my own sissors. is that a bit odd or am i just normal?-pinky

actually, i got kicked out of my house and now I'm a homeless person using my girlfriend's computer.-freak ninja

I got attacked by a rabid raccoon, but I beat it over the head with a piece of PVC pipe, so I was ok.-Cookie

I had been drinking heavily at this sock monkey bar, when I blacked out and woke up in a tub full of ice. I looked around and found a note that read, "We've taken your kidneys skating, be back later."-j0eg0d

Nope. Nothing.-Imma Idiot Loser

besides my brother makeing a film and me sending it to everyone in a 15 mile area no not at all-Insaneone

yes....i was fornicting with my lover and all of the sudden my mom calls. i don't want to stop, so i just quickly reah over ot my nightstnd, answer the phone, and end up talking to my mom for about 10 minutes while still on top of my lover.-idontmindthesunsometimes

I've been taking videos of george and his friend fooling around if you know what i mean!!!-George's Female Housemate

Hehe I moved in with George and co, its good fun but I have to avoid him feeling me up at regular intervals. I have been awarded an honourary black-belt in "anti-perv". :P What else? I have been gearing up to start my Civil Engineering course because Architecture students / Architects are ARROGANT PRETENTIOUS BASTARDS and they really really annoyed me last year. Anyway who wants a course which demands 21 hours a day work and no play? Oh and spending 7 years giving sucky-sucky-long-time to those bastard Architecture tutors! Woohoo pub "tour"* tomorrow, Bath University anti-binge drinking laws have been REALLY relaxed to allow us to have an 18-pub crawl - and then an after-party! Woot! George, myself, Sarah, and others are going to get more mashed than a lazy-serving of Gordon Ramsay's potato. Or staff. Gordon Ramsay's staff. Yes, he has attacked them before. *why do they bother calling it that? Why not "crawl"? Do they think that changing the name makes us drink less? Lame. so lame. Oh, and I'm not meant to say "lame" either, or blackboard, or brainstorming. This Political Correctness is getting silly.-Simon (Caffeine Cruise!)

No. Except maybe the thing with the saltwater taffy, but I am uncomfortable talking about it.-Captain Halitosis

I found some puke in a pond and I lived in it for a week.-anyhoo

saw a group of retards running track, almost passed out from laughing to hard-spartan 117

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