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TV is getting worse every week. Eventually the members of TID will be asked to participate in a reality show where we abuse sock monkeys. Until that happens, what TV show do you hate the most and why?

I think reality TV is the most effective mind enema currently available to the masses, I think the idea of sitting there watching people LIVE is incredibly dull and unimaginative, when I think of reality TV I get an image of a family watching a family watching a family on TV watching a family on TV until the end of time, or one of the families is smart enough to turn the set off. Reality TV to me, is like reading John Grisham. I don't give a fuck and I never will.-George

MTV because everytime I venture to watch it the stupid music videos because it's 3 in the morning and I'm bored out of my mind, I get some stupid pop song stuck in my head. Not a show is it? Whoops...Ok let me rephrase that, the Music Video Shows on MTV. There. Rephrased. -PyroPrincezz

Right about now, I'm hateing just about EVERYTHING on T.V.. ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING DRAMA SHOWS!! Not to mention have you noticed that every time a woman gets pregnant on a t.v. show now, say Seventh Heaven for example, she can be a bitch as much as she wants and everyone just goes, 'Aaw, but she's pregnent!' Come on! No one, and I mean NO woman is THAT bitchy because she's pregnant! She's that bitchy because she's a BITCH! Do you hear me you fucking stupid script writers?!?!? B-I-T-C-H!!!!!! And all of this Teen Drama is annoying! Just like Fear Factor, Elimadate, and Blind Date. Another thing for the reality T.V. shows. Have you noticed that they're all 'perfect people'? Skinny, muscled, curvy, PLASTIC! Stick some REAL people on there for fuck's sake! Elimadate = How Desperate Are You For A Date?. Four people go out with the main person so the main person can eliminate them one by one. One minute they're all sweet to the main attraction and the minute they're eliminated, they're talking shit. Stupid! *sighs* T.V. sucks anymore. -_- It's why I've almost completely stopped watching it.-SirensMaker

Tweenies. And a lot of other ones. They just get to me. Rather annoying.-Amy

I hate em all' exspecailly the ones that arnt cartoons and put people there who are supposidly living naturally, as in 'reality' but speak like they have been rehearsing the same line over and over until they spit it out like a retard and smack into the wall forgetting how to walk...since they crammed there brains with the stupid lil quips... like "thats hot" or... shit. I dont watch em' cus i hate em... the sitcoms arent even good anymore, probably cause every time I turn on the t.v theres reba or some fat ass with a wife who is wayyy to hot for him to even go near his beer gut and really unfunny jokes... I have to say I hate the dance show knock off of american idol, which i hate enough to watch... but the dance show makes me vomit so I can't do it due to illness... Its just horrible I take one glance at the screen and feel my brain cells popping and with no high as a result but crying and plenty upon plenty of seizures.. which im sure is better then all there dancing.-SsTrip

The O.C. it is ridiculously dramatic and trys to play itself out like these situations that occur in it are like..shocking. oh wow someone whos like 25 and playing someone 18 lost their virginity! and some chick made out with another chick! oh god save us. its the type of girls who have about 5 brain cells but think its cute to act like they have about three absoloutly lovve this show. jesus christ i'd rather have woodchips shoved repeatedly up my ass than have to watch this show regularly, or even talk to it's general fan base. especially it's general fan base. exept i have to talk to them every day. plus my mom ocasionally watches it. she's really a bright woman, i just don't understand her choice of programming. reality tv and the like. why the fuck am i still talking?-Morshada

There are too many to name. Mostly all of the new cartoons the've come out with. They're teaching kids to become they couldn't already do that on their own.-bluemonkeyfearer

Actually I hate all reality TV. I'd much rather spork myself in the eye until dead instead of wathcing that shit.-Junkie Deluxe

Hmmmm... Maybe Everybody Loves Raymond. Why? Coz it's shit that's why. Everybody Loves Raymond? No they fuckin don't. I also hate The X Factor and all those shitty pop singing reality TV things coz they're all the same. X Factor is the worst though coz it has that sour faced old trout Sharon Osbourne on it. I hate that money grabbing bitch. Ozzy is still god though. -Daz666

i especially hate badly written sit-coms with washed up actors who have been playing the same idiotic boring characters there entire careers but still somehow get the best time slot and amazing ratings... what is wrong with people?-dumpster

abuse sock monkeys... hmmm how interesting...... WATE DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD!-Ishkabilly

I am going to admit something here: I used to watch 'The OC'. Now, the first season was enjoyable in that the plot was ridiculous, but it was just teetering on the point of stupidity. Then the second season rolled around and I only watched two episodes to realize, "Wow. They crossed the stupidity line. This is just dumb now." Fake lesbianism. Blackmailing a rich woman with her porn star past. The death of a secondary character. Hey, I only got this just by watching the commercials. It's scary because my parents watched the season premiere of the third season. MY PARENTS. I hope they were just bored....oh, how I hope. Until then, I'm waiting until that TID reality show happens....ohhh yeah.-McDiablo

who the heck is TID?and why would any one abuse a sock monkey that just want's luv?!!-roger

the View !!! Not that I'm usually home when it's on but during a couple of sick days I ended up seeing some of it. HOLY FUCK these women are INSANE...and not a good insane like the TIDers are !!(we're fun insane) They're George W. insane !! Mega right wing, know everything, christian fundamentalists which mascarades as a women's interest show...I hadn't been that offended by something on TV in a long long time. -Poptart

Laguna beach, I made the sad mistake of watching that garbage, after a few minutes I went into the kitchen, got a spoon and stabbed myself in the eyes 25 times-Mutant

all of them. tv should die.-misaryeepo

Such a vast wasteland...where to begin with so much hatefulness....Friends? Hated that a lot...mostly because of how much I hated the people at work that liked it that I had to listen to discussing it...hated Party of Five a lot just because of Jennifer Love Hewitt's face...probably the single most repulsive image on tv, lately, would be any "news" clip featuring the face and voice of George Bush. The news. That's it. I hate the news the most. Because of him.-propernoun

whose line is that anyways?-jessi

*evil rant look comes into eyes* Well now that's easy. Any show on MTV that ISNT a music video show thing...I do not however, include TRL when I say "music video show" All THEY do is show a minute of a music video and that lousy minute is punctuated by screaming teens (I am a teen but I have never, and will never scream at the top of my lungs and giggle like an idiot just because I'm on TV, that is assuming that any idiot ever PUTS me on tv, anywho..) I think I have ranted enough and that is not my job is to humbly answer the questions on this questionnaire. I am sorry...-PyroPrincezz

"Queer eye for the straight guy" is the STUPIDEST show ever because the gay guys try to make the straight guy gay to rise the population of gay guy so they can make it legal to marry the other gay guys!-Mickey D.

I hate the show that comes out of that glowing box twenty four hours a day. Haven't you noticed that it's all just one show? There's a clown and she has to show her tits and eat frogpussy to win the million dollars and then she gets married and breeds cannon fodder to rape and die for her leader and they send her a paper hat and a kazoo for her sacrifice. Then she gets a makeover. In between there's some football which is really just a commercial for the never ending story of her lobotomized enslavement. I prefer to watch paint dry. -rolotarian

You should abuse me so I can watch that. I hate that tv show were all those people are doing dumb things and then they get money for it. That sucks-alice

ESPN NBA Basketball. Just cheap shots and no class. -WoodlandOne

american chopper cos its soooosososososoos boring-big tony

Youve been framed. All the antics of the people on the show are so predictable.-Sea,

I hate girls verses boys portirico. That show sucks! -Runner

LOST. how would 28 people survive a plane crash, which roughly equals the entire first class i'm guessing. how would they not eat each other. how would they not discover what was edible in three days. how would someone not get raped or assault someone else for stuff and end up on a Law & Order crossover. how would jesus not just make the island have zero gravity and implode after seeing the wastes of flesh stranded there, if there is a jesus. so many loopholes.-aleta kajika

I hate Jepardy. Those people think they're so damn smart! I think the winner should be hog-tied and whipped into a mashed potato looking substance.-King Jimothy

The News *Sigh* so what, yes theres a war - ooh look another dead person on a motorbike, shoulda looked where he was goin. And Paris Hilton has split up with her boyfriend and hes sold another sex tape *yawn* wheres the remote - i want to watch teleshopping!-Lollibottom

DEATH TO TV SHOWS-meeeeeeeelalalalala

i hate that one show drew carry it is stupid and it doesn't make any since.-pinky

why would you abuse sock monkeys? What the fuck did they ever do to you , ya sick bastards. Other than that, I HATE TELEVISION AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR! Except comedy central. -freak ninja

Survivor, because there are no hot women, and the whole premise is stupid, and God says living on an ilsand and being filmed as a reality tv show is sin.-Cookie

I hate that show called the news. It's on every channel, and has been airing for like 5000 seasons. -j0eg0d

This one it sucks. Wait, it's not a TV show. If it was, tho, I'd hate it the most 'cause it sucks.-Imma Idiot Loser

the discovery channel becasue if we havent found out why tell us that it can be done-Insaneone

I hate Laguna Beach, becuase the people on it can't act themselves out of a paper bag.-idontmindthesunsometimes

CSI Miami, New York and Las fucking Vegas- who give's a sock monkeys ass??-George's Female Housemate

I hate Big Brother. It is a complete waste of space, time, and every other conceivable dimension. Ridiculous! Argh! You get chavs wanting to Watch other people's tailor-made entertainment for about 2 months, for why? Soon enough we will have reality x reality TV - People watching people locked in a house, watching people locked in a house, in which there is a TV broadcasting a show with people watching people in a house, and each programme will have a different collection of faceless corporate sponsors promoting random irrelevant products. Oh, and every single one will be presented by fuicking Davina McCall! I hate her! Such a slimy smiley smirkey bitch! Such a sellout, and really not entertaining at all! Hate hate hate By the way I lurrrrrrrve "24"! Its so great and cliff-hangerey-ey. Yes that is an adjective. Honest :D-Simon (Caffeine Cruise!)

I fucking hate "Reality TV."-Captain Halitosis

I hate commercials and abusing sock onkeys is a good idea. Will you abuse me?-anyhoo

their all pretty much at number 1, id rather sit on a lincoln log then watch the horrible shit they mass produce-spartan 117

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