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You have to go to the bathroom badly but the only option is to go into a very quiet and very full room of people and use the bathroom there. You know that while you're in there, all those people will be able to hear you in there and will stare at you as you leave the room again. Do you still go in and use the bathroom?

Yes. And I make a big thing about it, I make sure I wee REALLY loudly and partially down my leg, I get REALLY angry about it and say "FOR FUCK'S SAKE I PISSED ON MYSELF" then make a real thing about rubbing myself in my soggy areas RIGHT next to the most uncomfortable looking group and say things like "My god, it's so warm!" and "JESUS CHRIST SMELL THIS!" and then start touching people. On the face.-George

Yes what do I care if strangers here me? -PyroPrincezz

Hell yeah! Fuck what other people think! A bathroom is a bathroom! That's what it's made for! Would they rather I just drop my pants or skirt right there in the middle of public and go?-SirensMaker

Hell no!-Amy

I wouldnt be able to... I cant even listen to myself pee and I wear ear plugs when in public washrooms and home... although if they are gonna be creepy about and stare at me after i deposit my bladder I'd want to make it for a good reason and would piss on there shoes and whisper "keep still"... over and over, as to not disturb the silence so my trinkle can emminate off the walls, and wash over the ears off all the people, ha! Yeah, screw inhibitions... then i'd cram my ear-plugs down there throats.. ha... wow... I think I'm going to go take a shit in a public washroom... excuse me.-SsTrip

yeah. i dont give a shit if they hear me pee. if someone has a problem with it i'll pee on them. seriously you can get like problems from not pissing enough. i know this girl who has a bladder growth. i named it Billy. -Morshada

I'll find a tree, thanks.-bluemonkeyfearer

Hell yeah! I'd even scream as a noisy shit came flying out of my ass. After I finished wiping my ass on the walls of the stall I'd walk out limping and crying like I just lost my new puppy.-Junkie Deluxe

Of course I do!! In that situation I'd try to make myself have the loudest, sloppiest sounding shit ever imagineable... Either that or I'd challenge someone to a game of Battleshits.-Daz666

hell ya! and i'll stuff one end of the toilet paper roll in my shoe so it trails behind me on the way out.-dumpster

if there is a tree out side ... then, no!-Ishkabilly

It would really depend whether or not I have to go number one, number two, or number three (use your imagination). I could pee in a quiet room full of people as I don't get stage fright. If I had That is just awkward. I would have to wait for all the people to leave before venturing out of the stall to wash my hands. If I had to change my blood soaked pad, I might have to pass, too. There's nothing more awkward than that silence shattering *riiiiiiiip* during 'pad replacement'. Sorry, everyone, I don't do tampons.-McDiablo

who said i was there the first time? the word "again" sugest i was there once before!!!!!! not guilty!!! piss on those other silent pee watchers!!!! have they no shame??------rayyo77-roger work the bathroom is three steps away from my desk...not only can people here me in there when I let em rip but unfortunately I have to hear EVERYBODY else when they go too !!!!! Not to mention the stench I have to endure sometimes...sigh I hate my job......... I've come to a conclusion after hearing countless people use the bathroom sound like a garden hose when they pee and a lot of women sound like they're power washers -Poptart

hell yes, when I take a dump I laugh when I fart, as for the people in the room, they can suck my balls-Mutant

Yes, I would, but after peeing, I think I would have some fun, such as dropping objects that make a loud splash into the toilet, dropping pieces of melted chocolate on the floor, commenting on the shade of the items in the toilet, and before washing my hands I would proceed to shake everyones hands in the room.-Hufflebunny


Yes. And stay a very long time and make awful noises and come out grinning like a winner.-propernoun


Hell yes! I actually hope it makes them sick just so I can laugh at them while they go scurrying out...I think it'd be entertaining, least until the embarrassment factor kicked in. -PyroPrincezz

Run through the crowd of people screaming "I gotta pee I gotta PEE!" then stop right at the door and say, "I don't gotta pee anymore," and walk in anyways.-Mickey D.

Many personal activities can be camouflaged by running the sink or flushing the toilet a couple of times. Yes, if I must. I have refined techniques.-rolotarian

I piss on all those people and save us all the embarassment.-alice

Yes. Everyone has to pee - or they die. Get over it!-WoodlandOne

no-big tony


Yes. I just kick everybody else out.-Runner


Yes, I like the smell of my poo and want to share it with all I meet.-King Jimothy

Yes, and i make lots of splashy farty noises with my mouth. I would get some toilet paper and stick it to the bottom of my shoe, then with the chocolate sauce i always carry in my pocket i would smear it all over my self and the walls. Just to annoy people and make them worry. I might also sing but im not sure.-Lollibottom

what kind of fucked up bathroom is that?-meeeeeeeelalalalala

hell yeah i gotta go like they ain't ever shit or piss before.-pinky

it depends. if I have to piss, it's to small for anyone to see so i'm not worried. if I have to shit, no one will look once my pants fall. so i guess, either way..yes.-freak ninja

Only if you have diarrea can u use a public restroom.-Cookie

I'm sorry I just got back from the bathroom... What did you say?-j0eg0d

Nope.-Imma Idiot Loser

no becasue i make my own options such as finding the bathroom and kick the ass of the person in there -Insaneone

Of course! it's not my problem that they're there when I have to shit. My shitting is first priority, dammnit!-idontmindthesunsometimes

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my nightmare has come trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.-George's Female Housemate

AHA! I have a trick applicable to this. Turn the taps on full! That way the noise covers you, unless you had 8 pints earlier. Nothing can cover that much fluid! Sarah (whilst I was writing): "What? A trick? Dyu not pee? Or pee into your hand?" George: "If you go to an REM concert, remember to take a (refillable) tango bottle with you" -Simon (Caffeine Cruise!)

Of course I would. This is a common occurrance in my home. Holding a turd inside of you can cause a rupture of your delicate bunghole tissues.-Captain Halitosis

I piss on the window from outside and give em a good show.-anyhoo

yes, most of the time it smells so bad it could knock a buzzard off the shit wagon-spartan 117

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