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Do you have anything weird on your desk right now?

IWF Presentation. No, I don't know what it is either.-Autumn

Empty Beer bottle (not so weird) Underarm deodorant (pretty normal) Sweatband (again normal) Large collection of star wars books (meh just geeky) and a large Kitchen knife (psychotic, but compared with the Shit I'm sure Mzebonga owns it's normal) however all together I think this is a fucking freaky collection of stuff, I'm a star wars geek that drinks, wears glasses, stabs stuff, doesn't like sweat on his hands, oh and also takes multivitamins. I don't know about you guys but I'm fucking scared.-George

Uh...*looks around* Not really, I mean I have a few phone numbers, but who doesn't? Ooo that reminds me, I have to call the Grim Reaper today...he can get mad sometimes when I don't return phone calls. -PyroPrincezz

my little brothers pocket knife...-Ishkabilly

The cat.-Xara

Me-Junkie Deluxe

yeah! this page....on my monitor-sanam

never until now-Georgies m8 Grace

no...pens, paper, a ruler and a few dead flies-Poptart

um lets see porn coffee nope not that i can think of oh wait i dont have a desk so this question shouldent really apply to me on does akeyboard atop my lap count ? -Insaneone

My little brother, he rules he says stuff like "Schmoolies" "My mum's here" "Go see your little car micheal" (My boyfriend, he loves his car...) oh and he coined the name "Chubbies" from which Chubster was born. We love my brother.-Bob Marley Vs Chubster Deluxe

Hm... just a week-old dirty spoon.-Red

A cheese grater, some pliers and a syringe. Let me explain.. The cheese grater for making my picks rough so they don't fall out of my hands, the pliers for cutting metal strings and the syringe to suck out the pus from my full blister on the soles of my feet which I acquired while walking on hot tar.-Turtle

a gummi bear-nana

yes...but its not appropriate and she doesn't want to talk about it.-Haiso

not sure which of the above is weird - i think it's pretty weird to have pecans mixing with almonds in the SAME plastic tub!! How is that possible? How did they come to mix like that? arghhh!!! yuk!!-SiNiSTaR

There's....a cell phone, a lamp, a jar that's supposed to have change in ashtray (damn my mother for smoking..blech), a container of beef jerky..mmm, this computer...hey- there's a flowery sheet that's supposed to be used to cover the computer and avoid getting it all dusty, but I don't think that we've ever used it.-bluemonkeyfearer

no desk-gecko

A pea-Tasha

The brain of a small boy, not really. ummmm a cereal packet, that's quite weird i suppose.-Helen

No not really.-Becca

dildo-juggalette trip

i'm sitting on the floor with my sandals beside me, my bag at my feet, and a laptop well, on my lap. On my regular desk, I cover it in pencils. -b_write

On George's desks now the weirdiest thing is a hairbrush bought and branded from Claire's Accessories THE WHOLE WORLD MUST KNOW-Tazmanic

yea a dildo-4pLaYbAbE


a dildo-NonameFuckwit

A webcam. This isn't my desk (I'm on my sister's computer), but, yes, she has a webcam. These things frighten me. I don't want people look at my "as I'm typing" face. I mean, come on, I'm paranoid enough that people are watching me. When I housesit for people, the bloody blinds remain CLOSED. The webcam remains OFF when I'm at this desk. It's like Cyclops--a one-eyed creature with its gaze fixated on me. *Throws the cam across the room*-McDiablo

YOU dollface. And some cds and stuff. It's best not to look directly at it. And um no that's not an assprint there, I swear dollface.-MyTheoryOnTheTRex

air freshner-Tracie

Pliers, tin of soy yogurt, a recipe for delight and war in pensacola, and two used tampons... funny havent been on my period since a month or so ago... I wouldnt call half of those things mentioned weird, but the tampons, Thats the funky smell I've been getting told about! ahhhh, So, wonder what I could create by combining all these items...hmmm. *rips up peice of paper with recipe on it over the tampons, hiding them and then eats my tin of soy yogurt using the pliers as a spoon while stareing at the masked tampons*- Yes, I like the butter.

Hmmm...doe a notbook filled with picture of killer cats smoking weed count?-CasualFatality

a jelly mould and a jock strap-bubbles


i have a toilet piggy bank-brynn

No. Well, yeah, I have about ten pens on my desk. That's where all these F-ing things are. Never can find one when I need them. I never put any on the desk, so how did they all get here???-mywifehatesme

yeah, an Oscillometric Digital Blood Pressure Monitor from 1993.-The Bubble

I have a pair of medical shorts.-Kevin

Well actually right now there is heaps of odd stuff. There are sweat marks from the back of my knee, a ruler with fishies on it and a plastic bag that has been painted red. Normally it's covered in Mavis' S&M equipment.-Nelson


yeah, my half of a bill which I actually paid on time.-The Dildo Lama

Yes! 65 of my sock monkey friends!-Bubba

my pussy-pookie12


An action plan by my boss that says I have to do a major (full-time) task by 4th November but also specifies that I somehow have to magically do a whole ass load of other trivial tasks at the same time. I am a Magi-Bonga, apparently, in so far as I can do about 18 jobs at once. Or so my boss seems to think. The dumbass.Doesn't he realise that I have a Masters Degree to study for and work to do for TheInsaneDomain?-Mzebonga

My lovely friend Jill's enormous tits.-idontmindthesunsometimes

Yes. A booger.-TheKMan

No. Just books and bread baskets-snugglebug

Yes - I have a combination of pvc pipe that the kids use as a telephone. By the way - can a bird marry a fish?-magster

yes, i have a used condom in a jar full of applesauce that i found on the side of the streat one day. i used latex gloves to pick them up ( i carry those in case need i do something iligal)-crazy

my girlfreind-0704 klown

Are porkchops weird? -Blank

a desk.-the mighty chief


apart from my mom's sister's best friend's brother's boyfriend's kid's head?-Prune

Yeah, a computer.-Fayke


toilet paper-jo

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