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What phrase do you use more than any other and why?

Heh - It's not quite a laugh, but an acknowledgment of some form of amusement.-Autumn

I love you simon - The only phrase I could realistically use more than "It's all good", Simon is my long suffering friend and (seemingly) long suffering housemate, these words more often than not are followed by me touching his arm and saying "No Simon, I REALLY love you". This is a superb sport whilst bored, because it means that I can REALLY irritate him with sublime ease, I have a record of his differant facial expressions, I'm trying to collect the whole set.-George

Umm..phrase huh? I don't think I have a phrase...okay maybe I do. "I'm insane, get over it." That's my catchphrase, and I use it a lot because it is the simple truth and all my friends say so anyway so yeah. That's my response for when they say "you're insane". -PyroPrincezz


Yeah, right! It's because I'm quite synical.-Xara

God damn you! You go to hell! You go to hell and you die! I use that one because most people in the world don't understand my brilliance.-Junkie Deluxe

"fuck"........coz it fits evrywhere-sanam

dude. um i not too sure-Georgies m8 Grace

'WHAT THE FUCK !!!!?????' because people are stupid and are forever making me say that-Poptart

I Wasent Me. Well its probly becasue i get blamed for everything that i didnt even do i also get blamed by friends who think i drink there pop when they dont live in the same state oh and i would liike to ad IT WASENT ME-Insaneone

(In imitation of a housemate) "yeah like, Whatever, Do I look bovvered? Right? You Shouldn't do that that way, cause anyway, cause my mum's got one tit bigger than the ovver. DID YOU EAT MY MINIWHEATS?" And "Well slap my thigh and call me bertie"-Bob Marley Vs Chubster Deluxe

“Oh, fuck me!” because it expresses frustration and may also be an invitation.-Red

"let me explain...". I find that my actions can sometimes be quite confusing to those not familiar with me. So when people say "Why, oh Turtle, are you so wise?" I always start with "let me explain..."-Turtle

Ewww, that's so nasty-nana


you're so retarded! - i don;t know why i've been using this, it makes me sound about 12.-SiNiSTaR

Escuse me? Hey, it's not my fault people say lots of stupid things, making me say "escuse me" over and over just to be sure that they aren't saying something intelligent in disguise.-bluemonkeyfearer

cool beans, habit-gecko

Beltin. Because i'm a hard core geordie at heart who is not afraid to show her true self-Tasha

Bah- because it just means meh, but it sounds better-Helen

You fail. I dunno, it's derogatory...-Becca

fuck the fuck off. cuz its coo-juggalette trip

Hum. - takes up space in talking Shit runs away. - one time, this old guy i knew who was a drunk, lost his cooler when he was sitting on it, and just mumbled shit runs away. Your mom goes to college. - it just sounds funny Good for you. Good FOR you. - it's off a movie called Suicide Kings If only if only. - out of a book i once read Mock YEAH ing YEAH bird - we all know where that's from stop sign - i used to play stop sign with my friends, and we wouldn't even need to be near a stop sign in order to play. -b_write

Fellatio Studies; people have asked me so many times what degree I'm taking at university and this response sums up my enthusiasm.-Tazmanic

aawwww..... in the moaning voice-4pLaYbAbE

"No comment," no comment.-Flex

that kind of thing; i have no idea.-NonameFuckwit

Man, this changes every week. I have way too many phrases that I say. I think one of my favourites would have to be "Bust a Move!" When in doubt, just start shimmying and shaking without a care. Don't worry about people giving you odd looks--that's what busting a move is all about, sporadic movement that doesn't make sense. It also relieves stress. There should be a Bust a Move Day. Hey, if there's a freakin' Secretary's Day, then there should be a Bust a Move Day. -McDiablo

If you don't shut up I will shoot you. I just like the sound of it. Well that or smackie crackie. That's a lot of fun too. -MyTheoryOnTheTRex

honkee tonk badonkeedonk becuase i like mine.-Tracie

"Ah so" "Ah so", people may believe that I'm giving thought and digressing, but really I like to pretend I'm japanese by running my single syllable words together to make up sterotypical japanese... sounds? I guess its a word.. AhSO! Sounds killer... and I also enjoy "hmm yeah" which if you say really quick just sounds like a gasp of air, which makes another aversion of mine towards people with respitatory problems to light. And I sometimes blurt out " apple fritters have nutritional value!" or " Donkey express! donkey Express!" just because I find theres a trigger within my brain when I become nervous in a conversation and haven't much to say, its a good way to get out it, and maybe, luckily one day I'll have a donkey come over and carry me off. *fades out and daydreams*-Yes, I like the butter.

Mine is actually an insult that I use to get people to shut up-they never have anything to say aftr hearing it. 'You German-Nazi hooker that was abducted by space aliens and has unprotected sex with pictures of lawn furniture.'-CasualFatality

"hi there what can i get you" because i work in a peice of shit bar 4 nights a week thats full of pretentious a-holes and you have to suck up to them-bubbles


i call people dirty, because i like the word-brynn

A little pain never killed anyone. Just a stupid saying for when I'm having a shitty day at work. It's stupid and a little funny, so it gets me through the day.-mywifehatesme

"pimp" because it's so versatile. Someone asks, "How do you like my shoes?" "Pimp" or maybe, "How did you like the movie?" "Pimp." Or someone asks, "I need some money, how do I get money really fast?" "Pimp." or someone can say, "How was your night with Luke?" "Pimp."-The Bubble

You wanna fight?! I use this because no one fights me, because if they start swinging, they look like a pansy trying to act tough by beating on a skinny asian kid.-Kevin

"How veritably true" I love the word veritable. It sounds so intelligent but it doesn't mean anything. Ok so that wasn't exactly true. The phrase I most often use HONESTLY is "See you tomorrow Mavis" Shuttup. Mavis is cool.-Nelson


"I have an idea...!!" - because I get a lot of those.-The Dildo Lama

Hello Possums!-Bubba

{mother} bcuz its funny and ya-pookie12

are you serious-DumbassNameless

"Cripes". And I say that mostly because I have nothing of any value to add.-Mzebonga

Splendid, partly because it makes me sound intelligent and partly becuase I just performed in a British comedy at a local theatre (Hay Fever by Noel Coward)-idontmindthesunsometimes

Fuck fuck shit fuck. That is my favorite phrase. I use it all the time because Tom DeLonge tells me to...-TheKMan

"Meh!" Because it's a sound of indifference-snugglebug

i like to use "that guy is a dick head" because almost everyone i know is a cock face-crazy

fuck off-0704 klown

Fuck off!, because my friends are complete fuck shits.-Blank

What phrase do you use more than any other and why?-the mighty chief

dont fuck with the fucked. Because I like to swear-Slapper

like...'w''t''f' why? the end of the world-Prune

If there's one thing I hate, it's everything. - I like it. Questions suck.-Fayke

whats popin and fall front-shea

that sucks-jo

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