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Tell us the truth.
How often do you fill out stupid online quizzes and spam your friends with the results?

Rarely. You're lucky I'm friends with the person who sent me this.-Autumn

*Raises eyebrow at JCP* I'M SORRY OKAY.-George

Well... I never spam my friends with the results. Spamming them with links to sock monkey porn, and regular porn, with the links saying, "Hey this is the coolest game ever!" is enough for me. -PyroPrincezz


Sometimes. OK, when I find a stupid quiz!-Xara

Whenver I get around to it.-Junkie Deluxe

this is the first time......-sanam

never until now-Georgies m8 Grace

Not often at all....I have a soft spot for TID though...I volunteer for this-Poptart

about 12 times a year once a mounth but i havent done it for a while and thinkyou for reminding me what i have to do i have 6 quizzes to take now-Insaneone

NEVER. DIE EVIL QUIZES.-Bob Marley Vs Chubster Deluxe

About once a month, unless there are a bunch my friends are spamming everyone else with.-Red

If I had friends, I can honestly say it would be more times than is appropriate or necessary.-Turtle

all the time-nana

this once...and that other... 963-Haiso

erm, i don't bother unless i'm guaranteed that doing so will cause their computers to hang or crash massively so i can stand there watching it all while laughing the cruellest laugh and throwing my pecans and almonds at them-SiNiSTaR

Well, I absolutely love online quizzes. But I'm far too intelligent and kind to send my results to people. I don't think others would like me much if they received emails that said "Your friend __Denise__ would like you to know that he/she has an IQ of __127__. -bluemonkeyfearer


About 5 times a week-Tasha

Hardly ever, cos I can never be arsed with stupid online quizzes-Helen

When I'm home sick or bored out of my skull.-Becca

never-juggalette trip

4-8 times a week.I'm a bitch like that.....usually they are the completly off the wall ones too, like, who will you marry, and how good of a kisser are you. I'm pretty sure a computer can't tell you that. but this one time, i took a quiz to see how good of a lover i am, and it called me a liar because i like to please the other person before me. it was funny. i laughed till my stomach came out of me.-b_write

Very rarely, I have much better things to do with my time such as pretending to be a girl of online role playing games. I do a damn good job too, got myself severals husbands... This is actually not an attempt to fool you, I was a very inadaquete secondary school student and I presume so were they.-Tazmanic

everytime i get a chance to -4pLaYbAbE

I often fill up my friends with spam and quiz the results.-Flex

at least once a month-NonameFuckwit

I used to email my friends questionnaires, but then I did so many that I realized the questions were always the same. This bored me. Now, if I ever fill out one of those things, it's only when I'm really, Really, REALLY bored...and I stick it in my LiveJournal so at least 0.0001% of the population can take a look at my witty answers. Yeah, I flatter myself more than I should..-McDiablo

Every other week. It's my thing. I pretend and they pretend and we all pretend to laugh. It's great. I laugh, they laugh. What could be better than that?-MyTheoryOnTheTRex

all the time-Tracie

Never! Never! Never! Never! I only fill them out and then close the screen to never discover the answers and then tell all my imaginary friends in the telephone directory how fabulous my responses were and how brilliant and delightful I am. -Yes, I like the butter.

Never. I hate nothing more that getting those stupid things in my I refuse to do the same thing to my friends. Whoever created those damn things is going to burn in hell right next to whoever created those cans of cheese you spray all over. -CasualFatality




Never, all my friends are too stupid to understand sarcasm.-mywifehatesme

never...cause I dunt have the internet anymore. I'm at the library right now.-The Bubble

once a month.-Kevin



Not often enough - but I'm working on it-The Dildo Lama

When I see a fellow Sock monkey askin lots and lots of questions!! Can't resist! You must stop in the Sock Drawer and visit us as well!! -Bubba


once in a while-DumbassNameless

Almost never. Spamming friends is reserved for stupid wrestling pictures and facts.-Mzebonga

Never....unless the vomiting on them to make them go away doesn't work. Then, it's every Monday and Thursday.-idontmindthesunsometimes

As often as I possibly can.-TheKMan

Not very often, but I'll give it a go.-snugglebug

as often as possible (normally once or twice a week)... ya im a freak so wat?-crazy

twice-0704 klown

One of Ten maybe.-Blank

freinds?-the mighty chief

never I have no friends-Slapper

460 days a year...that's good right?-Prune

Pretty much never.-Fayke

all the time-shea


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