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Last week someone mailed us a dirty sock.
What is the weirdest thing you've ever had mailed to you?

A dried partridge wing. Yesterday, infact.-Autumn

WELL I WOULDN'T KNOW PEOPLE KEEP FUCKING STALLING. Ummm I've had a fair share of weird shit, a flier from a German Trance Core Band, Various pieces of shit from ebay, but trust me it will be YOU on the recieving end of the crap we don't want in this house.-George

You know that show Gumby and Friends? Well when I was little I loved that show and well this dude had a crush on me and he knew I loved the show so during Arts and Crafts time he made a Gumby out of clay and sent it to me. -PyroPrincezz

some dog shit in a bag-Ishkabilly

My sister's knickers!!!!-Xara

Some KY and a picture of a wet hippo.-Junkie Deluxe

a blade-thin soap-sanam

nufnk. just an envelope. -Georgies m8 Grace

ewwwwwwwwwwww !!!! i've NEVER got anything of interest mailed to me :( -Poptart

i would have to say that fish that was mailed to my front door step 3 years ago many was that good fish-Insaneone

....I'd rather not say.... ummmm seriously now, you don't want to know.-Bob Marley Vs Chubster Deluxe

A chain letter explaining that if I didn't mail it onto ten other people within the week my true love would leave me for my dog. I was eight years old.-Red

A McDonald's voucher for $1. Can I even get a hamburger with that?-Turtle

a playgirl magazine-nana

magazines...from martha stewart-Haiso

a pink g-string that a guy had previously worn. not funny.-SiNiSTaR

I gave a random guy on the internet my address and he mailed me a Sesshoumaru keychain! It was great.-bluemonkeyfearer

Used chewing gum yummm-Tasha

uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm a sample of jam.-Helen

Clean socks and a christmas card.-Becca

porn-juggalette trip

I am in the club called Tremor, and last week they sent me this box with this new group called the 3X group. it's to get american kids healthier and try to get us to drink 3 glasses of milk a day. it had these bands in it like the livestrong. it was so funny. i'll send you one if you want me to....-b_write

An acceptance form for Bath University as I have neither to mental nor social capacity to achieve getting to Bath as it is a highly prestige and respected institution for which the likes of me are looked down upon. It crossed my fractured mind that it would be a great shock to their prestige system if I mailed back the acceptance form on grounds of fictionality and that I was infact a Lebanese child prodigy at the age of 5 that could not afford travel to 'Great' Britain. At this point I would attatch a sincere letter requesting a grant so that I could achieve my dreams of becoming a pioneering doctor and develop a real cure for cancer and cure my dying Lebanese mother and my 12 insane sisters. Upon arriving at Bath with the grant money I would pay an ugly black child from the gutter £3 a month to act out this charade. The rest of the grant money would go towards red paint as blood for bloody murder scenes with fake corpses which I would litter around campus every night for security to find. I would then change to a stupid and useless degree such as Sociology and waste the rest of my fractured mind in drink :D-Tazmanic

a clip of different sex positions. Real people too man.-4pLaYbAbE

It's sitting on my desk right now.-Flex

those foam peanut thingies.-NonameFuckwit

A cheque! From the Government of Canada! Then I realized I only received said cheque because I was, in a word, poor. Then I cried...and I dried my eyes...and I cashed that mother fucker and spent it.-McDiablo

I'm glad you got it then. :) I was once mailed coffee beans. They were average.-MyTheoryOnTheTRex

a blank envelope-Tracie

I'd say my own hair, yeah, my own hair, although I think it debatable as to whether the tin of runny cream with its cap broken off was a little weirder.. it smelt of pee and man juice... or woman juice... it was also sticky on the skin and dried it out rather then moisturizing... but the hair... was odd because it was died green and had "Ill ea u",?!? written on it with sparkles,( an obvious spelling oops). I wrote the person a thank you note for the effort after but all I ever got in response was another tin of creme, empty... This time I didnt even scrap the bottom of it to try, it was just to disconcerning... -Yes, I like the butter.

I once had someone mail me a dead rat and a cat's tail...-CasualFatality

um....a shake n vac thing for thinning hair - bought it off internet for family friends 50th birthday-bubbles



I got a coupon for a free weave...Not sure what the sender thought a white guy could do with one...though I have wanted my D#CK to look like cousin IT every once in awhile.-mywifehatesme

my cousin once mailed me a bird's beak he took from a bird he hit with his car.-The Bubble

a comic book about raping things ( my friend wrote it )-Kevin

A bill. Really. I'm an accountant. GIVE ME THE GODDAMN STINKY BUTT AWARD-Nelson


I can't remember the last time somebody mailed me anything. People still do that?-The Dildo Lama

What do you consider weird? I've had celebs email me about our site! That was weird! How often does that happen? I'm just a poo olde Sock Monkey doin his duty for his fans! And then somethin like that'll hit you right out of the sky!-Bubba

this pic off a elephant with a dick and a chinese guy suking it-pookie12



Buttered bread and a tossed salad. I never did find out who sent it....or why.-idontmindthesunsometimes

I've never had anything weird mailed to me. Strangely enough, however, last week I mailed you a dirty sock.-TheKMan

A pamphlet-snugglebug

one time i mailed myself a 300$ tux when i was drunk, boy was i surprised that morning-crazy

theyr cats head-0704 klown

A card from my aunt.-Blank

people keep mailing me letters with private on the front,im not rude enough to ignore this and simply open them.

Pubic hair-Slapper was really weird when johnny depp DIDN'T mail back HIS pubic hair... Does that count?-Prune

A letter telling me my house was being evicted.-Fayke


pajama pants-jo

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