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We're having a halloween costume party and you're invited.
What or who are you coming dressed up as?

The Milkybar Kid.-Autumn

I'll come as the most horrible bizarre creation imaginable, I will strike fear into the hearts of those who behold me, I will hold them in my unfaltering gaze, their wonderment freezing them as they behold the perversion that is HERBERT. I will shop, hug and hump my way through the party, spreading my love through everyone's shoes, and get vengance on Herbert by having an even bigger tail than he.-George

You know, I'm such a traditionalist. I would go as the common thing, a vampire. You are talking to someone who watches way too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel so yes, I would be a vampire. Halloween is about the dead/undead anyway right? Soooo why would I want to dress up as anything that wasn't dead? -PyroPrincezz

The one pure fear that lives within the soles of all-Ishkabilly

A zombie-Xara

I'm coming dressed as death. You will see why when I get there.-Junkie Deluxe

i'll pretend to be you!-sanam

a zombie bride or somtink freaky-Georgies m8 Grace

I dunno, Herbert maybe? And he can dress up as me !! -Poptart

I would dress as Micheal Jackson too scare all the little kids away from me do i dont have to yell at them and spill my drink and go DAM IT THESE ARE NEW SHOES and then realize they cost $20 then be all happy again becasue i can buy new one then i would tell everyone what happened and get mad again-Insaneone

A human condom, because it's easiest.-Bob Marley Vs Chubster Deluxe

Einstein - with a waffle iron burn on the pants seat and a beautiful woman on my arm to demonstrate that time is indeed relative.-Red

Herbert. I'm going to sew buttons to my eyelids.-Turtle


Freddy Krugar-Haiso

mr hanky the christmas poo - recycled from last christmas-SiNiSTaR

A cat. If my fuzzy cuteness doesn't persuade people to give me money and candy, then my evil sharp claws certainly will! All hail the Mighty Feline Warlords!-bluemonkeyfearer


A proper chav-Tasha

Gerard Way from MCR, or a droog from A Clockwork Orang, either of them too, because I went as Jack Skellington last year-Helen

A cool devil or witch costume.-Becca

violent j-juggalette trip

I will show up a good 10 minutes late addorned in a fashionable outfit of a gothic nurse. the outfit will include the following. 5 inch black leather heels that have strings that wrap up to my mid thigh, a stethoscope to give me an excuse to get close to people's chests, a black skin tight dickies dress, and a really adorable cap that rests atop of my head. it will be dashingly sexy. as always, oh, and i will carry around black gloves for my patients.-b_write

I dress up as Matt Damon (full mask and all) and converse fully and fluently with as many people as I can. Should someone ask me my name however, I suddenly fall to the ground and spasm until someone makes the link between my outfit and Team America's take on the actor in question. Pretty lame costume I know but Predator outfit costs FUCKLOADS to rent out See Skywalker's costume shop, Fleet Street, Swindon -Tazmanic

If there is cum on your boyfreinds hand and he wipes it up and then continues to finger you, could you get pregnant off that?-4pLaYbAbE

I'm already there, you are drinking me.-Flex

A faery-NonameFuckwit

I'm dressing up as a marionette. This whole thing sprung up from an inside joke between myself and my friends. Since I lost mobility in my right arm after my operation, Friend 1 asked, "You know, what would happen if your other arm got operated on, too?" After a quick pause, Friend 1 said, "You'd be like a puppet!" I said, "A marionette!" And so I decided months after this incident that I would then make an inside joke become reality. What did you learn, folks? That's right...never try to explain an inside joke. Yikes.-McDiablo

I'm dressing up as YOU dollface! And not just because I'm drunk but because I like you for real and stuff.-MyTheoryOnTheTRex

a tree-Tracie

I'd have to be something people would have to inquire about.. just so people will talk to me... *whimper*... but I have a pretty clear idea, most likely a shaman, yup so I can buff it. I think shamans wear the ol' robe, correct? with a cloth hat and some beads, and eyes like they've been high for the last decade, Hm, yeah, Thats me. And with my breasts and all I'll get even more attention, as the cloth loosly dangles around the chest area! Yippee! People will o... why doesnt anyone love me... *sniffle*-Yes, I like the butter.

Screw dressing up...I'd just show up naked and start dancing around until I threw up on somebody or something. -CasualFatality

im cumming dressed up as your ass -bubbles


i would dress up as an icp juggalette -brynn

The neighbor who mows his lawn in the buff...not that I've ever done that before...I had a long T-shirt on. Or did I?-mywifehatesme

I will come dressed as a Droog-like-sock-monkey, inspired by the movie A Clockwork Orange.-The Bubble

A hobo with a duck as a head.-Kevin

You don't mean that. I'm NEVER invited. Just because of that one incident rubbing against the little girl in the ducky costume. I didn't have an errection because it was a little girl!! I just liked the feel of the feathers... OHHH the feathers...-Nelson


The back end of a horse.-The Dildo Lama

A sock monkey dipped in Chocolate!-Bubba

a gothic ballerina-pookie12

I'm coming as a NINETIES KID! I'll be the one in the tapered jeans, the high-top sneaks, the flannel overshirt, the floppy hair parted down the middle, one ear peirced and a boom box on my shoulder blasting VANILLA ICE!-WithoutAName

a playboy bunny-DumbassNameless

The potentially-incredible-but-actually-fairly-mundance Hulk. In other words, some guy who painted himself green.-Mzebonga

I am going to dress up like the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video "No Rain" and tap dance around in a fury of cuteness.-idontmindthesunsometimes

A giant penis. Dressing as a penis would be funny. And if the people at the halloween party say I can't come in because my costume is too falic, I'll just tell them I'm a hotdog covered in mayonaise.-TheKMan

I'm going to come as a snugglebug-snugglebug

i would come dressed as my legendary sidekick: Mr. Snippy-crazy

an axe murderer klown-0704 klown

Definetly a washing machine. -Blank

the invisible man-the mighty chief


A purple hippo in jail-Prune

A hobo.-Fayke

a punk rocker-shea

island girl-jo

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