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Have you ever had stitches and if so where and why did you need them?

I had reconstructive sholder shergery- scottie

I had stitches on my forehead because apparently they call them slippers because they're slippery and i ran into a wall. But the doctor didn't freeze my head right and I was in a lot of pain. Pretty weird. 3 was an intense year.- me

Ummm...I think when I was little I had to have stitches on my head because we were at the skating rink, me being an idiot, was sitting on the railing, I fell back onto the rink busted my head open and walla, stitches! - PyroPrincezz

nope but i should have gotten some when my brother hit me in the head with that axe (true story sadly)- Insaneone

I've never had stitches, but I did have 5 staples in the back of my head because I thought it'd be a good idea to push empty boxes into a dumpter with my foot. Well needless to say, a cardboard box doesn't quite hold up to the weight of a person and my head slammed on the back of the dumpster and gashed it open.- Junkie Deluxe

On my forehead because i was using the SpaceHopper on the trampoline.- Xara

Sweet another excuse to talk about my groin. I had a major hernia op a few years back, the result of which is that part of my pelvis is plastic and springy, people laugh and skip when they play with it. I had stiches for that, but my mother kept wanting to put my dressing on, which I refused FLATLY, so the scar hasn't healed brilliantly, as my clumsy morphene-induced fingers didn't seem too great at helping my recovery.- George

The first stitches I remember getting, I was about 8 years old. Christine(who lived down the street from me)and I were playing with golf clubs in my backyard. It was a very hot summer day, we'd been playing for awhile so I laydown for a rest. Christine continued to play...I suddenly felt a sharp pain quickly followed by a much more painful and loud smack. Christine had hit my head with the ball and then the follow through of the club hit me too. I ran inside to tell my mother, she was on the phone with my Aunt. She said I'd be OK but then patted my head where I'd been hit. She then saw all the blood. She freaked out. She was so shaken that I had to dial the phone to call the taxi to take us to the medical centre. I can still feel the doctor pulling the stitches closed on my head. A very uneasy feeling (....maybe he was being extra rough because I was an anglo kid seeing a Quebecois Doctor near the time of a separation vote in Quebec)- Poptart

not that i know of. But of the stiches i dont know of, there are several in my head and neck.- Bluesman

I cross stitch, does that count?- Dracula's Bride

I stitch my toes in a bind so that I can fit into cheaper shoes.- j0eg0d

No, not officially, but I have taken a needle and threaded in some rope, out of a idle mind wondering how cool would it be to tell people that it was stiches, until this hurting and pounding overcame me, So I started to cry and pout, then they removed me from the mcdonalds restaurant.- Guntip

yes, in my head i got skull fucked- kurt

loads, twice on my head, 5 stiches a time. and got mugged once, they smashed my jaw in, had 75 stiches in my mouth, but ment i had no scars- sneaky sneaky

No.- Malice

well, when I was ten years old I tripped and fell over a chunk of wood and I...fell. On an old boat trailer of all things. I don't even know how I managed it, but I chopped my right hand halfway through. So then I had ten stitches and I mourned over the fact that I am left-handed and so I didn't even get to escape my homework because of the injury.- bluemonkeyfearer

I have a beautiful scar on my chin from when I jumped into a swimming pool at the corner and - wham! - hit my chin on the other side. Trooper that I am, I didn't complain until they evacuated the pool to clean out my blood.- PRchick

I had dissolving stitches that didn't dissolve. Geez, technology today......but, yeah, I got to go through the superfun task of having them dug out of my skin by a scissor-like object. Yum! Good thing I was lying down for that one, lemme tell ya. I'd like to use this opportunity to say that stitches suck--go with staples. That is all.- McDiablo

No. Go Away.- MagicalNinja

I've had stitches numerous times.Most of them were related to giving birth to babies with heads as big as prize-winning pumpkins from a cavity small enough to stop a miniature golf ball from going in. Need i say more?- braindeficientsue

If I told you that then you'd know all my dirty little secrets and that's just wrong. It's best you beg and cry for them so they mean more to you.- JCP

Yes. When I was much younger (3 years old) I had stitches after falling 6 foot off a ladder and cracking my head on a concrete block - probably explains a few things. I went over my handle bars (aged 5) and split my chin. And I had to have a hernia operation (aged 2).- Mzebonga

no but i got this really bad hit to the head and it was by a sharp metal object i needed stitches for that and the time i slide off my porch my legs got scraped i needed stitches for that and the time when i fell from the tree and cut my arm i needed stitches for that and when i jumped that ramp and landed face first on the concrete from 30 feet in the air then my bike hit me i need stitches for that and the time i thought a dog was a friendsly one and it ripped a huge hole in my leg i needed stitches for that and the one time my brother soved me into a closet and locked me in there i was pushed into a rusted screw and it tore a hole in my ass i needed stitches for that and the time my brother tripped me and i fell on the broken no parking sign i needed stitches for that and the time when i got hit by that car i needed stitches for that and the time when my dad pushed me on the swing when i was 5 and i flew off the swing and into the jungle gym. ill stop there.- uhhhh......

stitches are for whiny bitches who can't handle gangrene :)- aleta kajika

my left arm. fell off a frikkin tree. i was 7 then. wish i broke my neck instead and died so i would not see my first wrinkle at age 35.- porkyporkpork

No...- TheKMan

yes i have hehe. i had appendicitus so i obviously had stitches for that and i also have cut right through my need ans you could see my bone when i was a small child, i can't really remember if that hurt or not.- randomness_queen

Er...I cannot remember- Fleoa

no i have never had them.- no name

Yes. I had to have them put in my nose and right eyebrow. One time for a bike wreck, and the other a drunken stupor fight. Fantabulous.- dungle

yes...hip to hip. stones ....i was stoned and i missed it,, i was stoned and i missed it,,,, I was stoned ,,,,,oh me oh my.- rayyo77

what's stiches?- Not Ha- -Des

what is stitches?- vivi

I ve got a long scare under my balls. Its how i shed- Iamzbob

On my right index finger -- got cut by broken porcelain.- Coopster

no- Tara

in the head - got them because I crashed into a gate with my eyes closed- ml

I've never needed them, but I saw my uncle cut off his finger with a buzz saw one time. The emergency room doctors had to stitch his finger back on.- King Jimothy

nope- Manda

nope- natalieg

My chin, when I was 7, I feel out of a radio flyer wagon. - SarahG

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