Results for November 2005

If you had to represent your country in The Insane Domain Olympics,
which event would you participate in and hopefully win?

kicking your ass- scottie

Olympic sitting. I've been training like crazy for years, and it would be awesome to compete using my talents.- me

Well....considering that it's the Insane Domain Olympics I'm assuming it'll only be insane events, right? So considering that I'd compete and kick major ass in the insane trampoline karate competition. And beat anyone's face in who dared to challenge me!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- PyroPrincezz

going on and on and on and on about random crap i can do it for days- Insaneone

I'd participate in the 'pill popping' event.- Junkie Deluxe

Killing my Sims by fire.- Xara

Well to be boring I was always good at middle distance events, mainly because I was averagely fast and averagely stamina...ish, so I used to own the 400m, because everyone else was good at either distance (non smokers) or short distance (smokers). I Was lucky. However I'm not boring (Don't fucking laugh) so I'm going to say the penis pole vault, me and my pink stick are going tro come second and win the silver, and then be staring up in wonder at JCP and her Magical Meat, first place by a good few meters.- George

The 'most veggie dogs consumed whole' competition Since there would be no meat products at the Insane Domain Olympics- Poptart

Pretending To Be Interested In Something You Really Aren't. I think id win.- Bluesman

I would participate in the event of scaring people. My friend and I just tonight crept behind a tree and scared the crap out of our friend who was celebrating her 16th birthday. That was great. I take pleasure in horrifying my mortal companions.- Dracula's Bride

The Left Handed Poo Throw- j0eg0d

I'd vouch for the "lighting of the giant torch" at the beginning of the games in someone’s backyard porch to there lawn chairs, lighting plastic will be a bit of an challenge but I'm sure once the Olympics are over to have the entire neighbourhood up in flames. Much better then that stupid eternal flame that runs around the globe to only be so sadly trapped in that big bathtub of no destruction, ever see its tears? I do... um, and the competition on my choice will be the most impressive manner of lie that really isn’t a lie. Like I Killed a few baby chicks last night cause the chicken wouldn’t make me milk when I asked her to. Lie? The pimples on my arm are actually an infestation of bugs. Trueth or falseth... tthh? It gets better, I'm only in training at the moment, oh and our torch will be a Tasmanian devil lighter... well its the only light I got, unless you got better, one with more fluid would be helpful.- Guntip

the retard event - kurt

making cocanuts wobble just buy winking, i'd win for surem when i wink every cocanut in the world wobbles, the ones close to me almost shake!!!- sneaky sneaky

I wouldn't.- Malice

The fantasy fiction trivia contest. I am not inclined to do physical activity of any kind, so I would amaze all with my extensive knowledge of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.- bluemonkeyfearer

I have very few bona fide talents, other than punctuating. Oh, and I can imitate a Chipmunk! Not the animal - the cartoon. I would totally kick ass in the Alvin, Simon, Theodore impersonation event.- PRchick

Must you ask? Slurpee drinking, of course. But, the twist is the winner will not be decided by how many Slurpees they drink...oh no. This is a test of bladder strength--oh, and a test of one's immunity to brain freeze. Whoever succumbs first to either will be disqualified. It's a 'last person standing' type of deal. Hell yeah.- McDiablo

Sit on my ass and not do a damnthing-athon.- MagicalNinja

ah,yes, the insane domain olympics... i would have to participate in the monkey creation event. i am simultaneously creating two as we speak. one is an anatomically correct "annie nikki smiddth" monkey which amazingly looks like a money-hungry blonde spokesperson for trimspa, far, the second hasn't given me any inspiration to be a "special case"yet.but, if i would give it a personality, it would win,too.!!- braindeficientsue

The Kick-Ass event. I'd kick all your asses and Mzebonga's twice. (The crowd would demand an encore.)- JCP

"The biggest asshole called Mzebonga" contest or maybe the "Deriding people when least expected and least called-for" contest.- Mzebonga

being idiotic- uhhhh......

goth impersonation- aleta kajika

surreal ryhtmic gymnastics where all competitors are required to smoke pot and all spectators are required to take lsd.- porkyporkpork

Olympic masturbating! I'd win for sure, I've got so much practice!- TheKMan

I would participate in the sock monkey throw because i am good at throwing and that way my sock monkey can join me in participating in this activity so we can be one big sausage family. and i tell you i will win if i do not there will be a terrible wrath upon all of you and u will never have a world of freedom again. MWAHAHAHA!- randomness_queen

The speling error event, noboy can bat me at funny spellings!- Fleoa

dont no any of the events- no name

The ancient sport of cereal making.- dungle

event:"can we talk about first:.. win? yes.. why? because you asked WHAT IF,,,?.. i had to represent my country ,,, the "Insane Domain" - rayyo77

not doing anything (that's not moving from where you are while not eating or sleeping or talking)- Not Ha- -Des

eating compleat eggs whit all the shell, whithout breaking it - vivi

Is there a list? - Iamzbob

Javelin Catching.- Coopster

france- Tara

nose picking- ml

I'd participate in Jalapeño Popper Farting.- King Jimothy

I would like to have a jellybean-up-the-nose contest.- Manda

all of them- natalieg

I would participate in Internet Food Eating. I would chat online for hours while consuming every junk food item known to mankind. - SarahG

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