Results for November 2005

Would you trust us to put you in a straight jacket?

Yay probably- scottie

If I needed to be in it for some reason, sure. But if this is for some crazy kinky sex game, then I really don't know. I'd prefer safety.- me

Hmm...not sure. But I'd let you anyway because I've never been in one before and it might be fun. - PyroPrincezz

no i want a crooked one- Insaneone

Only if massive amounts of alcohol and sock monkey sex were involved.- Junkie Deluxe

Why would you want to put me in a straight jacket?- Xara

Sure, I know you guys would abuse me just the way I like, especially Poptart, we have an arrangement, he just doesn't know it yet. Yeah, you heard me.- George

some of you I would....JCP for sure- Poptart

Of course- Bluesman

Heck yes, I think it'd be fun to run around in one of those! You could roll around on the floor, and run into a wall without stopping yourself. Put me in a padded cell so I'll bounce back off!- Dracula's Bride

No more or less than if you put me in a gay jacket.- j0eg0d

By trust do you mean there is actual reason to trust? That nothing humiliating or torturous is in store for me after I am wearing the straight jacket? Then no, what’s the point? I'd expect to be paraded in the street as a nut job that will eat your fingers and feast on the air... Be locked for weeks on end in an apartment unable to feed or bath.. Or dispose of my bladder without help from a hired orderly, that loves to say "how fucking disgusting" and hold his breath and do it really rough as he wipes my ass after a load... And then talk about nothing all day but how large my feces are and how much the smell was rancid and to worry about.- Guntip

hell no- kurt

haha hell no! unless it was for two people and kira knightly was already in one half.- sneaky sneaky

No, but I'd do it anyway.- Malice

Mmm...yes, of course! Even if you all hate me, I love you just the same! If you want to put me in a straight jacket, I'll let you. But when you try to throw me off a bridge into an icy river, I may reconsider our friendship.- bluemonkeyfearer

hell yes- dumbdedumb

I trust you to put me in it just fine. Letting me out is another story.- PRchick

I sure would! I bet you'll get this answer a lot, but I've always wanted to wear one of those, even for a minute. If any tickling occurred, I'd probably re-think my response. It'd be fun to play a game of 'Let's See If I Can Still Drink A Slurpee'. I've learned that my body can adapt quite well to many a situation, but THAT would be the ultimate test.- McDiablo

Fuckinlike, Hell No!- MagicalNinja

do i get to put you in,also?how about 2 of us together,at the same time?- braindeficientsue

I'd trust myself and that's about it. I know the rest are twisted and would slap my face or something mean while I was all restricted. Though I'd love to have one. Trust me, I'll let you out. STOP STRUGGLING!- JCP

Sure. Moreover, I would ask you to put it on me. It feels like home.- Mzebonga

as long as it was made out of thin plastic- uhhhh......

no- aleta kajika

only if you leave a hole in my butt and crotch. think of ways to entertain me?- porkyporkpork

Yes, please do!- TheKMan

uuuuuummmmmm. yes i would because i am insane and i need to be restricted otherwise i would probably do something very wrong e.g. stripping naked and chaining myself to a tree or murdering people all for my beliefs human rights and the environmen. also for animal rights especially chickens whales and squirrells and wolves.- randomness_queen

Maybe, are you female?- Fleoa

dont know- no name

Yes. I have had many fantasies about such events. I only ask, no request, that I be given Heinz ketchup packets from Burger King. Ones from McDonalds will certainly not do. I must have 7 packets. One for each day of the week. And 2 for on Christmas Day. I must also be supplied with someone to feed them to me as I will not be able to with the stylish restraining apparel on.- dungle

first???..,.who is us?.....i'll get back to ya' on that- rayyo77

I guess.- Not Ha- -Des

nop- vivi

Do I have pants on?- Iamzbob

Sure.- Coopster

no- Tara

no- ml

No, but I'd let you do it anyway.- King Jimothy

NO- Manda

never.- natalieg

Definitely not.- SarahG

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