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When was the last time you were forced to smile and pretend that you liked someone you actually hated?

Friday night- scottie

Most days lately. Some of my friends don't like me because they want me to be somebody i'm not, which in turn makes me not like them. But since I dont' want to be decapitated in the near future, I put on a smile and move on. Oh, and everytime I see my brother in a public place. But that would be fear of COMMITTING decapitation. Oh well.- me

Never, because if I hate somebody, they know it, because it's obvious. You know why? Every person I hate I send them as many flu and other non-deadly viruses (because why just kill someone when you can torture them with sickness?) on junk mail claiming they've just won $100,000,000!- PyroPrincezz

just the otherday acually (october 31 2005)- Insaneone

I do that every day when I go home.- Junkie Deluxe

At my sister this morning.- Xara

Oh every fucking day, trust me, I won't go into details, but fuck it, I just lie back and take it like the bitch I am. And I am a bitch. Your bitch.- George work- Poptart

Several seconds agoo- Bluesman

Oh about a month ago, but I haven't been talking to him because I told him the truth. He whined too much and blocked me, won't look me in the eye, and its all good now.- Dracula's Bride

... it was the last time I looked in the mirror... that guy sucks.- j0eg0d

Family photo. Smiled in one photo, and the rest disgruntle stares and i never felt more dirty about that single grin then anything else.... *shiv..*- Guntip

never i just tell them to fuck off- kurt

all the time i work in a shop- sneaky sneaky

I don't smile.- Malice

Every day....I am forced to "be respectful" of my government teacher...god...I hate him so.- bluemonkeyfearer

when my grandmother moved in.- dumbdedumb

I do that with my husband every morning.- PRchick

Oh, I don't even smile at them, I allow my hatred to be known. I don't scowl, I just give them a look of pure dislike. I sure hope it burns a hole in their soul. Impatient people suck. Rude people suck. People who pretend to be nice and are so digustingly fake also suck. I think I should just avoid going to the mall..- McDiablo

Today, at school. Actually, Everyday.- MagicalNinja

How many days are there in a year?yesterday.- braindeficientsue

It never ends. I'm doing it right now. You heard me.- JCP

Every day at work before I changed jobs. Having to put up with a moron who doesn't understand money-management or the word "no" and a bunch of ladies who think that said moron's shit smells of roses and that I have about as much brain as a snowpea but always ask me to fix their fucking laptops because the font has gone weird or some other such trivial bullshit.- Mzebonga

today the day befor that the day befor that the day befor that the day befor that the day befor that the day befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that andbefor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and befor that and beforthat and befor that and befor ythat andbefor that welll every day of my life- uhhhh......

right now. oh nevermind its the internet- aleta kajika

no such occurence in my lifetime. i will not be forced into such a situation.- porkyporkpork

A few minutes ago! I hate everyone!- TheKMan

all the time i hate almost everyone that does something that i don't like and thats quite alot of people. people are just stupid what is the point i mean we are destroying the world we need to live in peace because this isn't working. i mean loads of animalsare dying and soom the sock monkeys will to. *sniff* *sniff* wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa :(- randomness_queen

Five years ago, it was my grandfather. He was apparently very drunk at the time so he probably doesn't remember- Fleoa

about 4 or 5 days ago.- no name

About 5 milliseconds ago. I was at work, and someone said something. It wasn't anything funny or anything. They just made a communication directed at me using vibrations made in the larynx and tongue muscles that resulted in sounds human species recognize (for the most part) as verbal speech. This is how we communicate I am told.- dungle

forced?never,,,,,,,unless you count the the time we thought every body that showed up at the beach was cool. - rayyo77

yesterday but I was not forced at all I could have choson between that or giving them a cold look into their eyes and walking away but the again I try to act "normal" in school to keep a low profile and everyone can most likely not notice me.

today- vivi


Today.- Coopster

four days ago- ml

I do that pretty much every day.- King Jimothy

Three hours ago, with the army of skanks at my school.- Manda

everyday!- natalieg

Today, in chorus class, nodding helped. - SarahG

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