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What would you do for a piece of clothing that a The Insane Domain member
had worn on their naked body? (And which member would you want it be?)

Any thing you wanted me to do, and any girl- scottie

well...most people wear clothes on their naked body...unless they wear lots of layers, then I guess some wouldn't be touching their naked body. SO I guess it depends on the piece of clothing, if i like it, a fair amount, if I don't, you might have to pay me.- me

I don't generally go for things like that. But...I guess just for sport I'd roll around black grease and run around screaming, INSANITY IS THE NEW OWNER OF THE WORLD!- PyroPrincezz

i would kill for it and i would want emeralds socks bwahahahaha socks- Insaneone

I'd send that Insane Domain Member a peice of clothing that I wore on my naked body. It seems like a fair trade to me. As far as who it is... I don't really care... I'm just gonna sniff it and use it with one of my voodoo dolls.- Junkie Deluxe

One word - Yuk.- Xara

Oh I think EITHER one of McDiablo's socks... to smell... and such... OR JCP's DRESS she wore because she once wore a DRESS cause she's a GIRL and I think it'd be funny to let everyone know what a GIRL she is. GIRLIE GIRLIE GIRL GIRL!- George

hmmm, lets see, I've already worn JCP and Mze's underwear......ah, I guess something of McDiablo's.....her multi coloured socks perhaps- Poptart

I would do almost anything, aside from give up my freakdom. And it would have to come from one of the girls, or at least a cute boy.- Bluesman

Hmm, I'd ask politely "dude, can I have your shirt?" If ya said yes, then I'd say thanks. If ya said no, I'd say thanks anyways and ask another one of you. It don't matter who I ask initially, I'll get a collection :)- Dracula's Bride

I'd marry a french whore for JCP's man panties.- j0eg0d

I'm not into interspecies, so I'd say a mzebonga although he doesnít send vibes of sexual confidence, and isnít much of an turn on to wear his clothes... He seems to caught up in logistics of breeding and the boundaries and annoying stupid. Need not to be thought, Thoughts! He needs to remember masturbation is a public service not a vice, Then I'd wear his clothes. OH, and for it I'd preach to him all his flaws why he isnít to be thought about in a sexual way( besides being a brit...) Oh fuck it ya got to try it at least once to know ya donít like it... I'd give some sparkly shoes to Herbert the sock monkey for any article of clothing he's worn at least once... and then seal it with a hug:)- Guntip

i would fuck a fat bitch for a girls old nasty dirty socks- kurt

i'm new, who's the hottest woman?- sneaky sneaky

Nothing.- Malice

Hmm...I don't think Herbert wears clothes. But if he ever does, call me! I might get said clothing from him in exchange for hugs.- bluemonkeyfearer

Mzebonga's anger is totally hot - could I have his bathrobe? I'd pretty much do anything except offer him a foot massage. I don't do feet.- PRchick

I would sneak around all ninja-like and steal Mzebonga's glasses. I have no idea why, but I would. I'd wear them and make sure to clean them with my spit. I'd probably smudge them on purpose just out of boredom. You know, I think I'd do this just to reinforce the fact that I can see very well (I've had a lot of eye tests over the past month to prove that one) and, therefore, feel that much more superior to those blind.....beatniks. *Sigh* This answer was doomed at the start. I should have just said I'd steal Herbert's rollerskates and be done with it....does he even wear clothes??- McDiablo

Uh....- MagicalNinja

i would answer these insane questions for a free porno t-shirt not worn by the likes of ANY of you.any of you NOT wearing it would be cool.- braindeficientsue

I'd do anything for anything that JCP even touched. She's just so fucking sexy and smart. YEA! - JCP

If they were wearing the clothes, they wouldn't have been naked so you cannot hope to EVER fulfil this offer. But I'd opt for McDiablo's underwear given that I stole some of JCP's already when I stayed with her in July.- Mzebonga

the shoes of herbert bwahhahahahahahahahahahahaha- uhhhh......

what would you do for a klondike bar- aleta kajika

make him wipe the sweat of his armpits, pubes, balls and crack and send it to me. i do not know any members here but i prefer it comming from someone huge, stocky, muscular and very hairy all over.- porkyporkpork

I would roll around in a pool filled with feces and semen, which I would be rapidly ejactulating at the thought of wearing such an amazing peice of clothing! Any member (heheh... member) would suffice!- TheKMan

well if they had worn it on their naked body they havent worn it so why would i want it. i mean if they had worn it i might do something because well i am mad like that but they havent hav they, i mean it would be better if thay hadnt worn it because it wouldnt be smelly but then what is the point of this question and im very confuesed now.- randomness_queen

no comment- Fleoa

i dont want a piece of that clothing- no name

I would send an article of clothing that I have worn on my naked body. My question is this, what would you doo-ooo-ooo for a Klondike bar? How bout' them turnips? - dungle

all or nothing!!![:)rayyo77

to begin with I don't care about your clothes or you... actually I don't know any of you I just opened this page about 20 minutes ago because i'm in school's computation class right now and there's 10 minutes left until I switch classroom so I decided to type the word "insane" on google to see what happened since so I read some things and saw the questionaire button thing and made this thing then again i've lost the point....umm nevermind i'm just bored...7 minutes left...wait...ok I answered one question up there that I missed now i'm done and I'll send this and won't probably ever come to this page... it was kinda entretaining tough maybe i'll come again when i'm bored out of my mind later when I get home then again i'm bored out of my mind most of the time so I guess I will.- Not Ha- -Des

fuck you- vivi

I would take my monkey and go to the circus and punch a clown. Heee.- Iamzbob

Depends on what article of clothing and which member.- Coopster

noooo- Tara

cry - ml

I wouldn't do much, but if you somehow managed to pawn it off on me I'd hope it was from JCP because she looks a lot better than most of you freaks.- King Jimothy

nothing, that is sick.- Manda

JCP coz the clothing would be cool- natalieg

Hmm, I don't know. - SarahG

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