: May 2005

The world has gone mad and now it's time for a new super villain to take over. Do you think you're up to the task or are you just a lowly human who is meant to do whatever your told?

I could do it, I mean, I have the brains and the contempt for the rest of the world but I'm too lazy. I think I'll just phone for a pizza instead. Who knows, if someone else tries, I might stand against them and become some kind of anti-hero.- Mzebonga

***As the sky turns a crimson hue the world shakes, with an almost orgasmic pulsing. Like when you turn the music up way too loud and the speakers buzz from the happiness of the music. Yeah, it's that strong.... Well, and then that is the moment that Sir Culleous, the Roman god of feces. I, just like herbert, throw (fling) poo at anyone who opposes me. And as for those good doing catholics, I would give them my special mix of urine and poo cakes. Disguised as pancakes of course.....I would just laugh, and laugh after that...till the world was my poo-hole....- b_write

Me? A supervillain? Nah. I'd rather set to work building a feline kingdom so that when the cats take over they will thank me rather than have to assassinate me and my supervillain-ness.- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd just nuke everything and let the mutant cockroaches fight it out.- Junkie Deluxe

Hell no, I'm a proper super villain with eyebrows and everything. See, I'd be PERFECT at choosing places for my secretive secret base of secretivism, I'd hide it in Tom Hanks' ear, because his earlobes are good enough to launch a jet off of, seriously, the man has huge lobes, and every secret base need a wild overgrown patch nearby, thus 'ole pube head' would be the perfect cranium for a base.- Cineworld Jesus

im am not up for such a task, but i have connections that strecth far and wide. i call some friends who worked on the star wars movie, they patch me through to darth maul (HES MAKING A COMEBACK!) and he directs me to a close friend of his. Dick Cheneys heart. the very part of the mans essence that makes him evil and actually tries to kill the body it is hosting. being two sizes too small for a supervillain costume the muscle floats around naked. people die from fear.- JAG

Hey, I got the whole world to go mad.. what else is there to do?- j0eg0d

Lowly human? Heeell no I'm a Princezz!! But I'd require everybody to burn at least 10 things a day otherwise there burned and everything they own is burned. - PyroPrincezz

i am so up to it - bug

i am definitley up to the task of being thje next whipcracker Muhahahahahahahah.................................ect.- nane

HA HA! I am the Unemployed Super Villian! scurge of "a current affairs" programs, evil mastermind "dole bludger" and so forth....- Punk as fuck

I'm a lowly, subservient human.I comply with all of the evil supervillan taking over the world's commands. Damn, I LOVE being a masochist! Somebody spank me!- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

I am up for the task- Zizzle

i'm a loser!- micky

id hide away in nebraska. id change my name to The Inquisitive John Deer and take testosterone pills so i could grow a beard and a penis. there i would call it my own country, and due to the desperation of the people, they would follow me as i cried for independance. i'd tell them i was jesus and that iti s the holy thing to do to be blue. those nebraskins would die their skin blue, die their hair blue and wear blue jean jumpers. and if people were beng jackasses, i'd whip them with my large chick-penis.- Morshada

oo i would def. do it i would become socko and would have poison that killed anyone s mouth i entered - danni

I am working on taking my shre of the pie. Unfortunately my route involves no great shuffling of power, or the rise of a New World Order. As The Populist my powers of super-villany are bent towards dominating the masses by giving them the illusion of control while ruling with the iron fist of my own agenda. Through media manipulation and fear tactics I mold the collective unconscious, pulling them towards my decisions, or at least justifing what I do by having it address the problems I've created. I called my brand of populice control "Domination Through Self-Empowering Illusion", until I found out it was already in practice and called by the much simpler name "democracy." The hardest piece of my upcoming rise to promenance is going to be the establishment of a third political party. After that miracle, the rest is gravy. Note: I suppose I could just ride up the ranks of one of the exsting parties, but where is the fun in that. - The Populist

Moko Dragon will FUCK you up!- freak ninja

Heck yes, I could be a super villain. I just hope that I don't become an asthmatic (sorry, Darth Vader, but that's just a letdown on your part). I'd make everyone dance like they just shit their pants and drink Slurpees until their hard palates can't take it anymore. Bwa ha haa!...yeah, gotta practice my evil laugh, methinks.- McDiablo

Im up for the challange there pokey! what do you want??- BABYGURL05

I'm up for it. *dances around with a sword* Yes, yes. I have no weaknesses. *spots a spider* AHHHHHHHHHHHH. *jumps in the chair* *whispers* 'cept those things.- monkeeskittles

Of course I'm up to the task, the task is what im up for to take the task in my tasking hands to create a tasking world where my tasks become the tasks of the mindless, taskless peons so that their miserable task-free lives become full of mindless tasks that I couldn't task into my own because my tasking hands were creating tasks for the task-less, task-free, non-tasking peonic population.- Xemil

yes i'm up for it- dumbo

I will kill you all!- MonkeyMaster

of course i'm up to the task. i've been watiting for this chance for almost 200 years- Grisuderdrache

im just a drone- eyesofruby

lowly human- ishlike

I'd go for the cliche super villan approach and take over the world! And when i say "take over" i mean "decimate" (Oh, i'd tear down religion aswell as a main prioritory -_-)- Mokai

im up for the task *dun dun dun na*- charlie

I'll be the best damn super villain around.- Sky

na mate im a great super hero coz il merk ne 1 who stands in me way dude! i dnt do as im told im a SPOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Jadey and Holli

im probably jsut meant to do what im told..well..not really meant to..be hey its more fun that way..especially if its something kinky- nican mclew

I'm just a lowly human- MyChemicalChaos

I am up to it! I can take down that fucking villian.- Cutebutcrazy69

i fuckin hate beaing told what to do. id force all the people over 60 to dive out of a pigeon at high speed- IOAF

I am NOT just a lowly human! I own 'I can't believe it's not Hell' a hell especially for teenibopper scum. Occasionally I release predators on them and play good music to torture them(mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha). My goal is to eventually have a monopoly on the afterlife.- jezka

im up to the task- STEFANI FOLA


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