: May 2005

You're just so damned special that we're giving you your own planet. Which one would you like and why?

Which one is inhabitable but uninhabited and furthest away from all your fucking pricks?- Mzebonga

I would love to have Uranus. Ha, Your....Anus! get it? yeah. I know, completly unoriginal....- b_write

Too late!!!! I've already got one! But you already knew about Khatizifa, theinsanedomain! You're just trying to trick me into denouncing the Khatizifans so I can get a NEW planet, but it's not going to work!!! (also they're watching me- the feline spies are everywhere)- bluemonkeyfearer

I want Pluto so I can live far away from all you creeps.- Junkie Deluxe

Men are from mars, women are from venus I figure that the women could do with some company... but fuck them, I want Neptune, it's got a ring that goes the wrong way and it's bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue...ish green- Cineworld Jesus

it would be rather hard to find an inhabited planet with a simial species for me to create a super race of my offfspring with.... so i guess i want this one. only if all the othe males were killed off.- JAG

I'll take this one so I don't have to pack.- j0eg0d

Ahhh yes my own planet! Just what I've been waiting for! Well I'd probably want.... Mars. It would be the easiest to make my own super country on. - PyroPrincezz

pluto .... i just like it... its little and its named after the dog on mickie mouse!!!- bug

i would like pluto because it is far away and quiet and cold and nobody can bother me while i listen to rock music and the nice sound of solitude- nane

Uranus. so I can change its name to Anal Cunt and fill it with animals. Then in school when all the kiddies are learning about space there wont be any of this "your anus! hurr hurr" jokes or urine-us or however the yanks say it now -It would just be Anal Cunt, that contains carbon based life forms.- Punk as fuck

Why, thank you for giving me my own planet, number one. I guess I would want Jupiter, because it's big, red, and has a lot of moons.- idon'tmindthesunsometimes

earth, i deserve it- Zizzle

all the candy shops in the world, because i'm hooked on sugar- micky

neptune, becasue its pretty and blue and watery. i'd make make some poor damn scientist mix like..the genes of a fish and a hot chick and make a race of mermaids who would swim around and shit or whatever mermaids do when theve nothing else to do. id be their creator and make them worship me. theyd have to have statues of me all over the place and every day at noon they'd have to put on purple jump suits and dance around their local statue. it would make me giggle..- Morshada

Earth. I don't really want to move nor am I interested in "a unique fixer upper" opportunity.- The Populist

UrANUS. 'nough said.- freak ninja

Saturn would be a party because it has a lot of moons. I'd put all the stupid people together on one moon so they can all kill each other. I'd make another moon Planet Slurpee 'cuz, duh, I just have to do that. If anyone got me mad, I'd blast them off into Saturn's rings, banishing them there until they can navigate their way out. - McDiablo


Mars. It's red and prettiful and there's faces on it. It seems like the best planet to have.- monkeeskittles

I'm sorry, I can only run planet at a time and my head is so big it requires alot of work.- Xemil

mars because it is the colour of liverpool and only my friends which support liverpool will be alowed on it then it would be called The Liverpool Planet- dumbo

I want Earth so I can kick everyone else off.- MonkeyMaster

i'll take the earth, it's a nice planet and there are lots of people to worship me- Grisuderdrache

neptune...its blue i guess... i like blue- eyesofruby

venus: the plant of LOVE. May some day someone will LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!- ishlike

Earth. I don't want any other lifeless planets, how boring would that be? xD- Mokai

saturn, cos its the biggest one of them all!!!!! mwa ha ha ha ha ha- charlie

Earth, because I can breath here and there is life I can control.- Sky

I would like the planet chocolate, its far far away and hasnt been discovered yet! Its not to close to the sun or else it would melt and there would be no chocolate planet...- Jadey and Holli

i would capture all the hot guys/celebrities in the world and stick them in a big glass bubble room which every hour releases an aphrodisiac gas thats makes them really horny..and then flaunt myself in front of them and watch as they lick the glass- nican mclew

Earth...he he he- MyChemicalChaos

The sun, it is all powerful and can burn the shit out of everything.- Cutebutcrazy69

youranus, its big- IOAF

I want a planet that is populated entirely by yuppie scum and every single one of man's predators, including the purple peeps and bunny rabbits. - jezka

Earth because i can- STEFANI FOLA


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